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Ahurenga (Town Network Sign) Live.jpg


"Ahurenga is the capital of the Hea Tumeroks. Led by Hea Arantah, this Xuta of Tumeroks have abandoned the the traditions that the Aun cling to, and have given themselves to the masters they call the "Atual Arutoa " - Virindi. As part of their service, Hea Tumeroks have had their bodies altered into something more human." --Town Network Sign

Map Dereth Point


To Ahurenga

Ahruenga Portal Gems can be obtained from the Hea Raiders' Cache.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Annex (South) Ahurenga 46.1N, 89.8W None

From Ahurenga

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Ahurenga 47.1N, 90.2W Town Network -- None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs


  • None


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Hagra's Holdfast 48.2N, 88.5W -- 0039 -- --


NPC Name Location Type Details
Hea Camauri the Barkeep Town - 47.1N, 90.2W Shopkeeper Rumors, Food, Drinks
Hea Kiriona the Shopkeep Town - 47.3N, 90.4W Shopkeeper Basic Supplies
Hea Nyrenauri the Healer Town - 47.2N, 90.4W Shopkeeper Healing Supplies
Hea Nyrinua the Armorer Town - 47.1N, 90.4W Shopkeeper Armor
Hea Palagura the Jeweler Town - 46.9N, 90.1W Shopkeeper Gems, Jewelry
Hea Rangaua the Elder Shaman Town - 46.9N, 90.1W Shopkeeper Magic Supplies
Hea Timitea the Bowyer Town - 47.1N, 90.4W Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies
Hea Arantah Town - 47.1N 90.3W Quest Hunting Aun Ralirea
Hea Kassoka Town - 47.3N 90.1W Quest Hea Bone and Hide Shirt Quest
Hea Mutuona Town - 47.3N 90.1W Quest Putiputipuh's Onga
Tekapuapuh Outskirts - 46.4N, 91.5W Quest Putiputipuh's Onga
Hea Ihipura the Crafter Town - 47.2N, 90.4W Crafter Siraluun Weapons
Hea Riketura the Collector Town - 47.0N, 90.3W Crafter Aun Pendant


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Ahurenga.
Carenzi Icon.png Carenzi

Gromnie Icon.png Gromnie

Golem Icon.png Golem

Art & Images

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