Banderling Haunt

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Stonehold
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 60+
Level Suggestions: 60+
Contracts: Contract for Banderling Haunt
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Cyphis Suldow's Half Moon Spear
MMDs: 1
Luminance: None
Max XP: 9,000,000
Titles: None
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Introduced In: Assault
Updated In: Reforging the Past
Learning From Experience
Related Quests: 50-100 Contracts Quest
Crude Statue

Quest Overview

Cyphis Suldow wants to build a resort for weary adventurers and has found just the spot near the town of Stonehold. Unfortunately, Banderlings have decided to build a village there so it is up you to "relocate" them.

NOTE: This quest requires Lockpick to complete.

Walk Through

  1. Optional Talk to Cyphis Suldow in Stonehold at 68.8N 21.6W.
  2. Go to the Banderling Village near Stonehold at 73.0N 6.6W.
  3. Kill the Banderling Spirit Dancer and loot the Crude Carving.
  4. Hand the Crude Carving to the Crude Statue to summon a portal to Banderling Shrine dungeon.
  5. Note:This next section requires Lockpick to be able to complete. Be sure to have your lockpicker loot all 3 parts of the key.
  6. Navigating your way through the dungeon generally involves taking all left turns. In the first room you will come across a Banderling Spirit Seeker - kill it and loot the Ring of Vines.
  7. Further in the dungeon you will find two more Banderling Spirit Seekers which drop parts needed to form a key, lockpick is needed to combine the different parts.
  8. The second Spirit Seeker drops the Stone Emblem.
  9. Combine the Ring of Vines with the emblem to create a Ringed Emblem.
  10. Kill another Banderling Spirit Seeker and loot the Murky Gem.
  11. Combine the Murky Gem with the Ringed Emblem to create a Banderling Holy Symbol.
  12. Note: There is a skill check on all 3 key making actions. With a lockpick skill of 315, the crafting percentage was 97%.
  13. Unlock the Shrine Door to the left of the exit portal with the holy symbol.
  14. Use the Banderling Idol to summon a Banderling Ancient Spirit and two Ruby Gromnies.
  15. Kill the Banderling Ancient Spirit and loot the Oily Stone.
    • Note: It is possible to shift jump on top of the Banderling Idol before using it. This may be a safer perch for mages and archers.
  16. Return the stone to Cyphis Suldow for your rewards.


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Banderling Shrine 73.0N, 6.6W -- 000B -- --


Quest Items
  • Crude Carving Icon.png
Crude Carving
  • Crude Statue Icon.png
Crude Statue
  • Ring of Vines Icon.png
Ring of Vines
  • Stone Emblem Icon.png
Stone Emblem
  • Ringed Emblem Icon.png
Ringed Emblem
  • Murky Gem Icon.png
Murky Gem
  • Banderling Holy Symbol Icon.png
Banderling Holy Symbol
  • Shrine Door Icon.png
Shrine Door
  • Banderling Idol Icon.png
Banderling Idol
  • Oily Stone Icon.png
Oily Stone

  • Cyphis Suldow's Half Moon Spear Icon.png
Cyphis Suldow's Half Moon Spear


Lore & Dialog

Cyphis Suldow tells you, "Greetings! I'm Cyphis Suldow and you are? Nevermind, who you are is unimportant. The important thing is I need some help and you seem to be more than qualified to do so."
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "I want to build a resort for the weary adventurer and I found the perfect spot just to the east of here."
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "The only problem is that some banderlings have a village there. That is where you come in my friend. Go and...relocate those banderling."
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "Come back when the job is done. I'll give you a nice reward, but I'll need proof that the banderlings won't come back."

Cyphis Suldow tells you, "You're back. Any luck getting those banderlings to relocate their village?"
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "No? Well hurry up then. If you don't do it I'll hire someone else who is more persuasive."
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "Remember, the banderling village is east of here. I don't care how you do it, but get those banderlings to leave."

You give Crude Statue Crude Carving.
The air behind the statue begins to shimmer until suddenly a portal to the Banderling Shrine appears!

A cacophony of voices can be heard growing ever louder until the noise threatens to deafen you.

You successfully attach the Ring of Vines to the Stone Emblem to create a Ringed Emblem.

You successfully attach the Murky Gem to the Ringed Emblem to create a Banderling Holy Symbol.

You allow Cyphis Suldow to examine your Banderling Holy Symbol.
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "This looks to be a key of some sort. You better keep it. It might be important."

You give Cyphis Suldow Oily Stone.
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "Those heathens were worshipping some kind of spirit, huh? I guess with you killing their 'god' they won't be coming back."
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "Good job! Here's a little something for your troubles."
You've earned 9,000,000 experience.
Cyphis Suldow gives you Cyphis Suldow's Half Moon Spear.
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "Hey! Wait a minute. I can't drop this stone..."

You allow Cyphis Suldow to examine your Cyphis Suldow's Half Moon Spear.
Cyphis Suldow tells you, "No, I insist you keep this. You've earned it.


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