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Introduced:  The Reaping Related Quests:  Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests

Non-Player Killer

Strength 200
Endurance 260
Coordination 200
Quickness 290
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 326
Stamina 456
Mana 486

Location: Adrenkus Cave at 37.6S 62.2W, in the Valley of Death
Adrenkus Live.jpg



Lore & Dialog

Adrenkus tells you, "If you're looking for work, my friend Shah-hi is in desperate need of assistance with her dig site, in the Vesayen Isles. Something has caused her miners to flee the site, and they refuse to go back to work until it's dealt with."
Adrenkus tells you, "You'll find her excavation at 77.7S, 97.0E."

Adrenkus tells you, "Greetings!"
Adrenkus tells you, "Welcome to my little subterranean paradise!"
Adrenkus tells you, "Well, we were originally set up on the surface, but the local fauna kept trying to eat the miners, so we relocated here."
Adrenkus tells you, "So far, we've been able to hide this location from Hoshino Kei's forces, but I'm not sure how long that'll last."
Adrenkus tells you, "This should be the location of the spirit of the Lady of Harvest and Justice. According to the Lady of Mysteries, as well as recorded legends that have been recovered, her spirit should rest in some sort of bulb or plant."
Adrenkus tells you, "We need to recover her essence as quickly as possible, preferably before the spectral skeletons figure out where this site is."
Adrenkus tells you, "If you'd be willing to brave the temple, you'll find the Guardian deeper in these tunnels. Just watch out for the local fauna."

Adrenkus tells you, "You can gain access to the temple from the Guardian, deeper into the dig site. Recover whatever you can that will help us with the Rituals to heal the Prince and those afflicted by the Book."

You allow Adrenkus to examine your Seed of Essence.
Adrenkus tells you, "Utterly fascinating..."
You hand over 1 of your Seed of Essences.
Adrenkus tells you, "The magics of the Deru and the Light Falatacot never cease to amaze me."
Adrenkus tells you, "Now, to see if the essence is intact..."

Adrenkus chants over the seed, and a small wisp of light pours out of the seed and into his hand.

Adrenkus tells you, "Beautiful, what is contained here is both intact and free of corruption. Well done, well done indeed."
Adrenkus tells you, "It's only a small fragment of her essence, but it's progress all the same. As for this seed, I think you may find it useful."
You've earned 198,157,237 experience.
You've earned 20,000 Luminance.
Adrenkus gives you Seed of Harvests.

Adrenkus tells you, "If you're interested, I'll likely need your assistance again in a couple weeks. The bulb should be ready to produce another seed by then."
7:27:18 Adrenkus tells you, "Also, my friend Norus has a dig site near the Inner Sea Gearknight area, but none of us have heard from him recently. If you could go see if he needs any help, it'd be greatly appreciated."

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