Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests

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Sisters of Light Quests

Releasing the Light - Harvesting the Bulb of Mornings - Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests - Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight - Hoshino Must Die

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo/Group
Start Location: 37.6S, 62.2W
Timer: 20 hours
Time to Complete: varies by group size
Level Restrictions: 150+
Level Suggestions: 150+
Contracts: Contract for Second Sister
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Legendary Seed of Harvests
1 use Legendary Key
MMDs: 7
Luminance: 20,000
Max XP:
Full details here
46,709,251 for handing in the orb
Titles: None
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Introduced In: The Reaping
Updated In: Balance of Power
Related Quests: Releasing the Light,
Harvesting the Bulb of Mornings,
Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests,
Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight,
Hoshino Must Die

Quest Overview

Help to free the second Sister of Light from imprisonment. She will aid the Isparians in their effort to overthrow Hoshino.

You must have completed the previous quests: Releasing the Light, and Harvesting the Bulb of Mornings in order to start this quest. This quest flags you for the next one, Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight.

This quest has 2 rooms that contain jumping puzzles. It is recommended that if you have less than 600 buffed jump skill, that you bring a jump rare (Vaulter's Crystal) to make the second set of jumps much easier. The enemies on this quest include Emergent Gromnies as well as the same Moarsmen and Moars which are found on Freebooter Isle.

This quest also has thorns and spikes on the ground in some sections. Movement in these areas causes high amounts of damage (as much as 75 damage per step). Moving slowly while healing and using controlled jumps is highly recommended.

Walk Through

  1. Talk to Adrenkus in the Valley of Death at 37.6S 62.2W to start the quest. He is in the Temple of Harvests, which is a cave-like hole in the ground, in the first room on the left (south).
    • Route: Run from the Obsidian Rim, aka VoD Lifestone. This is most easily reached using Aerlinthe or Caul Recall.
    • Alternative Route: From Deep VoD portal run to 35.5S 62.2W and then cross over the ridge to 37.6S 62.2W.
  2. Follow the tunnels and take the third passage on the right to reach the Sanctum Guardian Spirit. Talk to him to be portaled to the next section.
  3. Take the right passage from the start, and make your way down until you are able to take a turn south.
  4. You will come to a room with 2 platforms with a floor of spikes beneath it. This is the first jump puzzle room.
    • First Jump Room Recommended Strategy
      1. There are 2 platforms over the spikes. Position yourself so that the platform on the west side of the room is straight ahead.
      2. For 525 buffed jump skill, do a 3/4 power regular jump forward to land on the platform. Adjust power level accordingly if your skill is much higher.
      3. From the platform, do a 1/2 power regular jump to the other side of the room. Beware of the ceiling overhang, you will hit it if jump with too much power.
      • If you miss a jump
        • Move SLOWLY to the north hall. The spikes do damage based on movement so be patient.
        • From the north hallway, head west and then take the first hallway going south to get back to the jump room.
  5. Moving forward, you will come to a 2nd room with platforms/jumps. Again the floor is covered with spikes, so if you fall move very slowly and do a full shift jump to get back to the starting ledge.
    • Note: On a ledge near the top of the room is an Enchanted Seedling. You can use it to get a housing item of matching appearance.
    • Note: The red bloodvines which are needed in the next section spawn on the floor of this room as well. Use caution if you decide to attempt to retrieve any.
    • Tip: It may be a good idea to assign some healers to heal anyone who falls.
    • Second Jump Room Recommended Strategy (600+ jump skill)
      1. Stand in the NW corner of the main platform, and face the west wall. Hold spacebar (full) > hold shift > hold C > release spacebar > land on 1st platform.
      2. On the first platform, again stand in the north west corner, and face the west wall. Hold spacebar (full) > hold C > release spacebar > land on 2nd platform.
      3. On the second platform, stand halfway between the north and south end of the platform, and face north. Hold spacebar (full) > hold up arrow > release spacebar > land on 3rd platform.
      4. On the 3rd platform look diagonally towards the east wall at the long platform (2nd from the left). Aim for the left side of the platform which you are looking at. Hold spacebar (full) > hold up arrow > release spacebar > land on 4th platform.
      5. From the 4th platform look straight across to the west platform with the Enchanted Seedling on it. Hold Spacebar (full) > hold up arrow > release spacebar > land on 5th platform.
      6. From the 5th platform face back to the west and make another full power back to the platform you just came from. Hold spacebar (full) > hold up arrow > release space > land back on the 4th (now 6th) platform.
      7. On the 4th/6th platform, stand in the south east corner and face the east wall. Hold spacebar (full) > hold C key > release spacebar > land on 7th platform.
      8. On the 7th platform face diagonally to the south towards the door/hallway. This is a very quick tap-jump forward. Not much power is needed at all. It is recommended to aim for the left side of the hallway, if you bounce it will give you room to spare.
    • Second Jump Room Alternate Strategy (560 jump skill, or an absolute minimum of 525 jump skill)
      1. From the base platform, stand on the far left side, just a bit from the ledge, and do a full shift-jump forward.
      2. From this 2nd platform, face SE and do a full jump towards the platform in the corner.
      3. Stand near the wall on the edge, and a full shift jump to the W, towards a platform halfway the S wall.
      4. From here, stand on the corner and a half power NNW towards a platform halfway the room on the W wall.
      5. Stand in the middle of the platform, and do a full power jump N towards the platform in the NW corner.
      6. 6th jump: full jump from the corner towards the platform halfway in the middle of E wall.
      7. 7th jump: just-a-bit-more-than-a-tap jump to the platform in the middle of the room. This one is very easy to overshoot.
      8. Full jump towards the hallway.
      • If you miss a jump
        • Move SLOWLY back towards the starting platform. Do a full shift jump to get back onto it.
  6. After the jumps, you will come to an area with Bloodroot Vines which are small vines within the bigger patches of spikes/thorns. Collect 15 of the RED Bloodroot Vines. The orange colored vines will simply disappear in a ring spell, acid vuln, or void DOT spell. The red colored ones are able to be picked up. Running or walking through the vines does frequent damage (between 40 and 70 per hit), avoid the vines except when you need to pick them up and definitely don't fight the creatures in the middle of a patch of vines.
    • When given time to fully respawn, there are approximately 15 red vines ready to be collected throughout the room. The respawn rate appears to be random and the red vines can spawn in different locations within the thorn patches.
    • Note: Grabbing the orange vines which are traps does not appear to have any effect on how or when the red vines respawn.
  7. When everyone has 15, continue into the hallway to the east. You will need to go around a bend in the hallway with thorns, so go slow and heal. Continue east until you reach the Bulb of Harvests and use it to turn in your vines and get a Seed of Essence (Harvest).
  8. Head back to Adrenkus to hand in the Seed and claim your rewards.
    • Note: There is no short way back to Adrenkus. Your first option is to run back through the dungeon and take the surface portal in the jump room. Then, run back through the enemies in the cave. Alternatively, you can portal recall back to the Obsidian Rim and run back from outside. The second option is longer, but safer.
    • Note: Upon handing in the seed, you will be portaled to the Neftet treasury room where you can use your Legendary Key.
  9. [Optional] If you can't use the seed (are not a war mage) or don't want it, you can turn it in for a Mana Forge Key(?) and 46,709,251 XP to Popkin of the Gate in Cragstone, or alternatively to Calitoth in the Neftet treasury room for some xp and luminance instead.


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Quest Items
  • Bloodroot Vine (Red) Icon.png
Bloodroot Vine (Red)
  • Bloodroot Vine (Yellow) Icon.png
Bloodroot Vine (Yellow)
  • Bulb of Harvests Icon.png
Bulb of Harvests
  • Seed of Essence (Harvest) Icon.png
Seed of Essence (Harvest)

  • Enchanted Seedling Icon.png
Enchanted Seedling
  • Legendary Seed of Harvests Icon.png
Legendary Seed of Harvests
  • Legendary Key Icon.png
Legendary Key

Retired Rewards
  • Seed of Harvests Icon.png
Seed of Harvests

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Hand Adrenkus the Seed of Essence (Harvest) 198,157,237xp

??% up to level ??

Hand Popkin of the Gate the Legendary Seed of Harvests 46,709,251xp

??% up to level ??

See Level Costs for per level information.

Lore & Dialog

Adrenkus tells you, "If you're looking for work, my friend Shah-hi is in desperate need of assistance with her dig site, in the Vesayen Isles. Something has caused her miners to flee the site, and they refuse to go back to work until it's dealt with."
Adrenkus tells you, "You'll find her excavation at 77.7S, 97.0E."

A voice in your mind says, "You have come here, unannounced and unexpected. Those without true purpose may not enter this sacred space. Begone."

Adrenkus tells you, "Greetings!"
Adrenkus tells you, "Welcome to my little subterranean paradise!"
Adrenkus tells you, "Well, we were originally set up on the surface, but the local fauna kept trying to eat the miners, so we relocated here."
Adrenkus tells you, "So far, we've been able to hide this location from Hoshino Kei's forces, but I'm not sure how long that'll last."
Adrenkus tells you, "This should be the location of the spirit of the Lady of Harvest and Justice. According to the Lady of Mysteries, as well as recorded legends that have been recovered, her spirit should rest in some sort of bulb or plant."
Adrenkus tells you, "We need to recover her essence as quickly as possible, preferably before the spectral skeletons figure out where this site is."
Adrenkus tells you, "If you'd be willing to brave the temple, you'll find the Guardian deeper in these tunnels. Just watch out for the local fauna."

The razor-sharp thorns pierce you for 60 points of damage!

You allow Bulb of Harvests to examine your Bloodroot Vine.
You offer up the freshly picked Bloodroot Vines to the large plant. The vines themselves pulse with energy and begin to reach out toward the bulb, and then are absorbed in the plant.
A moment later, the plant releases a small glowing seed.
You hand over all of your Bloodroot Vines.

You allow Adrenkus to examine your Seed of Essence.
Adrenkus tells you, "Utterly fascinating..."
You hand over 1 of your Seed of Essences.
Adrenkus tells you, "The magics of the Deru and the Light Falatacot never cease to amaze me."
Adrenkus tells you, "Now, to see if the essence is intact..."

Adrenkus chants over the seed, and a small wisp of light pours out of the seed and into his hand.

Adrenkus tells you, "Beautiful, what is contained here is both intact and free of corruption. Well done, well done indeed."
Adrenkus tells you, "It's only a small fragment of her essence, but it's progress all the same. As for this seed, I think you may find it useful."
You've earned 198,157,237 experience.
You've earned 20,000 Luminance.
Adrenkus gives you Seed of Harvests.

Adrenkus tells you, "If you're interested, I'll likely need your assistance again in a couple weeks. The bulb should be ready to produce another seed by then."
Adrenkus tells you, "Also, my friend Norus has a dig site near the Inner Sea Gearknight area, but none of us have heard from him recently. If you could go see if he needs any help, it'd be greatly appreciated."

Popkin of the Gate tells you, "Is that what I think it is?"
You hand over 1 of your Seed of Harvestss.
Popkin of the Gate tells you, "This is amazing!"
Popkin of the Gate tells you, "Even with the essence extracted from the seed, this is still very powerful in the magics of the Light Falatacot."
Popkin of the Gate tells you, "Perhaps the ladies here can use it in their rituals to improve the effects."
You've earned 46,709,251 experience.
Popkin of the Gate gives you Mana Forge Key.

You give Calitoth Legendary Seed of Harvests.
Calitoth tells you, "Thank you. I'll send this along to my mistress. Please, accept this gift in return."
You've earned 49,511,803 experience.
You've earned 1,000 Luminance.


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