Staff Tattoo

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Introduced:  The Hall of the Tusker King Related Quests:  The Legend of the Tusker Paw Updated:  That Which Is Ours, Master of Arms
Staff Tattoo
Value: 30,000
350 Burden Units
Staff Tattoo Icon.png

A vial of tattoo ink infused with the power of raining death. When painted on the upper arms the ink will act as armor and will grant the wearer the power of crashing blades.

Special Properties: Unenchantable

Armor Level: Average (250) (400)
Covers Lower Arms

Your base Staff must be at least 325 to wield this item.

Casts the following spells: Moderate Staff Aptitude, Bludgeoning Protection Other VI, Staff Mastery Other VI, Impenetrability V, Coordination Other VI, Strength Other VI

Armor Level: Average (250) (400)
Slashing: Average (250) (400)
Piercing: Average (250) (400)
Bludgeoning: Average (250) (400)
Fire: Average (250) (400)
Cold: Average (250) (400)
Acid: Average (250) (400)
Electric: Average (250) (400)
Nether: Average (Average (250)) (400)

Activation Requirements: Arcane lore: 150

Spellcraft: 300
Mana: 1200
Mana Cost: 1 point per 10 seconds.


  • Obtained by handing the Fabled Tusker Paw to the Statue of Staffer's Wish.
  • There is only a 3% chance of getting the Tattoo each time you turn in a paw to the statue. Most of the time you will receive experience in your Staff skill instead.
  • There is a typo in the item's description. It says it is painted on your upper arms, however, it actually goes on your lower arms.
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