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December 2004 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Teaser Images

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Release Notes

Letter to the Players


Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "Finally, the casinos have moved closer to town! I was worried about those guys. They provide such a valuable service to the people of Dereth. But they've been out in the wilds for so long. No shelter, no food, no.. you know, the more I think about this, the more this all sounds a little familiar."
Town Crier tells you, "Yesterday, my daughter and I were walking through the marketplace when she saw what she claimed to be the most beautiful dress ever. Now I have to figure out how to make it for her... kids... sheesh!"
Town Crier tells you, "Tanami Kei needs your help! Poor man, last I heard of him, he was drowning his sorrows in the bar in Ayan Baqur..."
Town Crier tells you, "At long last, the Agents of the Arcanum have expanded the list of items they will accept in exchange for housing writs! I might be able to finally buy that cottage I've had my eye on!"
Town Crier tells you, "Elysa's council is all abuzz about those new islands to the north of the Beach Fort. Where did they come from? Why have we not seen them until now? If we only had a boat..."
Town Crier tells you, "So many masks have suddenly become available! I know which one I want to collect to round out my collection!"
Town Crier tells you, "I heard that portals to Power Forges have been discovered on the shores of the Inner Sea. What mysteries like within their depths? Only time will tell."
Town Crier tells you, "Some people ask me where all the new portals in Shoushi, Holtburg, and Yaraq came from. To them I say, Dereth is a land of change."
Town Crier tells you, "Some young man just told me that the Banderlings of the Direlands have started an underground Niffis-fighting ring. Do those damnable Banderlings have no sense of decency at all? My word."
Town Crier tells you, "I used to think that Marsh Siraluun claws were only good for some mundane items. Boy! Those Aun in Bluespire sure proved me wrong!"
Town Crier tells you, "New mysteries lie beneath the waters of the Inner Sea. Could they be of benefit to our people? Or do they only promise untold horrors? Inquiring minds want to know."
Town Crier tells you, "Few things crush the spirit more than the theft of your intellectual property. Just ask Tanami Kei, in Ayan Baqur."
Town Crier tells you, "Like my new finery? Isn't it fabulous? I bet you wish you could have one too!"
Town Crier tells you, "I've heard that some new artisans have moved to Bluespire. They don't appear to be as eccentric as the ones in Glenden Wood, but I have never known the Aun to be that odd anyway."
Town Crier tells you, "They say that Asheron went back home. I can't wait to see what he does, now that he's in control of the place."
Town Crier tells you, "A friend of mine strolled by earlier with a pack full of odd weaponry. They definitely looked tumerok in design, but what they were capable of was simply not what I expected."

Ulgrim Rumors

No new messages this month.

New UI and Game Changes

  • Portals
    • Portals now describe the destination and give level guidance when examined.
Portal Descriptions Live.jpg
  • Towns
    • The three starter towns and their nearby content have been revised to make them more desirable social centers:
      • The portals into the towns are now more consistent.
      • Towns are now portal hubs and have increased numbers of portals to other towns.
      • Casinos have been moved closer and are no longer found in the wilderness.
      • The Starter Quests based in these towns have been adjusted.

New Quests

Updated Quests

Live Events

<Player Name> has defeated the Northern Overseer and delivered its Forge Essense to the Lugian Kerrak. In exchange, Kerrak has assembled and activated the crafting forges in the town of Shoushi. Crafters the world over owe a debt of gratitude to the mighty <Player Name>!

New NPCs

Updated NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Lubziklan al-Luq's Stolen Goods Update
  • Aged Cove Apple Cider Icon.png
Aged Cove Apple Cider
  • Cove Apple Baking Pan Icon.png
Cove Apple Baking Pan
  • Cove Apple Paring Knife Icon.png
Cove Apple Paring Knife
  • Cove Apple Wine Icon.png
Cove Apple Wine
  • Hard Cove Apple Cider Icon.png
Hard Cove Apple Cider
  • Hot Apple Pie Icon.png
Hot Apple Pie
  • Perfect Cove Apple Icon.png
Perfect Cove Apple
  • A List of Items (Lubziklan) Icon.png
A List of Items (Lubziklan)

Search for Abmim ibn Ibsar & Mad Star Investigation Update
  • A Note to Ma'yad Icon.png
A Note to Ma'yad
  • Mad Star Marionette's Head Icon.png
Mad Star Marionette's Head

Lou Ka's Stolen Items Update
  • Bai Den's Bracelet Icon.png
Bai Den's Bracelet
  • Bai Den's Necklace Icon.png
Bai Den's Necklace
  • Bai Den's Ring Icon.png
Bai Den's Ring
  • Lou Ka's Katar Icon.png
Lou Ka's Katar
  • Lou Ka's Shouken Icon.png
Lou Ka's Shouken
  • Lou Ka's Trident Icon.png
Lou Ka's Trident
  • A List of Items (Lou Ka) Icon.png
A List of Items (Lou Ka)

Nen Ai's Pet Drudge Update
  • Greenmire Cheese Icon.png
Greenmire Cheese
  • Greenmire Cider Icon.png
Greenmire Cider

Worcer's Missing Heirlooms Update
  • Antique Bowl Icon.png
Antique Bowl
  • Antique Goblet Icon.png
Antique Goblet
  • Antique Mug Icon.png
Antique Mug
  • Bronze Candlestick Icon.png
Bronze Candlestick
  • Bronze Handbell Icon.png
Bronze Handbell
  • Bronze Lamp Icon.png
Bronze Lamp
  • A List of Items (Worcer) Icon.png
A List of Items (Worcer)

Alfrin's Stolen Supplies
  • Bag of Corn Seed Icon.png
Bag of Corn Seed
  • Bag of Rye Seed Icon.png
Bag of Rye Seed
  • Bag of Wheat Seed Icon.png
Bag of Wheat Seed
  • Robber Baron Head Icon.png
Robber Baron Head

Ishaq's Lost Key Quest
  • Feud of the Natural Philosophers Icon.png
Feud of the Natural Philosophers
  • Ishaq's Lost Key Icon.png
Ishaq's Lost Key
  • Ishaq's Storage Chest Icon.png
Ishaq's Storage Chest
  • Ruined Notes Icon.png
Ruined Notes
  • Ishaq's Mace Icon.png
Ishaq's Mace
  • Tanami's Crossbow Icon.png
Tanami's Crossbow

Niffis Fighting Pits
  • The Littlest Niffis Icon.png
The Littlest Niffis
  • Niffis Fighting Pits (Portal Gem) Icon.png
Niffis Fighting Pits (Portal Gem)
  • Heartfelt Plea Icon.png
Heartfelt Plea
  • Wallbound Niffis Icon.png
Wallbound Niffis

Power Forges
  • Northern Forge Essence Icon.png
Northern Forge Essence
  • Southern Forge Essence Icon.png
Southern Forge Essence
  • Western Forge Essence Icon.png
Western Forge Essence
  • Ring of Shielding Icon.png
Ring of Shielding
  • Circlet of Shielding Icon.png
Circlet of Shielding
  • Band of Shielding Icon.png
Band of Shielding
  • Inner Sea Directive Icon.png
Inner Sea Directive
  • Alchemy Forge Icon.png
Alchemy Forge
  • Cooking Forge Icon.png
Cooking Forge
  • Fletching Forge Icon.png
Fletching Forge
  • Lockpick Forge Icon.png
Lockpick Forge
  • Salvaging Forge Icon.png
Salvaging Forge

Siraluun Claw Crafters
  • Badlands Siraluun Claw Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Claw
  • Kithless Siraluun Claw Icon.png
Kithless Siraluun Claw
  • Untamed Siraluun Claw Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Claw

  • Marsh Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Marsh Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Tidal Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Tidal Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Littoral Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Littoral Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Strand Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Strand Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Timber Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Timber Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Kithless Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Kithless Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Untamed Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Badlands Siraluun Claw Hairbrush Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Claw Hairbrush
  • Marsh Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Marsh Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Tidal Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Tidal Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Littoral Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Littoral Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Strand Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Strand Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Timber Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Timber Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Kithless Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Kithless Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Untamed Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Badlands Siraluun Claw Hairgel Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Claw Hairgel
  • Marsh Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Marsh Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Tidal Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Tidal Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Littoral Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Littoral Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Strand Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Strand Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Timber Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Timber Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Kithless Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Kithless Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Untamed Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Badlands Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Claw Scissors
  • Marsh Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Marsh Siraluun Claw Hairpin
  • Tidal Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Tidal Siraluun Claw Hairpin
  • Littoral Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Littoral Siraluun Claw Hairpin
  • Strand Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Strand Siraluun Claw Hairpin
  • Timber Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Timber Siraluun Claw Hairpin
  • Kithless Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Kithless Siraluun Claw Hairpin
  • Untamed Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Claw Hairpin
  • Badlands Siraluun Claw Hairpin Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Claw Hairpin

Siraluun Dresses
  • Small Bundle of Marsh Siraluun Feathers Icon.png
Small Bundle of Marsh Siraluun Feathers
  • Small Bundle of Tidal Siraluun Feathers Icon.png
Small Bundle of Tidal Siraluun Feathers
  • Small Bundle of Littoral Siraluun Feathers Icon.png
Small Bundle of Littoral Siraluun Feathers
  • Small Bundle of Timber Siraluun Feathers Icon.png
Small Bundle of Timber Siraluun Feathers
  • Small Bundle of Strand Siraluun Feathers Icon.png
Small Bundle of Strand Siraluun Feathers
  • Small Bundle of Untamed Siraluun Feathers Icon.png
Small Bundle of Untamed Siraluun Feathers
  • Small Bundle of Badlands Siraluun Feathers Icon.png
Small Bundle of Badlands Siraluun Feathers
  • Marsh Siraluun Dress Icon.png
Marsh Siraluun Dress
  • Marsh Siraluun Headdress Icon.png
Marsh Siraluun Headdress
  • Tidal Siraluun Dress Icon.png
Tidal Siraluun Dress
  • Tidal Siraluun Headdress Icon.png
Tidal Siraluun Headdress
  • Littoral Siraluun Dress Icon.png
Littoral Siraluun Dress
  • Littoral Siraluun Headdress Icon.png
Littoral Siraluun Headdress
  • Timber Siraluun Dress Icon.png
Timber Siraluun Dress
  • Timber Siraluun Headdress Icon.png
Timber Siraluun Headdress
  • Strand Siraluun Dress Icon.png
Strand Siraluun Dress
  • Strand Siraluun Headdress Icon.png
Strand Siraluun Headdress
  • Untamed Siraluun Dress Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Dress
  • Untamed Siraluun Headdress Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Headdress
  • Badlands Siraluun Dress Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Dress
  • Badlands Siraluun Headdress Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Headdress

Siraluun Weapons
  • Kithless Siraluun Stave Icon.png
Kithless Siraluun Stave
  • Marsh Siraluun Waaika Icon.png
Marsh Siraluun Waaika
  • Tidal Siraluun Tewhate Icon.png
Tidal Siraluun Tewhate
  • Littoral Siraluun Hoeroa Icon.png
Littoral Siraluun Hoeroa
  • Timber Siraluun Matihao Icon.png
Timber Siraluun Matihao
  • Strand Siraluun Taiaha Icon.png
Strand Siraluun Taiaha
  • Untamed Siraluun Pikestaff Icon.png
Untamed Siraluun Pikestaff
  • Badlands Siraluun Okane Icon.png
Badlands Siraluun Okane

Suzuhara Baijin's Delivery
  • Note to Baijin Icon.png
Note to Baijin
  • Suzuhara Baijin's Delivery (Text) Icon.png
Suzuhara Baijin's Delivery (Text)
  • Suzuhara Baijin's Care Package Icon.png
Suzuhara Baijin's Care Package
  • Suzuhara's Girth of Flame Protection Icon.png
Suzuhara's Girth of Flame Protection

Masks and Guises
  • Mite Head Icon.png
Mite Head
  • Chittick Head Icon.png
Chittick Head
  • Burun Guruk Head Icon.png
Burun Guruk Head
  • Burun Ruuk Head Icon.png
Burun Ruuk Head
  • Mite Mask Icon.png
Mite Mask
  • Chittick Mask Icon.png
Chittick Mask
  • Burun Guruk Mask Icon.png
Burun Guruk Mask
  • Burun Ruuk Mask Icon.png
Burun Ruuk Mask
  • Pirate Hook Icon.png
Pirate Hook
  • Left Peg Leg Icon.png
Left Peg Leg
  • Right Peg Leg Icon.png
Right Peg Leg
  • Modified Left Peg Leg Icon.png
Modified Left Peg Leg
  • Peg Legs Icon.png
Peg Legs

  • Armored Skeletal Torso Icon.png
Armored Skeletal Torso
  • Armored Skeletal Arm Icon.png
Armored Skeletal Arm
  • Armored Skeletal Legs Icon.png
Armored Skeletal Legs
  • Armored Skeletal Body with one arm Icon.png
Armored Skeletal Body with one arm
  • Armored Skeletal Body with two arms Icon.png
Armored Skeletal Body with two arms
  • Armored Skeletal Body Icon.png
Armored Skeletal Body
  • Armored Skeleton Guise Icon.png
Armored Skeleton Guise

  • Armored Undead Torso Icon.png
Armored Undead Torso
  • Armored Undead Arm Icon.png
Armored Undead Arm
  • Armored Undead Legs Icon.png
Armored Undead Legs
  • Armored Undead Body with one arm Icon.png
Armored Undead Body with one arm
  • Armored Undead Body with two arms Icon.png
Armored Undead Body with two arms
  • Armored Undead Body Icon.png
Armored Undead Body
  • Armored Undead Guise Icon.png
Armored Undead Guise

  • Scarecrow Torso Icon.png
Scarecrow Torso
  • Scarecrow Arm Icon.png
Scarecrow Arm
  • Scarecrow Legs Icon.png
Scarecrow Legs
  • Scarecrow Body with one arm Icon.png
Scarecrow Body with one arm
  • Scarecrow Body with two arms Icon.png
Scarecrow Body with two arms
  • Scarecrow Body Icon.png
Scarecrow Body
  • Scarecrow Guise Icon.png
Scarecrow Guise

  • Directions to the al-Luq House Icon.png
Directions to the al-Luq House
  • Directions to the Shreth Hive Icon.png
Directions to the Shreth Hive
  • Directions to Nen Ai's House Icon.png
Directions to Nen Ai's House

Updated Items

Retired Items

  • Encrusted Key Icon.png
Encrusted Key
  • Strongbox Key Icon.png
Strongbox Key
  • Hardunna's Key Icon.png
Hardunna's Key
  • Worcer's Key Icon.png
Worcer's Key
  • A Scrap of Parchment Icon.png
A Scrap of Parchment
  • Scrap of parchment Icon.png
Scrap of parchment
  • Hasty Note (Holtburg) Icon.png
Hasty Note (Holtburg)

New Spells

  • Inky Armor Icon.png Inky Armor - "Your skin is coated with a fine layer of Niffis ink. Your natural armor is increased by 5 points. Additional spells can be layered over this."


Portaldat 200412.png

New Creatures

Drudge Icon.png Drudge

Marionette Icon.png Marionette

Niffis Icon.png Niffis

Scarecrow Icon.png Scarecrow

Virindi Icon.png Virindi


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Splash Screen

The Calm Splash Screen.jpg

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