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Replica of the Caulnalain Soul Crystal

Caulnalain Soul Crystal

During the Twilight's Gleaming event, Vestibule dungeons appeared at three Menhir rings in Dereth. At the end of each Vestibule was a Soul Crystal that made up part of the crystal prison that held Bael'Zharon.[1]

Unlike with the first Vestibule that appeared, the Dericost controlled Fenmalain Vestibule, Caulnalain was secured by the Shadow forces[2]; however, the Shadows failed to protect the crystal from Isparian attack and it was destroyed.[1] On its remains were gems used to create unique crystal weapons and armor. It has since been replaced with a weaker replica that drops less powerful gems. See the Caulnalain Vestibule Quest for more details.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Caulnalain Vestibule 68.5N, 5.5E -- 02DC -- --
Caulnalain Chamber Caulnalain Portal Gem -- 02DF -- --


Quest Items
  • Caulnalain Key Icon.png
Caulnalain Key
  • Caulnalain Gate Icon.png
Caulnalain Gate
  • Caulnalain Portal Gem Icon.png
Caulnalain Portal Gem
  • Caulnalain Soul Gem Icon.png
Caulnalain Soul Gem

  • Caulnalain Soul Crystal Bow Icon.png
Caulnalain Soul Crystal Bow
  • Caulnalain Soul Crystal Crossbow Icon.png
Caulnalain Soul Crystal Crossbow
  • Caulnalain Soul Crystal Orb Icon.png
Caulnalain Soul Crystal Orb
  • Caulnalain Soul Crystal Shield Icon.png
Caulnalain Soul Crystal Shield

Lore Items
  • Throbbing Lump Icon.png
Throbbing Lump




Grievver Icon.png Grievver

Shadow Icon.png Shadow


Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Lore & Dialog

When the Caulnalain Soul Crystal was Destroyed

[Player Name] has shattered the Caulnalain Soul Crystal! The crystal's released energy ripples across the landscape of Dereth, causing fluxes along the island's ley lines!


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