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August 2010 - Patch Page


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Quiet Before the Storm

Two forms stood on the ridge as the sun rose, scrutinizing the scene before them with great interest. The first was a young Isparian, in the clean, new armor of a freshly inducted Knight of Queen Elysa's realm, New Aluvia. The other was a large copper Gear Knight, who stood with the same stoic precision of all his people, just watching.

“They've been digging for months, with no change. Now this?” asked the young knight as he looked out from the encampment to the north. “I've never seen anyone build walls so… fast.”

“My people are very skilled at that particular trick. I'm more surprised that they waited so long before starting,” replied the large Gear Knight who stood beside his young friend. Squire Tylaen had recently been sent to join Queen Elysa's Knights in their observation of the Iron Blade Gear Knights' excavations. Primus Atamarr hoped that by adding a few loyal Gear Knights to the observation camp directly, he could both get a better idea of what the Iron Blade Primus was up to, and also provide a presence for the Isparians to see that not all Gear Knights were invaders to these lands.

“This rapid wall-building is common to your people?”

“Is it not best to secure your position in a potentially hostile environment? And the more quickly and securely the better?” Squire Tylaen asked the young Isparian Knight.

“Well, yes,” the young knight stammered. “Of course. I've just never seen anything so large built so fast before,” he added, looking slightly embarrassed.

“It is not the wall that worries me, Sir. I'm far more concerned about what changed that made them finally decide they needed it.”


Deep in the tunnels that they had hollowed out below the earth, a small group of Iron Blade engineers were having a different discussion.

“I do not see why we are still here, Captain. What does the Iron Blade hope to gain in this?”

“Watch your words, squire. The Iron Blade Primus is still quite concerned about those who show signs of defecting to the enemy. Such questions could make you suspect.”

“The question is a valid one sir, and not due to any thoughts of becoming a slave to these small flesh-covered beings and their controlled puppet-Primus, even if he is one of the Gold Gear. It is a mockery to our people. I merely ask because the delays and choices that are being made both seem illogical.”

“One cannot hope to fathom all the choices our leaders make, when we can only see small parts of the whole picture, young squire. It is for us to make sure the new walls are sound, and that the flow of Aetherium continues unabated. Supplies may be good back home, but here, the sources seem few and far between. Perhaps the new defenses are due to the scarcity of Aetherium here? Removing a source of sustenance from the rebels and these ‘Isparians' who control them could be a part of the reasoning.”

“I suppose you are correct sir. My apologies for questioning the choices of the Primus… We're just operating so far outside the norm that it's hard to understand our purpose here.”

“I'm certain all will become clear in time, young squire. Just be patient and do your duty.”


Yet elsewhere…

“The mechanical men continue to act as you have suggested, my Lord.”

“Perfect. All goes as forseen.”


Rollout Article

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August Release Fiction

“You know, I told you this would happen” stated Daegan as he sliced his sword into the arm of a moarsman. Struggling to hold back the horde of sea creatures with his shield, he continued to inch his way backwards down the beach.

“Maybe you did. But it didn't seem to stop you from coming along now did it?” Raedan let loose an arrow perfectly aimed to bring his target to the ground before releasing a volley of fire bolts into the scaly crowd.

The brothers continued to work their way backwards down the beach. For every moarsman they struck down, two more seemed to join the fray. “Of course I came along; I think we all know you wouldn't survive long out here without me. Remember the Slithis Incident?”

“I hate Slithis, more than anything in this world I hate those weeds.”

As they took one more step backwards, the ground underneath their feet began to crack. Not having enough time to react, Daegan and Raedan simply looked at each other before looking down at their fate. A large patch of ground collapsed inward, taking both friends along with it.

Slowly rising to his feet, Raedan brushed some of the dirt off himself as he looked up out of the hole to where they had been before peering around the dark cave. A feint green light illuminated the area allowing him to notice patterns in the wall. This wasn't a natural formation, someone had built this place.

“It isn't all bad news. Looks like the scaly buggers didn't want to jump down here after us” noted Daegan as he looked up at the green and brown faces staring back at him.

“Yes but we certainly can't get back up that way, we will have to continue on into this place and search for another way out.”

The pair picked a long dark hallway and began moving slowly along it towards the lighted room at the other end. As they got close to the light, moarsmen began to step out of the room blocking their path.

“Oh good, and I thought we wouldn't see any more of these for a while” Raedan said as he readied himself for a battle.

“No, let us back up and try the other way. We have no idea of knowing how many of them are in there.”

They quickly retraced their path back to where they had landed in this dark musty place and took off down the other hallway. This time, however, heavily armored sclavus blocked their exit as the moarsmen closed in from the direction they had just come from.

“Yeah, much better. Why fight with a way out when we can be trapped on all sides. I like your plan”

“We're not staying here for long” Raedan growled as he continued at full speed on a collision course into the sclavus. Jabbing his dagger into the side of the beast, he pushed it out of the way and continued on through the room.

Blocking and dodging the attacks, they continued on into the next hallway at the other side of the room. Without pause to consider the next move, Raedan headed straight into the next opening and straight into a slumbering golem.

The noise of the impact caused the golems which filled the room to begin to rise from their sleep. “Let's try up that ramp, if anything it will at least give us the high ground” Raedan shouted as he ran through the rising golems.

“What you don't want to stay down here and fight off 30 creatures, including the golems you were kind enough to bring into the mix? Sounds like a fun time to me.”

At the top of the ramp they came to a closed wooden door. After trying in vain to get the door to open, the pair backed up and ran full speed laying their shoulders into it. As the door burst open Raedan couldn't stop his momentum and almost went head first into the dark pit on the other side. Daegan quickly grabbed onto Raedan's arm and threw himself backwards to stop them both. “You see what I mean about how you can't survive on your own. How many times does this make, four?” grinned Daegan.

“Three and don't act like I've never had to save you either. It looks like we've got to jump across.” Backing up to gain enough speed, Raedan ran at the pit and jumped cleanly across to the opening on the other side. “Alright your turn; and you better make it quick.”

Daegan turned around to get some distance and noticed the golems coming up the ramp. He quickly turned and began to run towards the pit. Just as he went to jump, one of the golems grazed his foot with his massive fist causing Daegan to jump off balance. Realizing he wasn't going to land on his feet Daegan reached his arms outward looking for something to grab as he flew towards the ledge. At the last second Raedan grabbed a hold of his arms and pulled him onto the ledge beside himself. “You were saying?” asked Raedan.

“That doesn't count, there was interference” mumbled Daegan.

“Well at least it seems those golems don't like to jump, maybe we're finally safe after all” Raedan said looking across the pit at the golems standing on the other side.

As they turned to see what lay ahead, green tentacles began to grow up out of the ground and started to reach into the small corridor they were now trapped in.

“I hate slithis. I really hate slithis” growled Raedan.


Release Notes

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August 2010 Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the Release Notes for the August 2010 Event, Quiet Before the Storm! This month brings changes and fixes to Dereth as the Team continues to improve the game. Let's see what is new and exciting this month in Asheron's Call!

  • Players can now wear Viamontian robes over togas properly.
  • The Logout/Lifestone animation has been changed to have a smoother looking animation.
  • Mhoire Castle now uses the other gargoyle in the graveyard for access. This should clear up some issues that were caused by having the same statue for multiple quests.
  • The Monthly Kill Task has been updated.
  • In our continuing effort to make Asheron's Call more aesthetically pleasing, new textures have been placed on the Aluvian doors.
  • Monthly quest NPCs updated.
  • A players Armor Level will now show in the examination panel and should be affected by assess/deception skills.
  • The High level Gear Knight hunting area has had some changes. Make sure you check it out!
  • After some construction delays, The Moarsman Fort near Danby's Outpost had some issues with their ramp fixed.
  • Spectral Two Handed weapons now have the cleave effect.
  • The Two Handed and the Mace Paradox Olthoi Weapons Quest have had some changes and are much more effective now.
  • After much time has passed and much debate, Asheron's Lesser Benediction now gives a 10% bonus to health.
  • Red Aetheria now break down into a different dust, only red Aetheria dust can be turned in for MFKs. Yellow and Blue Aetheria dust can be turned in for MMDs.
  • The Sunstone gauntlets now have a two handed version.

So there are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in August. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the August Event.

Letter to the Players

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