Throwing Dagger of Ice

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Introduced:  Intelligent Designs Related Quests:  Hero Token
Throwing Dagger of Ice
Value: 0
6 Burden Units
Throwing Dagger of Ice Icon.png

This icy throwing dagger is unenchantable, but carries within its frozen core an endowment of powerful spells. Its construction is singular and strange. It bears no marks of its forging or smithing, and instead seems to have crystallized out of raw magic.

Special Properties: Unenchantable, Dropped on Death, Biting Strike

Skill:Missile Weapons (Thrown)
Damage: 120 - 180 (134.7 - 202), Cold
Speed: Very Fast (10) (0)
Range: 4 yds. (based on STRENGTH 100)
Bonus to Melee Defense: +15%

Casts the following spells: Atlan's Alacrity, Asmolum's Boon, Major Thrown Aptitude, Infected Caress, Elysa's Sight

Spellcraft: 500
Mana: 10000
Mana Cost: 1 point per 30 seconds.
This item cannot be sold.

Throwing Dagger of Ice


Made by using a Throwing Daggers of Ice Summoning Gem purchased with a Hero Token from Pevilo ibn Djimin.
  • Each gem gives 250 single-use daggers, though they do not appear to have a timer like the other weapons purchased with Hero Tokens.
  • Stack Size: 250??
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