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October 2005 - Patch Page


Teaser Images

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The Festival Approaches

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The Festival Approaches

As the festival season approaches, some interesting changes are coming to Dereth. The town of Glenden Wood is gearing up for a big celebration this year. They are really in the holiday spirit and there are rumors that one of Dereth's most famous personalities may pay them a visit! The farmers have also been gearing up for the holiday season. While getting their pumpkins ready, there have been some strange reports coming out of the pumpkin patches. It would be great if the people of Dereth can figure out what is going on!

The Town Criers will also be getting into the festival spirit this year. They have been picking out their masks, as well as some costumes. You never know what they might be dressed as when you get into town! Don't forget to chat with them; they are going to have a lot to talk about this season.

There have also been some Viamontian sightings recently. It appears they may be doing some digging. What could they be looking for? What will they find? And does this have anything to do with the season?

Teaser 2005-10 8.jpg Teaser 2005-10 9.jpg

Shadow Wing Breastplate

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Shadow Wing Breastplate

Teaser 2005-10 10.jpg Teaser 2005-10 11.jpg

Live Events

Ghost in Glenden Wood

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It seems that it is just about that time of year. The time when the barrier between the living and the dead is lifted and spirits roam the land once more. Granted the Undead roam Dereth on a daily basis, however this year seems to be a bit... different.

Teaser 2005-10 14.jpg Teaser 2005-10 15.jpg

Ghosts, wisps and other supernatural creatures seem to be flocking to area of Glenden Wood. It is as if they know something we don't. There is one in this group of raging specters that seems to scream out for blood. It can happen at anytime, day or night. So beware and be safe because in Dereth there is always something going bump in the night. Bwahahaha!

Scarecrow Invasion

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Recently there have been some strange things happening in Dereth, but this may have been one of the strangest things we have seen in some time. The Scarecrows massed their forces together and began an assault on the town of Holtburg.

Teaser 2005-10 23.jpg

The attack seemed to be very well planned out and the scarecrows almost appeared to have a goal in mind. Was it just to raise havoc? Did they actually want to take over the town? We can't say for sure.

Teaser 2005-10 24.jpg

This time of year tends to make man and creature alike do some strange things. Is this the last we will see of the Scarecrows? Not likely. One thing is certain. Whatever creatures decide to attack, the citizens of Dereth will be ready.

Teaser 2005-10 25.jpg

The Adventurers of Mr. P

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The Adventurers of Mr. P

Mr. P is a curious penguin. He prefers chocolate and other sweets to the taste of fish, and warm locations over the terrible cold. As a matter of fact it was on one such search for warmer climates that he met his lifelong friend, Sappho.

One-hundred and seven times before, Mr. P has snuck out of his igloo house in a seemingly never ending search for a warm place to live. Each time he went out, it would begin to get chilly, and he began to miss his family and would turn back. He did this so many times, that eventually his big Brother, Uber P, stopped getting worried when Mr. P would disappear. Uber P knew that it would only be a matter of time before the front door would open, and in would slide a cold and scared little penguin. But this time was different...

Teaser 2005-10 393.jpg

Planning, planning, and planning some more, Mr. P knew he was going to make it this time. He packed an extra blanket, wore two scarves, and sat on his mittens for thirty minutes to make sure they were nice and toasty. The route was mapped, food was packed (chocolate, of course) and a time was set for the perfect escape. Quietly sneaking out his window, he looked to the evening stars and started on the long road to Silyun. He knew that if he made it there, he could take one of those famous portals and make it safely to warm weather and happiness.

Teaser 2005-10 394.jpg

Around a mile into his trip, right next to the same fishing hole that he has given up at every other time, those same thoughts of family and the frost on his nose crept into his mind. But he knew he had to press on. He knew he had to make it this time. He could not stay another day in such a cold place. And that is what he did. Laying on his belly and pushing his little feet, Mr P slid towards freedom and his future.

The route he picked was not the safest. Mr. P knew he had to be careful. There are many wild creatures that roam even the coldest climates of the world. He also knew that the biggest danger of all was at the end of his journey... Humans! Mr. P grew up on stories about the dangers of humans. Whole colonies have been known to disappear whenever one comes around. And, worst of all, the countless eggs that have been stolen by these horrible humans. Mr. P had to wonder... would they welcome him or try to hurt him?

Teaser 2005-10 392.jpg

After many days, the little penguin that never made it more then a single mile from his house could see the outskirts of a human town. Very carefully, he snuck up in an attempt to see if he could find a portal to take him to his destination. However there was a gathering of humans in the town. There were too many people for him to go any further so he decided he would wait where he was for the crowd to break up and continue on his journey. They all seemed to be lined up to speak to one particular person. Mr. P thought this must be an important person for so many to be patiently waiting in line.

Sappho was having a very bad day. There were so many items to un-inscribe, so many questions to answer and so little time. She wished she had someone there to help her. After helping the last person in her line she began to gather her belongings and say her goodbyes. While reaching for the last item, she noticed out of the corner of her eye a little penguin hiding behind a rock. Sappho, being a friend to all animals, wondered what the penguin could possibly be doing here. Very slowly she approached the small frightened creature.

Mr. P saw the human was headed in his direction! He was too scared to move. He had heard so many stories about what happens if you get caught. He thought for sure he was doomed and that he would never see his family again. Then the strangest thing happened; the human offered him a fish. Mr. P knew better than to accept fish from strangers. He knows all about the traps with the fish in them. "That's how they get you", he thought.

Sappho noticed that the penguin would not touch the fish. So she next tried bread, fruit, even cheese to no avail. Just when she was about to give up, she pulled out a candy bar placed it on the ground and stepped back. This seemed to be too much for the little guy to resist. He slowly waddled over to the candy and nibbled away. Being careful not to startle the penguin, Sappho quietly approached him and offered some more chocolate.

Mr. P was surprised at how nice this lady was being to him. Could all the stories he heard have been made up? Could the penguins be wrong about the humans? He decided she was worth trusting and grabbed the chocolate out of her hand. Mr. P knew he had made a new friend.

Sappho sat down and eventually coaxed the little penguin over. She rubbed his soft belly and Mr. P feeling warm and snuggly fell asleep in her lap. She then picked up the sleeping penguin and recalled home.

Once home she tucked Mr. P safely into bed and sat down to think. Sappho could tell that Mr. P was a very friendly and loveable penguin. However she was worried that the people of Dereth wouldn't understand a friendly penguin and that they might even cast first and ask questions later. Right then and there she decided that it would be up to her to keep Mr. P safe. Sappho then cast a powerful protection spell over the sleeping Mr. P that would keep him safe always.

Teaser 2005-10 395.jpg

When Mr. P finally woke up he saw Sappho sitting on the end of the bed smiling at him. He remembered his long journey here and wanted to somehow repay her for her kindness. Mr. P asked what he could do and Sappho simply responded with, "Stay here and help me with my events and that will be all the thanks I ever need."

Mr. P was so happy that he started belly sliding around the room and even jumped for joy. He was so excited by his good fortune that he agreed right away.

And that my friends, is how Mr. P met Sappho.

Galvanic Insurgence

Related topics: Galvanic Armor

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Galvanic Insurgence

The lands near the ruined Essence of Artifice and the Amperehelion Vault fell under siege from the forces of a lightning elemental army, an army seemingly formed from a massive shard of Crystalized Mana that had risen from the ground. As Isparians rallied to the defense of the land and began their assaults a new, never before seen enemy crackled to life from the crystallized mana – the Galvanic Knight.

Teaser 2005-10 403.jpg

This being, capable of dispatching even the strongest of Isparians in mere moments, laid waste to the defenders but eventually fell before the sheer numbers of the Isparian defenses. The one who defeated the scintillating knight was rewarded with a suit of Galvanic Armor.

Teaser 2005-10 405.jpg

With its champion defeated and its minions dispatched, the Crystallized Mana fell before the defending forces.

Teaser 2005-10 404.jpg

The following is a list of those who received the Galvanic Armor (note: the person who received the suit of Galvanic Armor and the person who may now possess it are not necessarily the one and the same):

Teaser 2005-10 406.jpg

Dragonetti (Morningthaw)
Montu (Verdantine)
Mustafah ibn-Jubair (Frostfell)
Brittania Leafcull
Orian The Magical (Thistledown)
Glory Daze (Harvestgain)
Prophetic Rage (Wintersebb)
Zatara (Solclaim)

Wind of Terror II (Darktide)

Halloween is in the Air

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Halloween is in the Air

Halloween is in the air as the festival season approaches. This has caused some strange things to happen in Dereth. We will let the pictures do the talking.

Teaser 2005-10 17.jpg Teaser 2005-10 18.jpg

You said you wanted chicken for dinner, didn't you?

Teaser 2005-10 19.jpg Teaser 2005-10 20.jpg

When good meatgrinder's go bad!

Teaser 2005-10 21.jpg Teaser 2005-10 22.jpg

Even Shadow's like to have fun!

Scary Pumpkins and Titles Galore

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Scary Pumpkins and Titles Galore

The time of year when the leaves change colors and the air gets a chill is upon us again. As we approach the beginning of the Festival season, there have been more occurances of Pumpkin, Scarecrow, and Shadow sightings. Is it just the season that is bringing these creatures out, or is there something bigger at work?

Teaser 2005-10 1.jpg Teaser 2005-10 16.jpg

More Custom Titles
As one of the rewards for participating in these events, custom titles have been given out to players as a way they can express themselves after a long hard battle. Some titles we have given out have been fun, while others express a characters fighting prowess. No matter what the title is, you can be assured that there will be more to come.

Teaser 2005-10 2.jpg Teaser 2005-10 3.jpg

Teaser 2005-10 4.jpg Teaser 2005-10 5.jpg

Teaser 2005-10 6.jpgTeaser 2005-10 7.jpg

Halloween Fun

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Halloween Fun

Another Halloween has come and gone again. This year we had a lot of new costumes and some old favorites. Citizens from all over Dereth gathered at Allegiance mansions, towns, and Lifestones to celebrate the Festival season. Even the town criers got in on the action this year. In previous years the criers would wear masks, but this year all were in full costume. Although some had some interesting combinations, all of them were in the spirit of the holiday.

Teaser 2005-10 430.jpg Teaser 2005-10 433.jpg

We had Pumpkins and Scarecrows and even a few Ursuin show up, and fun was had by all who wanted to join in the festivities. We can wait to see what might happen next.

Teaser 2005-10 434.jpg Teaser 2005-10 435.jpg

Teaser 2005-10 436.jpg


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Tricks and Treats

Ulgrim checked the tower room once more. Cold brew still stood on the icebox and a pile of Pyreals and other trinkets sat in the corner. He had enough stout and food to get him to where he was going, but he didn't expect he would need it. Dereth seemed smaller these days. The vast portal network could almost always be used to get within easy walking distance of where you needed to go.

He turned and walked down the ramp to the courtyard, sliding his hands along the stone walls of the keep.

"Hey you!" he pointed gleefully to the Merchant. "Don't take any wooden Pyreals!"

"Watch those late night hunting excursions! Don't forget how we were almost gored by that Mattekar," he said shaking hands with the Wandering Bowyer. The fact of the matter was he didn't know any of these people's names. He remembered introducing himself on the day he arrived and handing out a friendly round or eight of his personal brew, but in the happy celebration of meeting new friends he had completely forgotten their names. He would be too embarrassed to ask them now.

"I'll be in Glenden Wood at the Festival if you need to reach me or just want to come by and raise a toast to the Season." He called out, waving and grinning like an Eater.

Ulgrim took one last look around the keep that had been his home for the past few months. Well, duty calls, and what would a Festival be without him?

"Farewell everyone!" He waved once and twisted his wand in the symbolic gesture, mumbling the words he never seemed to forget even after he was deep in his cups. Portal space wrapped around him and the keep receded in a purple blur of tunnel vision. He had a few stops to make before Glenden Wood, and he was looking forward to them.

The Drunken Madman laughed to himself again. If you couldn't laugh at things then you truly were mad. He snorted at this thought. He wasn't mad, he was free and probably happier than most of the inhabitants of Dereth. He had left his worries behind and now he lived a life free of restrictions. No more of the pain and fear that had plagued him in the early days after arriving here. The horrors he had seen in those first days& well that wasn't his problem anymore! Now it was time for a drink and roll in the mud.

He had just started to get into his mud pool when a familiar robe and mug came out of the woods waving to him.

"Ulgrim! Long time no see old friend, come and join me. I was just about to go for a dip and have a drop of sake."

"No thanks Jeremy, I never touch that sake stuff. It gives me nightmares and I don't need more of those. Have you been seen many people lately?"

"No, no one wants to follow the Path anymore. They all run around with that silly spell now. The one that lets them play at kill each other without consequence. Asheron's protections make us weak and soft. We won't be ready. If I had my way I would show them how to really fight."

"They just need a form of release, you and I should understand that better than most. Besides, they become better fighters in the process and anything that makes us stronger is a good& well they are becoming better fighters, there's that." Ulgrim shrugged.

"Yeah, but they don't have to sacrifice anything. They put no weight on their own deaths. How can they become real fighters without sacrifice? Bah! Let them wear pink for all I care. Say, you should hear this joke I just thought up."

Ulgrim passed the time drinking and joking with the Drunken Madman, watching him play like a child in the mud. Jeremy had been one of the first to arrive on Dereth. Something other than the Olthoi had found him in the first few days, something that had driven him mad. He never talked of it, but he didn't talk to many people anyway. With the exception of Ulgrim and a few powerful fighters, no one even knew his name. If things got really, really bad, he knew that Jeremy would be a powerful ally, if he chose to fight. Hopefully it would never come to that.

"Well, my friend, I have to be going. Could you perhaps summon a portal to my island for me? I've tied somewhere else and I don't relish portal jumping all the way there."

"Sure, watch your back out there Ulgrim. Don't let the red eyes get you." Jeremy drew an arcane symbol in the mud and giggled something beneath his breath.

Ulgrim waved to Jeremy and stepped through the portal.

Ulgrim the Unappreciated tilted back the giant mug and finished his lunch. It had been a pretty dull day at the house. No visitors had come by yet, but they usually didn't start pestering him until after lunch anyway. He had read a book he had borrowed from the Library in Rithwic, some story about a little girl and her cow. It was kind of touching, but it was written a little oddly and left him feeling uneasy. Lunch had cleared all that up. Now it was time to do a little gardening. He went to the window and stood on the tips of his toes to see over the windowsill. At least no one had taken any of his lawn ornaments. Some people loved to play tricks on him, thinking it was funny to play with the Little Guy. They often didn't think it was so funny when they were plummeting to their deaths over Fort Tethana!

"What are you looking at? Those statues didn't start walking around again did they?" a familiar voice behind him said.

Ulgrim turned around and looked up. Standing behind him was himself, only bigger and, he had to admit, damn handsome.

"Big Guy! Where've you been? I thought maybe the Virindi finally got you!"

"I was visiting some friends in the mountains. You know how it is, I needed to get away for a bit after Jaleh's death. I may not have acted like it, but I respected him. But you know that don't you? Of course you do, you're me after all. And damn handsome if I do say so!"

"So, Little Guy, you have any of the home brew for your thirsty brother?" The two Ulgrims had given up trying to call each other by their name. It was too confusing and it always sounded odd.

"Sure, here you go." The smaller Ulgrim passed a large mug of homebrew up to him, raising an eyebrow knowingly. "Are you staying the night or are you off to Glenden Wood?"

"Ah, you know me too well. It wouldn't be a party without one of us around would it? Bye the way, I have a challenge for you. I'll bet you I can drink more stouts than you can in one minute." He looked down expectantly at his smaller brother. There wasn't a chance that a man that size could out drink him.

The smaller Ulgrim considered this for a moment and then to his brother's surprise nodded "Ok, but let's make this interesting: if I win you have to dress up as Elysa, dress and a tiara, no armor."

"All right, you're on little brother. But if I win you have to dress as a Pack Ursuin."

Both Ulgrims grinned and shook hands, sure the other would have to suffer the humiliation of dressing up in a silly costume.

One minute and 56 home brews later they both stood trying to catch their breath.

"Admit it! You are beaten! Look you're still holding beer in your mouth!" the smaller of the two pointed.

The larger Ulgrim swallowed and looked offended. "I drank it! Besides, you didn't so much drink your brew as shower in it. Look at your robe!"

Now it was the smaller Ulgrim's turn to look offended. "It's not my fault these mugs are so big! Look, let's settle this fairly. Each of us will consolidate our empties and we can see who had the most left."

After more arguing and careful pouring, each of their mugs stood side by side.

"Yes! I win! Me! Ulgrim the Magnificent! I am a drinking god! It's Festival time my friend, and you are dressing as an Ursuin! Pack Doll that is. You're gonna be so cute!" Ulgrim reached out and ruffled his smaller brother's hair.

"Ah! Get away from me! The only reason you won is because of these stupid mugs. If we were going by body weight I would have won hands down!"

"Now, now, I won by the terms of our bet and you know what you have to do." Ulgrim smiled. "If I had lost you know I would be stuffing my undershirt right now."

At this they both broke out laughing.

"All right, I'll do it, but next time you're going down!"

The smaller Ulgrim passed his brother something wrapped in paper. "Don't open that until you get to Glenden Wood. I want it to be a surprise."

Ulgrim took the gift and knelt down and gave his brother a huge Ursuin hug.

"Let's meet tomorrow night. We can drink some lightweights under the table together," he laughed. They waved to each other as he recalled to the Abandoned Mine, from where he would hop a portal to Glenden Wood.

Ulgrim sat down in the Overlook pub and pulled the package from his backpack. He laughed to himself. The present was wrapped in Scrolls of Ketnan's Boon! Funny, very funny. He tore through the wrapping and his eyes lit up. A broad smile stretched across his face as he stared at the present.

"It looks like Asheron will be visiting the Glenden Wood Festival this year! Haha!"

Rollout Article

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Rollout Article

Ardry stepped through the doors of the Four Shields tavern. He dropped his pack and bow wearily on a table, then slouched into a chair. There was one other person in the tavern at the moment, standing by the bar, nursing a goblet of something. He was a Gharu'ndim, dressed all in plain grey, with an eye patch covering his left eye.

"Red wine, please, Iquba," Ardry called to the bartender. She nodded, used to his late-night entrances, and poured out a cup of the house red.

The stranger laid a handful of coins on the bar and took the cup of red wine to Ardry's table. He set the cup in front of the weary scout. "You're Ardry the Dubious, are you not?" the stranger asked.

Ardry took the wine, sniffed it, and took a slow sip as he appraised the stranger. Finally, he gestured to the other empty chair at the table. "That's me. Who are you, and how do you know me?"

The stranger smiled as he sat. "Forgive me, my name is Qath. Qath al-Haddash. I know of you, because you have acquired a reputation as an intrepid scout. Your uncle Aliester speaks highly of you."

Ardry laughed. "Ah, Uncle Aliester. All right then. By the way, you're going to need a better costume than just an eye patch if you want to get into the proper spirit of the festival. I mean, look at the Town Criers out there..."

All the humor dropped out of Qath's face. "This is no costume."

"Oh. Uh, my apologies, then, Qath. Can I ask how you lost your eye?"

"Icepick. Baionna. Fifteen years ago, in Ispar. Any other questions?"

"I guess not." Ardry sipped his wine cautiously. "So what did you want to talk about? This isn't just a social call, is it?"

"I was hoping to be able to compare notes with you," said Qath, recovering his coolly pleasant tone. "I am also a scout, and a scholar of sorts. A merchant of information. And I believe we have a mutual interest in tracking Viamontian activity..."

Ardry frowned. "You make yourself sound like a spy."

Qath shrugged. "No more a spy than you, I think. I read some of your earlier reports, back in the days of the Virindi Schism... Not to mention your detailed reconnaissance in the matter of Zaikhal, not too long ago."

"All right then, Qath, I'll play along. Let's talk Viamontians." Suddenly nervous, Ardry looked around the room to see if anyone else could possibly overhear their conversation.

Apparently pleased to get down to business, Qath leaned close and spoke softly. "The invader King has dispatched his dogs throughout the known lands, ransacking tombs, catacombs, long-lost libraries... I have been studying their movements for some time. I think I am close to discovering what they are truly after."

Ardry laughed. "Varicci's looking for something to help him win the war. They don't even know what they're looking for they're just hoping they'll recognize it when they stumble over it."

Qath shook his head. "The Rouleans underestimated the Viamontians thus. Do not repeat their mistake. Then again, who am I to speak to an Aluvian about underestimating Viamont?" His smile had turned sharp, and there was a gleam of cruel amusement in his eyes.

Ardry gritted his teeth. "All right, fair enough. What do you want from me?"

"I need you to help me, ah, investigate another Viamontian installation. Quickly, before they can make further progress."

Ardry gulped down the last of his wine. "All right, this is where we stop talking about this in public." He stood, shouldered his pack, and picked up his bow. "Let's pay a visit to the local lifestone, and then we can go for a walk to discuss this proposal of yours."

Qath nodded silently, finished his own drink, and stood to leave. Ardry stopped suddenly and turned to Qath. "Just so you know, I don't trust you a bit."

Qath laughed. "I would be disappointed if you did." They looked each other in the eye for a long moment, then nodded simultaneously and headed for the door.

Release Notes

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Archive Turbine 2005 center image.jpg

Developer's Notes

Hotkey issues: We have discovered the cause for this problem, unfortunately we haven't been able to implement a fix for this issue as of yet. We are still working on this problem. When we have more updates on this we will let you know.

Changes for the Festival season

  • Fall is here! That means the trees have changed colors and a chill is in the air.
  • We have added several new masks and guises for the Festival celebration. You can now have a mask from creatures such as the Penguin or if you want to go with a scarier look, you can wear Fiun mask.
  • New treats and a few tricks have been added into the game. You can get items such as candy and goodies, or you can also get a shirt to celebrate the occasion!
  • Ulgrim is on the move again. It is one of Ulgrim's favorite times of the year. Everyone knows that Ulgrim doesn't miss a party!
  • New holiday themed rewards for live events have been added to the game. You never know what you might get when you participate this month.
  • Farmers have been complaining about some strange creatures in their Pumpkin patches. Not to mention the strange bodies that have been appearing as well.

General fixes and changes

  • Olthoi in the Egg Orchard have had their damage returned to normal. They had been hitting for more than they were supposed to.
  • We have lowered the availability of the gold creatures on the Vissidal Island. The gold creatures were too prevalent in September. They were producing a higher XP yield than was intended.
  • The Vissidal trees that were spawning on the landscape all over Dereth have been returned to their rightful place on the island. They should no longer be growing all over Dereth.
  • Sir Bellas from the Augmentation quest had a weapon that when Blood Loather was used on it made him hit for very little or no damage. This has been fixed for October.
  • Several crevices in the landscape have been fixed. Players will not longer get stuck in these places.
  • The floating items in Al-Jalima and Khayyaban have finally discovered gravity again.
  • Some spawns that were near player housing and Lifestones have been moved to different areas of the landscape. If you are still seeing creatures appearing near your housing or too close to a Lifestone, please let us know by using our QA site.
  • New live events dungeons have been added to the game. These should help in making events more interesting and exciting!
  • We have started updating older quests again. So make sure you check out some of your old favorites. You never know which quests may have been changed.

Letter to the Players

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Archive Turbine 2005 center image.jpg


Welcome to the October Letter to the Players!

Over the last month in Dereth the Viamontian's have been on the move. Having already taken over several towns on the Island of Marae Lassel, what will be the next move that King Varicci II has in mind?

Changes to the Team
For those that missed the announcement on our forums our own Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna has decided to stay on as the Producer for Asheron's Call. We are all happy to see that he has done this, and we are looking forward to what he brings to the team. We also brought an AC1 Alumni back to the team. Speed, who had been working in our QA department came back to us and jumped right into the fray, creating some very cool content for this update.

Let's get right to what is happening this month in Dereth.

New for October
It is the time of year again when the leaves begin to change and chill is in the air. This of course means it is Festival time! As one of our favorite times of year the Festival event represents a time of celebration in Dereth. This year we decided to concentrate on getting some really new and exciting things for the players to do and wear. And don't forget that the Scarecrows will be returning to the landscape.

The team has worked incredibly hard on getting some new masks and guises together for this year, and I think everyone will really enjoy them, once they have been found.

Town criers will also be getting some love this month. In previous years they would traditionally wear masks during the festival season. This year they have decided to take it one step further. They will be in full costume! You may notice some strange costume combinations, but that's ok, the Town Criers decided to be a little different this year and mixed up things a bit. Make sure you check them out.

Everybody's favorite drunk is on the move again. Where has Ulgrim gone to this time? And what does he have to say about his travels?

There have also been some new treats and goodies added to the game. Some will be found, some will be given, and yet some others will be earned. It is the festival event, so what better way to celebrate than with tricks and treats?

For those of you who like to participate in our many live events we have been running, there will be some special rewards given out. I won't give it away here, but lets just say that you might want to make sure you have some space in your packs for some new friends.

On the subject of live events, we have gotten a lot of great feedback on these events. One piece of feedback we have gotten was that these events are always in a town where players might not want to participate. With that and a few other reasons in mind, we have created some new dungeons which we will be using for the sole purpose of running live events. We feel this will add a new dynamic to these events and also give us the ability to do some more interesting events. This does not mean that we will be stopping the live events in the towns, but it does give us a lot more options.

Now you know what to expect this month in Dereth. I know that in past months we would add the in concept section on this part of the letter but at this point things are just getting back to normal from the move from LA. The In Concept section will be returning for next month.

So that's about it for now. We have some really neat things in store for you, but we aren't going to give you any more hints. You will just have to log in and see for yourself!

Dereth is full of Wonders!

- Frelorn
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