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The Aluvian Kingdom on Ispar lies east from Viamont. To the south lies the Luparvium Mountain Range which constitutes a natural border with Milantos. The Canfeld River flows from the Luparvium Mountains to the Ironsea.[1] Along its shores, the great forests of Aluvia lie, which provide Ispar with the vast majority of its building lumber[2], but are also home to highwaymen, bandits, and thieves[3]. One of those forests is Lellen Wood.[4]

Important cities and fortifications include the city of Celdon, the fortress of Thrushhaven and Castle Holdfast.[1]


In olden days, the land now known as the High Kingdom of Aluvia was home to feuding clans of warriors.[5] When the Rouleans brought imperial order to most of the lands around the Ironsea, they saw no benefit in conquering the Viamontian peninsula, and the tribes that would become the nations of Viamont and Aluvia remained chaotic and disorganized.[6]

During the invasion of the Viamontian armor of King Elous VI, High King Pwyll II was slain and his army was defeated by the Viamontians on the battlefield of the Plain of Ayrifal .[1][7] The sons and male cousins of the High King had been slain in battle at his side. His bloodline was rounded up and executed by the Viamontian Royal Governor, Alfric immediately after his victory.[8]

During the rule of Queen Alfrega, granddaughter of Alfric and daughter of Theolaud, the Aluvian resistance against the Viamontian occupation became more organized. An important faction were the Orts under the leadership of Hendac Tharesun and Harlune.[1]

Only during the rule of Osric, peace was established. By the time of the rule of his son Pwyll III, the peoples of Aluvia had united as one, prospering under the High King's kind and just reign. Pwyll III banded together the kingdom's knights, forming an order of honor and chivalry, and so began a golden age.[1][5]

When Pwyll III was slain by an ambassador from Viamont on the eve of war between the two nations, Aluvia's knights and commoners alike fell upon their enemies and destroyed them. With Pwyll's death, Aluvia's glory began to wane, but it is said that, when the kingdom is at its greatest need, he and his knights will walk the land once more.[5]

Aluvia remains a strong nation, though it shines less brightly than before. King Cedraic opened up trade with nations across the sea including the Gharu'ndim and the Sho and with that trade has come prosperity.[5] After years biding their time, the Viamontians under King Varicci I started a second wave of invasions of the other Isparian countries, also invading Aluvia.[4] [6] This time however, the Aluvians, having learned lessons from the past, managed to keep the Viamontians at bay, be it with heavy losses. The Aluvians put up a tenacious resistance against the superior numbers of their old foe. To this day the war in Aluvia continues, locked in a stalemate. [9][6]

Royalty and Rulers

Early rulers of Aluvia are unknown, put it can be assumed that Pwyll II was not the first king, by the fact that he is the second to bear that name, and by the fact that when Viamont invaded in 804 RC, Thrushhaven was referred to as the traditional highland fortress of the Aluvian Kings.[1].

Name Bloodline Rank/Title Years of reign
Pwyll II[7] Unknown High King[1] 787 RC - 804 RC[7]
Alfric[7] Unknown King, Viamont Royal Governor[1] 804 RC - 824 RC[7]
Theolaud[7] Son of Alfric[1] King[1] 824 RC - 854 RC[7]
Alfrega[7] Daughter of Theolaud[1] Queen[1] 854 RC - 868 RC[7]
Osric[7] Son of Alfrega[1] High King[10] 868 RC - 899 RC[7]
Pwyll III[7] Son of Osric[10] High King[10] 899 RC - 924 RC[7]
Cellric II[7] Son of Pwyll[Citation Needed] King[Citation Needed] 924 RC - ??[7]
Cedraic[10] Unknown King[10]  ?? - 1261 RC - ?? *
Cedraic III[7] Unknown King 1311 - ??[7] **

* This event comes from beta information. Being a current event of the time, this would be placed at 1286 RC (10 PY), but the more recent lore from Throne of Destiny has placed the latest war between Viamont and Aluvia at 1272 RC. So it has instead been placed at 1261 RC (-15 PY), the year when Aluvians first came to Dereth. This is possibly Cedraic III.
** If the date given is correct, this event has not occurred yet, and will not occur until PY 35 (2024 Earth). It is more likely that, since the years of the Aluvian rulers were written in Beta and the Ages of the Empyreans (from which we derive the PY to RC conversion) were created post-release, that the date is incorrect.

In Dereth

When the first Aluvians came to Dereth Island, they were enslaved by the Olthoi. Two of their number, Thorsten Cragstone and Elysa Strathelar, fought to liberate their people with the help of Asheron. Though Thorsten did not live to see the end of the campaign, the Aluvians became free once more. Elysa Strathelar founded New Aluvia and became its Queen.[5]


Aluvians are a fiercely individualistic and warlike people, quick to anger but with a strong love of justice and fairness. Though often suspicious of things new and strange, they are friendly and always prepared with a little help if they can spare it. They are loyal to their feudal lords, but expect to be well-treated in return.[11][5]

Religions and Beliefs

One of Pwyll III's greatest achievements was introducing the notion of nobility to the ruling class. In his time and since, The Code of Pwyll has dictated the conduct of both lords and knights: the common folk of Aluvia have come to expect no less.[5][12][13]

Customs and Traditions

In the Winter Season, the Aluvians celebrate the Solstice, that day of the year in which the night lasts longest. The Aluvians respond to the oppressive darkness and feeling of isolation by gathering together in good cheer. Illuminating their houses with colorful candles, they prepare the harvest into vast feasts. During the Solstice, all Aluvian towns are warmly lit, and the normally cagey northerners make a habit of cooking hearty food for one another, buying one another strong drink, and sharing both around the hearth, accompanied by the funniest jokes of the preceding year. The monastic orders of Tirius the Lightbringer, Solvus Mistdweller, and the Dark Lady Meerthus walk abroad in their dun robes, distributing food and the blessings of their aspect of the Triple Mother. Travelers in the Aluvian Kingdom will find themselves treated to their fill of food and drink, with no payment asked. For the Aluvians, Solstice is the time of brotherhood.[14]


  • Letter From Home (Aluvian) Icon.png
Letter From Home (Aluvian)
  • Shadows of My Doubts Icon.png
Shadows of My Doubts
  • The Code of Pwyll Icon.png
The Code of Pwyll
  • The Days of the Olthoi Icon.png
The Days of the Olthoi
  • The D00dz Icon.png
The D00dz
  • The Full Code of Pwyll Icon.png
The Full Code of Pwyll
  • The Journals of Change Icon.png
The Journals of Change
  • The Legend of Lilitha Icon.png
The Legend of Lilitha
  • The Reign of Alfrega Icon.png
The Reign of Alfrega
  • The Underground City Icon.png
The Underground City

Town Network Signs

  • Aluvian (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Aluvian (Town Network Sign)
  • Arwic (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Arwic (Town Network Sign)
  • Cragstone (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Cragstone (Town Network Sign)
  • Dryreach (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Dryreach (Town Network Sign)
  • Eastham (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Eastham (Town Network Sign)
  • Fort Tethana (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Fort Tethana (Town Network Sign)
  • Glenden Wood (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Glenden Wood (Town Network Sign)
  • Holtburg (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Holtburg (Town Network Sign)
  • Lytelthorpe (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Lytelthorpe (Town Network Sign)
  • Plateau Village (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Plateau Village (Town Network Sign)
  • Rithwic (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Rithwic (Town Network Sign)
  • Stonehold (Town Network Sign) Icon.png
Stonehold (Town Network Sign)

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  • King's Helm Icon.png
King's Helm
  • Pwyll's Crown Icon.png
Pwyll's Crown
  • Pwyll's Guard Icon.png
Pwyll's Guard
  • Alfric's Bull Icon.png
Alfric's Bull
  • The Helm of the Golden Flame Icon.png
The Helm of the Golden Flame
  • Guardian of Pwyll Icon.png
Guardian of Pwyll
  • Canfield Cleaver Icon.png
Canfield Cleaver
  • Morrigan's Vanity Icon.png
Morrigan's Vanity

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