11th Anniversary Preview

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Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Town Crier - November Event

Void Magic and You!


Teaser Images


New Content and Features

New Races

  • Turbine has announced their plans for four new playable races. More information here and here.

Playable Olthoi

  • More information here.

Void Magic

  • Void Magic images including spell animation, spellbar icons and Empyrean character look / clothing teaser (see teaser images above)
  • Void Magic skill credit cost - Void Magic and You!
  • Forum thread detailing Void Magic aspects and concerns - Void Magic DoT question's

8th Spellbar Tab

  • Visible in one of the teaser screenshots showing Void Magic (above), an eighth spell tab will be added.

Updated Bitmap Textures

  • Bitmap texture updates have been slowly introduced via patches the last few months, such as the new door texture. But the bulk of them should appear in the 11th Anniversary patch (the new road texture is visible in the Void Magic images above) - Oh by the way... Not to derail the thread, but it will likely be a big November patch to coincide with the anniversary. --Sev~


  • Trapped with the Empyreans were members of an ancient council -- Seers seeking wisdom to read the signs of Light and Shadow - Link
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