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December 2010 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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December 2010 Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the December 2010 Release Notes. With a shortened development cycle this month, the team has focused on addressing many of the issues that arose during our November update. We also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our players for making this another great year for Asheron's Call! Without our incredible players, none of us would have the privilege of working on this incredible game. Thank you all very much, have a great Holiday season and see you all in the New Year with the January update!

  • There is now a 15 second timer on the use of the /die command. This means that once you enter the command, it will take 15 seconds before your character will actually die.
  • Winter is here! Though you may notice the snow is not quite as bright this year.
  • A number of Typos have been fixed.
  • Monthly Killtask updated.
  • A number of spell stacking issue have been fixed. Please let us know if you come across any more.
  • Gear Knights can now enter Temple of N'cthail.
  • Olthoi Soldiers running speed has been slightly decreased.
  • Olthoi now take slightly less spell damage than before.
  • The drop rate of Olthoi Slag has been increased on PvP kills.
  • All Olthoi corpses will now decay in 15 minutes.
  • Umbraen Shadow animations have been fixed.
  • Empyreans and Undead now have Allegiance titles.
  • Empyreans have had some animation changes to clean up some unintended actions.
  • Empyreans can go to the barber and change from floating to running animation styles.
  • The prices for purchasing Slag items on Olthoi vendors has been reduced.
  • Void DoTs should no longer be affected by drain resistance.
  • The Quest journal should no longer erase if you click on it while logging in.
  • Portal Gem portals now spawn a foot or so above the ground making them less likely to fail.
  • The Spell Component Exchanger now exchanges the new void magic related glyphs.

Developer Comments

Changing Gender

January 7, 2010 - Link Unknown

Q: [General] Veneficus says, "NoWorries, with the changes added to AC to change our appearance, will Turbine ever allow us to change sex of our characters?"

A: [General] +Turbine Noworries says, "There was discussions about that when we were creating the system Veneficus. At this time there are no plans to allow a character to change sex or race."

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