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Martine says, "You cannot escape me." "

Martine Attacks

During the Hidden Vein event, Martine appeared in the Abandoned Mine at peak times when it was very busy with players. At first he wasn't hostile, but players soon started to attack, forcing Martine to defend himself with powerful ring spells that could smite. After an attack, corpses littered the floor and the massacre of players also meant Martine had levelled up extremely quickly, intially appearing as a lvl 750 creature and then 900+ later on.[1]

Later on in the event, Martine would show up at various locations and ask players to help him kill a faction of Virindi that were stalking him. The Virindi Renegades would drop tokens that could be handed to Martine (provided he didn't kill you first) for rewards such as Tiny Shards, Quiddity Ingots and spell components.[1]

While Martine seemed friendly at times, there appeared to be no pattern in Martine's bahavior; if he wasn't doing a random speech, he was demanding a tax of Singularity Keys, or requesting aid in killing the Renegades.[1][2]

Martine even attended a wedding after being invited on the Morningthaw server. Unfortunately, Martine quickly became unstable and began killing the guests and even the bride. [3]


Live Event Items
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Renegade's Token


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Virindi Icon.png Virindi


Lore & Dialog

Martine on the attack

Martine says, "You cannot escape me."
Martine says, "Fool"
"You are utterly destroyed by Martine's attack"

Martine doing a speech in the "Subway"

Martine snickers.
Martine says, "Asheron...is a fossil. And one that has left a shallow print upon the world. He brought the Olthoi and they drove his rave into near extinction. They are kept alive only by our life force. Trapped behind veils created by my other would-be masters."
A chill spreads across the area.
Martine's bones crack.
Martine says, "And you...sniveling maggots quiver in anticipation that he will walk amongst you, come to your aid and save you once again from a new darkness that is spreading across your land."
Martine says, "I am no darkness, I am the light. I am the savior of your kind. But you...have fallen prey to his wiles. To his words, to past deeds. He ushered the Hopeslayer back into the pit. HA!"
Martine says, "Twist...twist...twist...the lock will finally pop open when you try hard enough. But you are too blind to see this. You are given over to him, not yourselves and that...sickens me.
Martine says, "It was you, and you, and all the other Isparians that stood as one and rallied together beneath a banner that he created. But it was you that struck the final blow that did his work for him. You were his tools. Implements of extraction."

Martine demanding Singularity Keys

Martine says, "I have decided that I need to be paid for my continued patience with you. Bring me keys. Singularity keys."
Martine looks about.
Martine cackles madly.
Martine says, "Not all at once, now."
Martine says, "Pain and suffering, glory and joy, glory and joy, glory and joy."
Martine says, "Bring the gifts to the madman, or see the world through his eyes."
Martine says, "Bring me the keys, or die."
Martine screams and the air splits in two swallowing him into a void.

Martine's task

Martine says, "Greetings Isparian."
Martine says, "Have you seen any Virindi about?"
Martine says, "Ah...the area is safe."

Martine says, "East of town not west.. my mind.. my mind.."
Martine places his face in his hands.
As his hands pull away from his face the flesh on the mask stretches. Quickly, Martine, places the mask onto his face.
Martine says, "Help me..."
Martine says, "They are around here and it calls to them."
Martine says, "Kill them, the Virindi that reside near here. Kill them."

You give Martine Renegade's Token.
Martine says, "ahh.. a fine specimen."
Martine gives you a Tiny Shard.
You give Martine Renegade Token.
Martine says, "I shall receive my tokens."
Martine gives you Quiddty Ignot.
You give Martine Renegade's Token.
Martine gives you Henbane.
Wind whips through the area carrying a scream that emanates all around Martine. The scream reaches a crescendo and he is gone.

Martine attends the wedding of Romside and Archmage Lara on Morningthaw

Martine says, "Are we here?"
Martine sobs.
Martine says, "Marriage is a farce."
Martine says, "A nonsensical union that bonds two souls irrevocably for life, until death do you part!"
Martine says, "Love is a front for reality."
Martine says, "I have gifts for the happy couple."
Martine says, "Fall'n Angel, I believe you were asked to remove your mask."

(Everyone was asked to remove all headgear, weapons and wands earlier.)

Fall'n Angel's death is proceeded by a sharp, stabbing pain, courtesy of Martine!
Martine says, "Such a happy couple... I was once part of a happy couple..."
A soft hum begins to emanate from within Martine.
Martine says, "Marriage, a union that binds two souls. You see? No? Perhaps then I should make you understand."
Martine says, "Believe me, I am doing you both a great favor.
The force of Martine's assault flattens Archmage Lara!
The force of Martine's assault flattens Shin Ki-jun!
Martine sends Xira al'Espiranxa to death so violently that even the lifestone flinches!
The force of Martine's assault flattens Ihsahn!
The force of Martine's assault flattens Warped!
The thunder of Martine crushing Arizzen the Lord is followed by the deafening silence of death!
The thunder of Martine crushing Stefanie the Cute is followed by the deafening silence of death!
Jagged Edges's body is shattered by Martine's attack!
Martine knocks Bunnykiller II into next Morningthaw!

Fist de Yuma is killed - he was one of the people asking others not to attack

The thunder of Martine crushing Fist de Yuma is followed by the deafening silence of death!
Martine beats Domaris to a lifeless pulp!
The force of Martine's assault flattens Cristo Adicto!
Martine beats Desire to a lifeless pulp!
Martine obliterates Brian the Swordsman!
Martine slays X'nedra of Riva viciously enough to impart death several times over!
Lou Cypher catches Martine's attack, with dire consequences!
Martine says, "YOU'LL THANK ME!"

Lots of people were recalling or running away at this point.

Og II catches Martine's attack, with dire consequences!
The force of Martine's assault flattens Romside!
Minifuss's body is shattered by Martine's attack!
Martine smites Caziopia mightily!
Martine beats Towada-sho to a lifeless pulp!
Fizzelle's body is shattered by Martine's attack!
Martine says, "You'll all thank me in the end!"
The deadly force of Martine's attack is so strong that Thor Azaroth's ancestors feel it!
Hamlit the Heartseeker's body is shattered by Martine's attack!
Martine obliterates Arastar!
Martine says, "I can teach you no more!"


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