2000/04 - Shadow Invasion

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Story Arc: 
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As the shadow of Black Ferah falls, you hear the cold voice say: "A fine attempt, to have reached me within this twisted pathetic creation. Well done, [Name of Hero]. I see I must reformulate my plans.

The Shadow War

During the Darkness Ascendant event, menacing Shadow Spires appeared from beneath the surface of Dereth. Tales were told of random travellers being abducted and sent to the spires for interrogation by three entities.[1]

When the Thorns of the Hopeslayer event came, large Shadow armies led by Shadow Captains and the generals Black Ferah and Ler Rhan started to invade Dereth.[2]

Later on in the event, portals appeared giving players access to the Shadow Spires. At the top of each spire in the Spire's Head were creatures called Spire Shadows, which dropped spire key chunks on death. The key chunks were combined to create a complete Shadow Key used to unlock doors in the Nexus.[2]

At the end of the Nexus dungeon was one of the Soul Crystals -- the Nexus Crystal. When destroyed it dropped a single Core Gem. The gem could be handed in to one of the Master Armorers for a suit of unique, and at the time, very powerful Nexus Shadow Armor.[3]

Event Summary

  • April 7, 2000 - The initial attack begins with Shadow forces led by the Shadow Captains attacking the town of Fort Tethana followed by Plateau Village and then Stonehold when each of the captains are killed.[2] [4]
  • April 13, 2000 - The second attack begins, this time led by a Shadow aspect of Black Ferah. They invade Wai Jhou and then Kara after the aspect of Black Ferah's is killed. After being killed again at Kara, Black Ferah then moves to the Shadow Spire nearby where she is defeated a third time.[2][4]
  • April 21, 2000 - The third attack begins led by a Shadow aspect of Ler Rhan. He arrives in the A'mun Desert Shadow Spire and then appears later on at the Wilderness Spire bordering the Aluvian realm and then finally at the Black Mire Swamps Spire after being killed by players.[2][4]
  • Black Ferah reappears, this time at a Shadow Spire in the northern Direlands. After she is defeated, Ler Rhan and his army renew their attack in Osteth. However, this time portals have opened at the spires found in Cragstone, Eastham, Khayyaban, Sawato ,Tou-Tou and Tufa.[2][4]
  • Players enter each of the six spires and kill the Spire Shadows found there. The Shadows drop chunks to a key, requiring players to work together to combine the pieces and complete the Shadow Key.[2][4]
  • Players assault the Nexus dungeon where they are eventually met by a Nexus Shadow Captain guarding a door. After defeating the captain and using their newly formed key on the door, they finally reach the Nexus Crystal in its chamber.[2][4]
  • After a long battle, the Nexus Crystal is destroyed and the Shadow armies withdraw from Dereth.[2][4]
  • The following players received the armor on each server:


The Generals

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Invasion Force

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Nexus Creatures

Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Shadow Icon.png Shadow


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Spire's Head -- -- -- -- --
Nexus 40.1S, 79.2W -- 0110 -- --


Live Event Items
  • Spire Key Chunk - Eastham Icon.png
Spire Key Chunk - Eastham
  • Spire Key Chunk - Tou Tou Icon.png
Spire Key Chunk - Tou Tou
  • Spire Key Chunk - Tufa Icon.png
Spire Key Chunk - Tufa
  • Shadow Key Icon.png
Shadow Key
  • Nexus Orders Icon.png
Nexus Orders
  • Nexus Core Gem Icon.png
Nexus Core Gem

Nexus Armor
  • Nexus Celdon Leggings Icon.png
Nexus Celdon Leggings
  • Nexus Celdon Girth Icon.png
Nexus Celdon Girth
  • Nexus Celdon Breastplate Icon.png
Nexus Celdon Breastplate
  • Nexus Celdon Sleeves Icon.png
Nexus Celdon Sleeves
  • Nexus Koujia Leggings Icon.png
Nexus Koujia Leggings
  • Nexus Koujia Breastplate Icon.png
Nexus Koujia Breastplate
  • Nexus Koujia Sleeves Icon.png
Nexus Koujia Sleeves
  • Nexus Amuli Leggings Icon.png
Nexus Amuli Leggings
  • Nexus Amuli Coat Icon.png
Nexus Amuli Coat


Lore & Dialog

The first wave, lead by a Shadow Captain, attacks Fort Tethana in the Direlands (April 7, 2000)

In the dark of the obsidian wasteland, where great magics wrought destruction long ago, the Shadows stir and awaken. The Hand stretches forth once more...
The darkness has been checked in the Northern Direlands. The brave defenders of Fort Tethana have prevailed; [Name of Hero] has slain the Shadow Captain. The tides of war shift...another captain shall appear, perhaps in a different settlement... The dying Shadow Captain cackles, the hateful sound echoing from the walls of Fort Tethana. "You may have sent me to my doom, [Name of Hero], but the generals are here, and they shall see your people weeping in despair."

After the first captain is defeated, the Shadows move into Northern Osteth and Plateau Village

The Shadows, despite the loss of their Captain to [Name of Hero], have pushed on into northern Oseth, into the Mt. Espar range. Beware, children of Ispar... The ancient terror has come!

The second Shadow Captain is defeated at Plateau Village

The northlands tremble with the echoes of battle, but another Shadow captain has been slain by [Name of Hero]. The Shadows establish a presence in the northern mountains, but otherwise withdraw.... An uneasy peace settles over the land...

The third Shadow Captain is killed at Stonehold and issues a warning

The dying Shadow Captain laughs. "Savor this little victory [Name of Hero]. The Generals are come, meat-puppets, and they shall fall upon your puny hovels like a storm-tide!"

Black Ferah and her army attack Wai Jhou (April 13, 2000)

A whisper floats upon the wind: From the blasted obsidian plains come Black Ferah's armies. Seek the shadow of Ferah.
It is not Black Ferah's true self, for the Generals do not yet risk themselves thus.

Black Ferah is defeated

The wind whispers to you: [Name of Hero] destroyed the first shadow of Black Ferah, but that is no hindrance. The Enemy is advancing into the craggy Linvak Mountains, south of the Sho lands.

Black Ferah is killed again in Kara

A whisper floats upon the wind: [Name of Hero] has defeated the shadow of Black Ferah. The Shadow forces press onward, even to the frontier of the lands settled by the Sho. The aspect of Black Ferah will doubtless seek the power within the southern Shadow Spire... Find the portal to that dread construct, where ever it may appear...

Black Ferah is slain a third time inside a Shadow Spire near Kara

The wind brings good tidings: [Name of Hero] has found and destroyed the shadow of Black Ferah! Leaderless, the Shadow Armies melt away. All but the mountains are safe once more. The land is quiet for the moment...
As the shadow of Black Ferah falls, you hear the cold voice say: "A fine attempt, to have reached me within this twisted pathetic creation. Well done, [Name of Hero]. I see I must reformulate my plans.

Ler Rhan's forces appear in the A'mun desert (April 21, 2000)

A whisper floats upon the wind: Ler Rhan has called forth the shadows to the realm of the proud desert dwellers! The first wave shall begin anon.
Seek out the shadow of Ler Rhan who shall arrive soon…the way shall be opened soon.
Only the protective magic of Asheron keeps the darkest Shadows from your precious towns.

Ler Rhan is defeated

The wind brings tidings: The shadow of Ler Rhan has been destroyed by [Name of Hero]! Coolly, the Shadow General moves on to the plains nigh upon the borders of the Aluvian realm. Seek again the aspect of Ler Rhan; he may be reached soon...soon...

Ler Rhan is defeated once more in the Aluvian region

The wind brings tidings: The shadow of Ler Rhan has been slain by [Name of Hero]! Ler Rhan has been pushed southward to the realms of the Sho and the Blackmire Swamp. Seek Ler Rhan's shadow; he will arrive soon...
Ler Rhan collapses, but hisses in amusement as he falls: "You may have defeated this shadow of mine, [Name of Hero], but I shall rise up elsewhere!"

Ler Rhan is slain a final time in the Blackmire Swamp

The wind brings ominous tidings: The shadow of Ler Rhan has been slain by [Name of Hero]! But Black Ferah has taken up the assault within the Direlands...
Ler Rhan collapses, but hisses in amusement as he falls: "So, you have defeated me, [Name of Hero]. Well played. Yet, I have the aid of Black Ferah, who will now take up the forces in the northern Direlands!"

Black Ferah returns again to the Direlands and is defeated a final time

The wind brings terrible news: While the shadow of Black Ferah has been slain by [Name of Hero] in the Direlands, Ler Rhan has renewed his offensive in the A'mun desert! But a new, cool and quiet undercurrent rides this wind, and it says: Little ones, seek now the Key that leads to the Nexus, and all will be made well!
Black Ferah laughs as she falls. "I have merely bought some time for Ler Rhan to regroup, my sweet [Name of Hero]. How much longer can you humans continue? Our forces are infinite, and you fools still know not our true objective!"

Inside the Nexus

Nexus Shadow says, "It is glorious to fall in the service of Ler Rahn and our Dark Master!"
Nexus Shadow Captain says, "I have failed my lord Ler Rhan... But our Dark Master triumphs even so!"

On destruction of the Nexus Crystal

The destruction of the Nexus Crystal brings a burst of heat through the area, followed by a cool, chill wind. Shadows seem to leap up and fall away...in the distance, a faint voice seems to cry: "Retreat, in his name!" and then there is nothing more"
You flatten Nexus Crystal's body with the force of your assault!
The wind brings important tidings: with the destruction of the great Nexus Crystal by [Name of Hero], the shadows suddenly withdraw! From all across the land, the shadows seem to leap away, returning to their dark corners to hide. It seems that Dereth is safe...for now.

Handing in the Nexus Core Gem for Nexus Armor

You give Alean the Steel Forger Nexus Core Gem.
Alean the Steel Forger tells you, "This is the gem from the core of the Nexus Crystal, is it not? A worthy achievement, indeed. I will make you the greatest suit of armor in Dereth."
Alean the Steel Forger gives you Nexus Celdon Breastplate.
Alean the Steel Forger gives you Nexus Celdon Sleeves.
Alean the Steel Forger gives you Nexus Celdon Girth.
Alean the Steel Forger gives you Nexus Celdon Leggings.


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