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August 2011 - Patch Page


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A Rising Darkness

The Shadows moved in closer to the town. Almost as if they were surveying the area, the Shadows worked their way around the perimeter, stopping at seemingly random locations for short periods of time.

Vortexes, billowing dark black smoke into the night sky, began to appear in the locations the dark beings had stopped. With them came the corruption. The ground turned deep purple and black. It spread outward like a disease, killing off the grass it covered. Those corrupted souls who caused it stood back, they appeared to be enjoying their handy work.

“I'm going to check it out.” A young adventurer spoke almost to himself, perhaps trying to boost his own courage enough to actually do it. No one else said a word and after a short delay, the boy crept out towards one of the dark swirling pools. Visibly shaking as he inched ever closer, the boy was losing his nerve. Just as he stopped, wanting to turn away, wanting to run to the safety of the town, a massive ghostly tentacle shot up out of the vortex.

Frozen by fear, the young adventurer was easy prey for the tentacle. It wrapped around him, lifting him into the air, squeezing the life from his body. As the last bit of energy drained from the boy, the tentacle released its grip. The body fell back down to the ground. The adventurer, who wanted to show the town's people that they need not be afraid, now lies as a reminder from the Shadows of who is in control.

Tai Wo stood in front of a gathering of the townsfolk. “It is time for us to leave this place.”

“Did you not see what happened to that boy? There is no hope of leaving this place alive,” Dai-Ou proclaimed from the crowd.

“The road to the south-west is still open. If we wait much longer, it may not be,” reassured Tai Wo.

Xao Fen moved to the front of the group, “They will save us. Borelean will come. He won't let this happen.” “Borelean? You think he is the answer? He hasn't been seen since his wife was killed. Months he has stood by without lending a hand to us. If you have faith in him, you are a fool,” snapped Tai Wo in response.

“But, Asheron…” Xao Fen began before Tai Wo cut him off, “When has Asheron every helped anyone but himself? He sits up in his castle and watches the evils of this world, the world he forced on us, and never does a thing. We need to help ourselves and we need to leave tonight.” Almost in a whisper, and hardly believing it himself, “They will save us...,” Xao Fen spoke to no one.

Tai Wo led a group down the road, away from the besieged town. The rest, who could simply not abandon their homes, maybe purely out of fear or faith, gathered together and watched as the others disappeared into the darkness.

“They will save us,” Xao Fen said.


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Release Notes

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August 2011 Release Notes

Welcome to the August 2011 release notes!

Over the past month, the Asheron's Call team has directed their attention on a variety of topics. They updated quests, added more undead helms, and made improvements to skills. Not to mention some new luminance features.

Let's take a look at the changes coming in the August update!

  • Quests of the Month changes
    • Weekly: Aetherium raids
    • Bi-weekly: Collegium Occultus Ring quest
    • Monthly: Helm of Isin Dule
  • Monthly kill task updated.
  • 5 new contracts have been added to the town network vendors
    • Harlune's Diplomacy
    • Menhir Fields
    • Saving Asheron
    • Kill Tenebrous Rifts
    • Kill Umbral Rifts
  • The Tou-Tou moarsman fort is being moved to Mayoi.
  • Ook and everything involved in the Font of Jojii were moved to Nanto.
  • Added 13 textured hairstyles.
  • New luminance features to the Derethian Combat Arena PvP dungeon.
  • Made Statue of Death in Derethian Combat Arena more rewarding.
  • Void nether blast spells!
  • Aetheria update: Added a damage reduction set buff versus Nether Damage over Time spells to Growth Aetheria.
  • 12 levels of aetheria will now cast the level 9 set buff instead of the level 8
  • There are now 3 more helms visible on undead (Chiran Helm, Lorica Helm, Nariyid Helm).
  • The Prodigal Lugian quest has been fixed in the event that players town crier the quest item.
  • Improved Olthoi melee sticky combat.
  • Increased slag drop rates from PvP.
  • Keep Strategic Commanders from all 3 societies now checks for fort occupation more frequently.
  • A new set spell has been added to Vigor aetheria. It provides a damage resist rating against Health Drain effects such as Harm Other, Drain Health, and Raven's Fury type spells.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in August. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the August Event.


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