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The Asheron's Call Community Wiki (ACCW) was created by Gouru of Morningthaw in October of 2007. The idea for the wiki came from this thread and later this thread on the Turbine message boards. Other fan sites were not being updated frequently. Site redesigns orphaned content and made it unreachable at the larger corporate sites. And they all required contributors to submit information to the staff, which would then need to review and add it. With their staff activity shrinking, the idea of a wiki that anyone could add to and see the results immediately was born. The ACCW grew quickly and is now the only major AC fan site where you can find information about current patch content as well as older content. The wiki is indebted to the many contributors both large and small that have made the wiki so useful for all of us that enjoy Asheron's Call.


The AC community wiki currently contains 1,637 articles and 4,535 image files.

Site Moves

When Asheron's Call Community Wiki was first created it was located at the URL For about the first year Gouru hosted the nascent wiki with a commercial hosting service. By December of 2008, the wiki had outgrown hosting at SiteGround and needed to relocate. The player Mav offered to host it for free, and ACCW remained at In the early fall of 2009, the wiki had become too large for Mav to continue hosting, and the wiki once again needed a new host. In September of 2009, the wiki moved to hosting and the site's URL was changed to In October of 2010 the wiki moved again, this time due to extreme changes in the host company and the imposition of restrictions that would have made it difficult to present the wiki's now substantial body of information. Several other large wikis moved at the same time as we did, including World of Warcraft. ACCW moved to where control was returned to the contributors to decide how the wiki should look and function. Also Wikkii generously allowed us to regain use of our original address to help as many people as possible find us at our current location.

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