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July 2010 - Patch Page


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Explorer Society

Prince Borelean paced slowly across his chambers, his arms behind his back, staring intently at the floor as he walked. He often stared at the floor as he went over his thoughts, a signal his court had learned as a time not to interrupt their lord.

The doors to Borelean's chamber opened gently causing the prince to snap out of his daze and head over to the center of the room.

“Gentlemen, thank you for arriving at my request, please have a seat.” Prince Borelean motioned his hand directing the three gentlemen who had entered his quarters over to one of fine sofas near the center of the room. The orderly who had brought the men to the room quietly shut the door behind them, as he always did, so that the conversation would not be disturbed.

Esmond Fielding was the first to speak out. “We have worked with the kingdom before, and are always happy to help when we can. What does New Aluvia ask of us this day?”

His mother had often spoken highly of The Explorer Society. She had worked with them on more than one occasion and had always found them to be accommodating and genuinely interested in bettering society. Borelean could quickly tell that his mother had been right in her assessment on their society, and that he was right in calling on these men today.

“I have come to a sad realization about my kingdom in current times. There is a disconnect between the citizens and the kingdom, a lack of caring it seems. People are no longer willing to help one another just for the sake of kindness and unity. Treasure and wealth seem to be the only motivators these days, a fact which is saddening to think about. I wish to begin the process of change, the process of bringing this kingdom together once again. Return the people of this world to the days when everyone shared in the goal of advancing the society, a time when everyone remembered we were all united as beings who had become stranded from their home worlds and struggled for survival in this strange land. The people seem to have forgotten this common thread that connects us all.”

Borelean's face showed the emotions that ran through him as he talked about this issue, pain and sadness which he didn't attempt to hide.

“I too have watched the citizens of this world become more closed off from one another. I agree change would be for the best. How can we assist in this new vision you have for these lands?” Ansar asked as he spoke for the first time since being invited into these chambers.

“That is why I have called you three here today. Your society has helped my mother in the past, I wonder if you can help me now as well. The Explorer Society has always been a trusted friend to the kingdom and I can think of no one else who could be as useful in this matter. The people recognize your society and relate to its members. Perhaps we can use that, in combination with their never ending desire for more, to coax our people to lend aid to one another once again.”Borelean's face had brightened at the thought of his kingdom working together again.

Niccolo De Luca recognized this moment as a perfect time to enter the conversation. He had not been sure how The Prince would receive him due to his Viamontian heritage. Prince Borelean had not made mention of it upon him entering the room. Maybe The Prince had plans to improve on the relations between the two kingdoms that his mother had started with the weak truce made almost two years ago. The kindness could, however, simply be due to his membership in the society that The Prince respected. “We could find citizens that need help your lord, and direct willing adventurous citizens in their direction with the promise of hefty rewards in exchange for their assistance. As people begin giving aid to one another, we can continue to find more citizens that need help and more tasks that need work. Over time we should be able to direct those who are interested to all parts of the world, and to places they may have forgotten about. I think this could work for everyone's benefit.”

Borelean listened as the Viamontian discussed his idea. It still felt strange to be seated across from someone of a kingdom he had been at war with for ages. He knew his hopes of creating a new bond between the two lands would be a slow process fraught with much resistance from both sides. In fact this plan that Niccolo laid out before him could serve to improve his own kingdom at the same time as it brought increased trust from his previous enemies of Viamontian descent.

“Excellent idea Niccolo, I knew I could count on The Explorers to help in this matter. Get started on this right away and let me know of any assistance my court can provide. I thank you gentlemen for coming by today, and for the new bonds you will provide to the people of this world.”

The three men rose from their seats and bowed before their lord before leaving his chambers. A rare smile had appeared on the face of this prince as his mind explored the idea of a kingdom stronger today than it had been in the past. This plan just might work.

Rollout Article

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Filling in the Blanks

Asheron had spent weeks in his sanctuary, working on ways to both stabilize Portalspace and to isolate the threat that had attacked his earlier efforts at freeing the small pocket of his people Claude had directed him to. A small army of Emissaries and Golems swarmed through the sanctuary, rushing the construction of the three devices he'd need to make more permanent corrections to the destabilized area in Portalspace.

“I still do not understand what this offshoot of the Virindi hopes to gain.” Asheron said to the Emissary he was working alongside, “What is it about the pocket of trapped Empyreans that's attracting their aggression?”

“We do not yet have enough data to determine that, my Lord.” Replied the glowing elemental. “Are we sure the attack is directed against them?”

“True. It is possible the attack was directed either at me, or at the magics I was using to remove them from the Portalspace fluxuation they are trapped in.” Asheron said, half to the Emissary and half to himself. The point had been debated several times amongst the constructs he had created, with no clear answer. “Are the modifications to the Portalspace Stabilizers completed?”

“Not yet. They are a delicate modification, to say the least. Passively collecting information on the fluxuation, the recent disturbance, and these Apostate Virindi, without compromising the basic functions of the stabilizer, are proving more difficult than initially proposed.”

“I'll look over the changes again. I may be able to aid the base functions of the devices geomantically, but they'll have to be placed in specific locations if that method proves useful.” Asheron replied, while sorting through a selection of enchanted crystals on the table. “That way, more of the fine-tuned functions of the pedestal can be diverted to the collection of information.”

“I'll set the Guardians to locating properly aligned places, my Lord.”

“No need. I have three places in mind already.”

“As you wish, my Lord. Do you wish Guardians sent to secure these areas?”

“Until we get them installed, yes.” Asheron said while weaving a simple portal sending over three small crystals, “These will send them to the proper locations.” Asheron's features took on a concerned look as he continued, “I fear, however, that Guardians alone will not be enough if these Apostate Virindi decide to disrupt the pedestals like they sought to stop me directly. Send one of the Emissaries to Elysa, and ask if she minds if I do a little recruiting as well.”

“As you wish, my Lord.”

Far from Asheron's Sanctum, in a subterranean hall, another conversation was taking place.

“Are the Lightbringer's actions being monitored?”

“As best the Observers can without being detected, Master.”

“Is he moving forwarded as expected?”

“Yes, Master. Soon, his devices will create the solidification of Portalspace necessary for us to speed the process of draining the energies contained in the trapped flesh-beings.”

“Perfect. He will not understand how he has aided us until it is too late for his fellow entities.”

Release Notes

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July 2010 Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the July Event Release Notes! The Team has been hard at work addressing some previously know issues and adding new and exciting content to the game for July. So without further delay, let's see what is new and exciting this month in Asheron's Call!

  • The Monthly Kill Task has been updated
  • New armor has been added to the game. You can check it out here.
  • The Explorer Society has established an outpost in Kara where they will award adventurer's for aiding the citizens of Dereth with their problems. Each month a different set of quests will be focused on by those NPCs.
  • Several Quests have had their rewards updated. Here is the list with the new rewards.
    • The Caulnalain Vestibule – 5 million XP
    • The Shendolain Vestibule – 10 million XP
    • The Fenmalain Vestibule - 1 million XP
    • The Sword of Frozen Fury – Under level 50 100% PxP capped at 5 million, level 50-64 66% PxP capped at 9 million, level 65+ 50% PxP capped at 15 million.
    • Simulacra Infiltration – 100% PxP capped at 1.5million/1.5million/4million
    • Aerbax Prodigal Shadow – Repeat run XP now matches the original quest run XP
    • Mukkir Awakening – level Under level 50 100% PxP capped at 5 million, level 50-64 66% PxP capped at 9 million, level 65-80 50% PxP capped at 15 million, level 80+ 33% PxP Capped at 70 million XP
    • Drudge Aviator – 12 million XP
    • Olthoi Queen – Olthoi Carapace is now worth 30 million XP. A player can only pick up either the carapace or the head, not both.
    • Bonecrunch – Bonecrunch was reduced to 9 million XP. Players are now awarded 15 million extra XP upon completing the quest.
    • Zaikhal Defense – Tokens have been added to the end Knight. Turn them in to Jun Sawashima for 100% PxP capped at 13 million 75% PxP capped at 18 million 66% PxP capped at 25 million and 100% PxP capped at 35 million.
    • Brother's Keeper – The Skin is now worth 13 million XP.
    • Lily of Glenden Wood now accepts Radiant Mana Infusions for 100 million XP.
    • The Of Trust and Betrayal - 100% PxP capped at 15 million XP
    • The Soul Hunter Quest - 100% PxP capped at 15 million XP
    • Southern Shroud Cabal - 100% PxP capped at 5 million XP
    • Northern Shroud Cabal - 100% PxP capped at 12 million XP
    • Invoker Quest - 100% PxP capped at 30 million XP
    • Ishaq's Cellar - 15 million XP
  • Carenzi pouchlings and baby rabbits should now be able to be hit by Gear Knights using a melee weapon.
  • Changes were made to the Gear Knight physics which should allow players access to areas blocked by their size in the previous month.
  • The Paradox Olthoi Weapon set has been completed.
  • Any character that has armor that can't be removed, can now remove it.
  • The Green circle/Red slashed circle should no longer get stuck on the paper doll.
  • DoT/HoT spell descriptions changed to match the effect.
  • Society Pauldrons can no longer be tailored, like the rest of the society armor.
  • Masonry Golems have had their xp lowered to 500k.
  • The Fog effect should no longer block the overhead camera view.
  • Tuskers who drop tusks and Olthoi who drop pincers now send out a message when they die.
  • Lost Pet rumor now reflects the actual level of difficulty for the quest.
  • Paper doll should scale properly so that the male Gear Knight does not go off the screen.
  • Town Network portals now drop players in front of the wing of the heritage they portaled in from.
  • The Mosswart who carries the Ice Tachi will now respawn at a much faster rate.
  • Several typos fixed.
  • Destroyed portals will no longer show on radar.
  • The Chimeric Two-Handed weapon now has a slash rend instead of a pierce.
  • The Oversized Banderling Ogre has had its respawn timer reduced to 3 minutes
  • The few pieces of armor that would not work with the integrator should now work properly.
  • Upgraded Noble Robes no longer cover the head.
  • Top Hat no longer says it is dyeable.
  • There is no longer a timer on getting Armor Reduction Kits. You will now be able to buy the kits directly from the Vendor. Anyone still possessing writs can turn them in for kits without having to wait on a timer.
  • Diemos's guards had their XP lowered significantly to match the way the other bosses work, where the guards are worth low XP but the boss is worth high XP.
  • The wedding halls have had their town portals restored.
  • Marescent Plateau had the level restriction removed from the portal.
  • Two Handed Weeping weapons can now be ivoried.

So there are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in July. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the July Event.
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