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October 2010 - Patch Page


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Hopes and Fears

With the voice growing louder in their minds, the Archons grew increasingly aggravated.

"Geraine will fall at your feet. All that he was will be destroyed. Everyone knows the truth." The voice repeated.

"We must destroy this pool before it can spread its lies any further throughout these lands." Renselm said through clenched teeth, the voice beginning the wear through his patience.

Saelar had been reading his ancient texts for days now trying to find a spell that may accomplish their goal of destroying the substance. "I believe this particular spell in combination with the others I marked earlier will funnel enough energy into the black pool that it cannot possibly absorb it all and this will cause its bonds to break apart."

Saelar showed the other Archons what they would need to cast their pieces of the magic that would combine to destroy the pool. After much preparation and several walkthroughs of what was about to happen, the Archons were ready for the actual event. As their hands began to move through the air with surprising grace and their words flowed almost melodically, the black pool began to bubble with the energy growing within.

But just when it seemed all was going to plan, a sharp cracking sound filled the air and the ground shook beneath their feet. Almost instantly the Archons ceased casting their magic and glanced at one another as they watched the black pool flow back into the large crack which had formed in the ground.

Even as far away as Asheron's Castle the rumbling in the ground could be felt. As Asheron felt his castle shake he knew the Kemeroi's plan had worked and the Archons had been conned into attempting to destroy it. He had hoped the Archons would see through the plan and stop their actions, or that he would have time to figure out a way to protect the pool, but now he could only fear how deep the damage had gone.

"There is only one reason I can think of that the Kemeroi would have wanted that amount of damage to be done," Asheron mumbled to himself.

One of his emissaries approached Asheron quickly. 'Do you think this could mean the prison was damaged master?"

"I fear that it most certainly was, and that his wrath will soon be upon this land once again." Asheron sighed. "Who knows if he can be stopped once again?"


Rollout Article

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October Fiction

Everything was ready. Months of preperation, research and focus had all led to this. Every avenue had been covered, his Emissaries had searched out the places of power the Apostates had used. All of the methods used to lock him out of the section of the portalspace that some of his brethren were trapped in had been subverted, save for the last one, the keystone at the heart of their magics. Asheron called out from his ritual circle, "Emissary, it is time. All of the portalspace disturbances have been narrowed down to this last one. Gather what help you can from the peoples of Dereth, and I'll be ready."

"As you wish, my lord." replied the Emissary, "It shall be done."

Asheron turned once again to the carefully laid out ritual. He was quietly hoping this was going to work, knowing that it had to work. Though part of him, deep inside, also feared that this was all a trap, or a distraction from a greater danger. "Well," he thought to himself, "All I can do is hope whatever else may come of this, if it is indeed a trap or distraction, that the peoples of Dereth can handle it without me for a while."


"My Lord," intoned the undead general, trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice, "Our allies in the Apostates are falling, one Nexi at a time, to these interlopers, the 'Isparians'."

"I know, General. Soon, they will have fulfilled their purpose entire. We have little use for them now."

"Shall I recall our forces then, My Lord?"

"No, they know the risks, and the important ones will reform in time. The longer that whelp Asheron is distracted from the truth, the better."

"As you say, My Lord."

"Be at peace, General, all goes as the Book has fortold. By the time the supposed 'Lightbringer' sees all that has been done, it'll be far, far too late to undo. Their 'Golden Age' is dead before it was born, and with it, their chance to escape my power."

With that, the general withdrew from the throne room, but he couldn't help but fear. He murmured to himself as he walked back to his rooms, "But what price, My Lord, do we pay for meddling with time itself?"

And yet elsewhere...

"We're going into ANOTHER Apostate hole in the ground?!?! After all that happened last time?"

"What are you worried about? We succeeded last time." replied the old soldier. "You all worried you're going to get another nick in that pretty sword of yours?"

"We died three times in the last one!" replied the now exasperated young adventurer. "I hardly call that successful."

"Bah." replied the older veteran. "It didn't hurt that much, and what we learned for the Emissary was well worth the inconvenience of having to run back a few times."

The young adventurer threw up his hands, "You're impossible!" he cried, and then more resignedly added, "So, what horrors should we expect this time?"

"The Emissary didn't say, so I'd suspect either more of the same, or far worse." The old soldier added with a smile. "Far, far worse."

"I swear you'll be the death of me."

"Probably, but you'll get over it. Just bring more potions this time, so you can keep going." he said lightly, and then mumbled, "Youngin's..."

Release Notes

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October Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the Release Notes for the October 2010 Event, Hopes and Fears! This month brings us the chill in the air that lets everyone know that summer is finally over. But as the seasons change, something else is in the air. An ominous feeling that cannot be shaken has settled over the land, and that cannot be a good sign for the people of Dereth. Let's see what else is new this month in Asheron's Call!

Updated Content and Functionality

  • It is that time of year again. The season has changed and a slight chill is in the air.

  • Seasonal creatures have returned to the landscape.

  • The Monthly Killtask has been updated.

  • The Pumpkin Buffers are back and are now casting level 8 spells!

  • Baby creatures should no longer be on the landscape.

  • The Harvest Reaper's head should no longer float high above its body in the ID panel. The wonders of modern surgery have finally begun to show up in Dereth.

  • Festival Shirts no longer cover the abdomen.

  • Gear knights should now be able to use the portals for the Claude's Mind quest.

  • There has been some strange activity around The Black Pool. The Citizens of Dereth are encouraged to investigate what might be going on there.

So there are just some of the things coming to Asheron's Call in October. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the October Event.

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