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March 2003 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements


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Release Notes

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Letter to the Players

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Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "I heard there are a couple of new Lifestones on Marae Lassel."
Town Crier tells you, "I understand there is a new portal to the Vesayan Islands. It is south of Mayoi, my sister was running on the beach there, accidentally went through it and was eaten. Luckily, she had recently registered at one of Nuhmudira's new Lifestones, but it was back on Marae Lassel. She had a long trip back."
Town Crier tells you, "With the new creatures that have taken over the Direlands, the Tumeroks out there have been fortifying their holdings. Be careful if you go to visit them, though - these are NOT the friendly kind of Tumerok. Rumor mongers in Dryreach, Stonehold, and Fort Tethana have more information."
Town Crier tells you, "The migration of creatures seems to have settled down a bit. I went hunting the other day and found that one monster I never could kill readily was easier to defeat. Yet another, that I always thought was all too easy to hunt, killed me. Dead. I wanted to laugh but it hurt too much with my lungs ripped out."
Town Crier tells you, "Felscuda, who is in the employ of Lady Folthid, needs some parchment for her studies. You can find her northeast of Yanshi."
Town Crier tells you, "It appears the research that Nuhmudira has been conducting into the lore of Lifestones has resulted in the placement of a number of new Lifestones. Give me some money and I may tell where they are."
Town Crier tells you, "The Tomb of Anadil has been robbed!"
Town Crier tells you, "Devana bint Hamudi of Zaikhal is looking for help. Take an Ash Tooth Dagger to an Ivory Crafter to find out how you can get involved."
Town Crier tells you, "There's a strange old lady who lives in a cave near Cragstone. When I was younger, we'd go down there and play jokes on her all the time. She hated us."
Town Crier tells you, "I overheard someone say that they were able to get their Tumerok Banner framed at one of the Master Furniture Makers. He did warn, however, that once you get a framed version you cannot trade it in for the reward. There was something else... oh yes, he said the Master Furniture Maker crafted a mounted version of the Pyreal Bell for his roof. The Furniture Maker said he could exchange it for an unmounted version whenever he wanted, at no charge."
Town Crier tells you, "On Marae Lassel there is a Lifestone near the Marescent Plateau Portal and near the northernmost coast of the island."
Town Crier tells you, "Mi Krau-Li has been restless lately. Look for more information at the barkeep in Cragstone."
Town Crier tells you, "There is a new Lifestone between Danby and Plateau Village. Also a new one in the Direlands on the north coast, north of Tumerok Fortress."
Town Crier tells you, "I heard something strange about undead in Bellig Tower. My sister's boyfriend told me that they seem to be training reedsharks in there now."
Town Crier tells you, "Some of Nuhmudira's new Lifestones are in the Othoi North area. One is east of the Olthoi Tunnels, another on the coast north of Mountain Pass and one on the north coast"
Town Crier tells you, "I understand one of Nuhmudira's students in Glenden Wood is still requesting help in obtaining crystals for Nuhmudira."

Ulgrim Rumors

During the Perfect Paradox event, Ulgrim was found at the Drunken Madman's Tower.

Stout Rumors:

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "So! You think you may be able to out-drink me!"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Yeah, and maybe tuskers will fly out of my..."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "But, seriously you haven't got a chance. I've been training my entire life!"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I can't sleep in Ayan anymore. I came out here to try and get some rest at my friends place, but I'm still having the bad dreams. I think maybe it's time to head back to my house for awhile."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Hey, could you maybe lure some monsters over towards the tower? I'm kinda bored and I could pick them off pretty easy from up here."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Did you know my face is on the Soul Staff?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Yup, I'm immortalized! It's the third face down. Some people may claim it's the guy who created the staff, but he's nobody and I'm famous."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I'll stop what those Virindi are planning. Just as soon as I figure out what that plan is."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Hey don't worry, I can handle it. I drank something."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "What's with the rabbit costume?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I'm planning on grabbing one of those swords off the Tumerok Overlord. He never seems to run out of them... must have a stash of them somewhere."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I've seen some strange things here on Dereth, but why in the world would I want to fling things around with some dead git's extremities?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Some monsters get stronger, some monsters get weaker. Just remember what ol' Ulgrim says when the health is down, fire is raining from the sky and monsters are clawing at his throat."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Strong...weak. I'm the one with the wand
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Yesterday, I almost drank a one that was not cold. Good thing I caught myself in time!"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Tell Let me give you a bit of advice my friend. Never look up a magician's robe, it ruins the surprise. Wait, or was it a magician's sleeve?"
You give Ulgrim the Unpleasant Sake.
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I think you want the guy down there."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "But, I might be able to help you."
Ulgrim mimics the madman below.
[Ulgrim Summons portal]
Ulgrim the Unpleasant says, "I know the secret walled portal path, and I will let you enter it. See?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Do you think it's getting too weird around here?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Thanks! Watch this."
The Drunken Madman sputters as the stout pours down on him.
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Bwahahaha! I never get tired of that."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "You doubt my chess abilities? Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Yuri, Bobby, Trumper, Blue?"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Morons."

New UI and Game Changes

  • A new style of Lifestone has popped up on the landscape.
  • Monster rebalancing is complete. Monsters' levels are more indicative of the areas where they live. Rebalancing involved the revision of melee, missile, and magical abilities and defenses, along with updating the weapons monsters use in combat. More information is available in this month's Letter to the Players.
  • Many existing quests updated to be more difficult but also more rewarding.
  • User Interface
    • The Fellowship panel updated and now displays the vitals, level and xp percentage of each player in the fellow.

Updated Quests

New NPCs

New Locations


Updated Locations

New Items

Overlord's Sword Quest Update
  • Tumerok Fortress Rumor Icon.png
Tumerok Fortress Rumor
  • Augmented Tumerok's Key Icon.png
Augmented Tumerok's Key
  • Gilded Tumerok Key Icon.png
Gilded Tumerok Key
  • Tumerok Major's Key Icon.png
Tumerok Major's Key
  • Tumerok Priest's Key Icon.png
Tumerok Priest's Key
  • Tumerok Taskmaster's Key Icon.png
Tumerok Taskmaster's Key

Staff of the Nomads Quest
  • Note (Anadil's Tomb) Icon.png
Note (Anadil's Tomb)
  • Note (Abandoned Observatory) Icon.png
Note (Abandoned Observatory)
  • Splintered Staff (Necropolis) Icon.png
Splintered Staff (Necropolis)
  • Splintered Staff (Lightless Catacombs) Icon.png
Splintered Staff (Lightless Catacombs)
  • Staff of the Nomads Icon.png
Staff of the Nomads

Framed Tumerok Banners
  • Falcon Banner (Framed) Icon.png
Falcon Banner (Framed)
  • Serpent Banner (Framed) Icon.png
Serpent Banner (Framed)
  • Shreth Banner (Framed) Icon.png
Shreth Banner (Framed)
  • Reedshark Banner (Framed) Icon.png
Reedshark Banner (Framed)
  • Gromnie Banner (Framed) Icon.png
Gromnie Banner (Framed)
  • Mask Banner (Framed) Icon.png
Mask Banner (Framed)

Quest Atlatls and Darts
  • A Society Atlatl (Retired) Icon.png
A Society Atlatl (Retired)
  • An Explorer Atlatl (Retired) Icon.png
An Explorer Atlatl (Retired)
  • Caulnalain Crystal Atlatl Icon.png
Caulnalain Crystal Atlatl
  • Fenmalain Crystal Atlatl Icon.png
Fenmalain Crystal Atlatl
  • Shendolain Crystal Atlatl Icon.png
Shendolain Crystal Atlatl
  • Atlatl of the Quiddity Icon.png
Atlatl of the Quiddity
  • Singularity Atlatl Icon.png
Singularity Atlatl
  • Skeletal Atlatl Icon.png
Skeletal Atlatl
  • Crystal-tip Atlatl Dart Icon.png
Crystal-tip Atlatl Dart

Fetid Dirk
  • Fetid Dirk Icon.png
Fetid Dirk

Updated Items

Retired Items
Overlord's Sword Quest Keys
  • Tumerok Worker's Key Icon.png
Tumerok Worker's Key
  • Tumerok Officer's Key Icon.png
Tumerok Officer's Key
  • High Tumerok's Key Icon.png
High Tumerok's Key

New Spells

Updated Spells


Portaldat 200303.png

New Creatures

Banderling Icon.png Banderling

Cow Icon.png Cow

Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Golem Icon.png Golem

Gromnie Icon.png Gromnie

Hollow Minion Icon.png Hollow Minion

Knathtead Icon.png Knathtead

Mu-miyah Icon.png Mu-miyah

Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

Undead Icon.png Undead

Ursuin Icon.png Ursuin

Virindi Icon.png Virindi

Updated Creaturs


Click image for full size.

Splash Screen

A Perfect Paradox Splash Screen.jpg

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