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Cloak of Darkness

“It is time.”

Asheron, followed closely by Deewain, Isin Dule, and the small force they had managed to muster, moved with a steady and confident pace toward the forsaken town of Tou-Tou. The sky grew darker, the air still, as the forces of light maneuvered ever closer to the legions of darkness. Asheron called the brave warriors to a halt beside the meeting hall at the edge of town.

“The Shadow is not to be underestimated,” Asheron addressed the troops, “they are powerful and will do whatever it takes to bring Bael'Zharon back to this land.”

Isin Dule followed with words of his own, “Do not waste time attempting to reason with Ler Rhan or Ferah, they are foolishly committed to their cause. They want to spread their corruption through Dereth with a wave of destruction. If they succeed in bringing Bael'Zharon to the surface, do not face him on your own, he is a more powerful force than you have ever seen.”

“It pains me that Ilservian has become this way. What happened to him was a tragedy any could empathize with. It did not have to be like this. Deewain is proof that a being can be mistreated and wronged while still following the path of the light. We will be nothing short of lucky if we prevent that chaos from escaping his prison today.”

“Now why would you say that? You've done it twice before. Hell, you don't let any of us forget it.” A bitter old man approached from the side of the group. “Make sure to take all of the credit again when we win today.”

Asheron reached his hand out to shake that of the old man, “It is good to see you old friend. I appreciate you coming.”

“Yeah, it's been a while since I've had a good fight. I figured what the hell, it isn't like those little shadows are gonna hurt me. They never could before, isn't that right,” the old man smacked Isin Dule on the shoulder.

The sky darkened. A black and purple vortex opened on the hill overlooking the town. As Asheron turned to see, a dark menacing winged creature appeared out of the vortex. Bael'Zharon, The Hopeslayer, had returned. Although only a projection due to a weakening of his prison, if the generals were not stopped, Bael'Zharon had a chance to return to the surface for good.

Without any time to react, a wave of shadows poured in on the small army. The group spread out, their backs to one another. The light sliced through the darkness as they worked their way into the town. With a blast that briefly lit the sky brighter than day, Asheron sent a wall of shadows spiraling through the air and created a path through the minions.

The old man whipped his green sword through the air cutting one shadow down after another. He turned to Asheron for only a brief moment, “Go, we'll be fine.”

Asheron and Isin Dule took off from the group, headed toward the creature on the hill. With his hands stretched into the air, Bael'Zharon summoned a fury of meteors that streaked towards the town. Deewain swatted one of the falling boulders to the side, protecting several of the soldiers. Others were not so lucky as the rest of the meteors slammed into the buildings, demolishing them with such extreme force that shrapnel tore through the ranks.

Isin Dule fired off a powerful shockwave as he approached Ler Rhan. Able to dodge the attack by mere inches, Ler Rhan faced off with Isin Dule. The two shadow generals sized each other up, each aware of what the other was capable of. Ler Rhan made the first move with a precisely aimed nether bolt. It hit Isin Dule square in the chest. One arm grabbed his chest as he absorbed the blast.

“You always were the weak one Isin Dule. It was no surprise you turned coward and ran from us.”

Isin Dule fired back an electric wave of energy which connected with Ler Rhan, the electricity coursed through his body.

“There is a difference between cowardice and proper ideals. You didn't learn then and you won't learn now. The path of chaos will never prevail.”

The pair exploded into battle. The ground lit briefly by different colors as the magical forces surged from each shadow toward the other.

Asheron conjured up a powerful spell to severe Bael'Zharon's tie with the surface. He worked the spell up carefully not wanting to rush a spell which had the potential for catastrophic results. The advancing shadows slowed his progress as he occasionally had to stop to obliterate ones which foolishly tried to take the powerful mage alone. Bael'Zharon took notice and began summoning a spell of his own, determined to finally get his revenge on Asheron. With no distractions to slow him down, Bael'Zharon was progressing on his massive culmination of energy far faster than his enemy.

Deewain saw the impending disaster about to strike the only Empyrean to ever accept him. The ground shook as the stone golem charged toward Asheron. Bael'Zharon sent his projectile hurtling toward Asheron, but Deewain managed to step into its path.

The immense energy shattered the magical bond which held the boulders of Deewain together. His chest crashed down into a group of shadows. His arm flew off, cutting through Isin Dule and Ler Rhan, before it smashed into the tower on the hill. The top of the tower tumbled into the ground, the building destroyed.

The intervention allowed Asheron enough time to finish his spell. As he sent the spell into action, the vortex shrunk down ever smaller until it disappeared completely. Bael'Zharon roared as he flickered from existence, trapped securely in his prison once again.

Ler Rhan upon seeing his plan defeated, headed for the protection of his spire. His minions, unsure of what to do, fell back from the remaining forces of light. Asheron walked over to Deewain's torso. The first of Deewain's boulders slid back and reconnected with his body.

“Thank you friend, this wouldn't have been possible without you. Will you be alright?”

“Yes, my bonds are stronger now than ever before. It would take far more than that to destroy me.” Another one of his boulders scrapped along the road towards him. Asheron looked over the land that was once the town of Tou-Tou. Not a building remained. The land was scorched, the bodies were many. The Banderling statue reached up into the smoke filled air.

Isin Dule joined his ally's side, “You know they will try again. Ler Rhan won't stop trying until either Bael'Zharon returns for good, or he has died trying to make it happen.”

Asheron looked over at the green sword stuck into the ground, a circle of fallen shadows surrounding it, “I agree. We have done what we need to for now. Another battle for another day.”

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No rollout article this month.

Release Notes

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October 2011 Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the October 2011 Release Notes!

This is a big month for Asheron's Call as we intorduce new features and content that many players have been waiting a long time for. So without further delay, lets check out waht is new this month in Asheron's Call!

  • Quests of the Month updated
    • Weekly: Snow Lilies
    • Bi-weekly: Fiun Healing Machine
    • Monthly: Search for Lunnum
  • Montly kill task updated.
  • 5 Contracts have been added
    • Quest of the Month: Weekly
    • Quest of the Month: Bi-Weekly
    • Quest of the Month: Monthly
    • Aerbax's Prodigal Monouga (AKA Monouga Laboratory)
    • Death's Allure (AKA Hermit's Death Wish)
  • New playable Race: Aun Tumerok! That's right, the Tumerok's are finally here! Make sure you check out the facelift our friends have received thanks to the hard work of the team.
  • It is that time of year again. The time when players will start finding seasonal surprises on loot drops.
  • Gravestones/Harvest Reavers have started to appear again
  • At long last, the Casinos of Dereth have gotten an upgrade! Please check out [this post] on the forums for important information about the upcoming changes.
  • All dolls will now have a decay time and not stay on the landscape indefinitely.
  • The number of Society Portal gem players are allowed to stack has been increased to twenty five
  • The Cooldown timer on portal gems has been reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Medicated Rare kits no longer drop on death and have had the number of uses increased
  • Fixed some broken leather palettes for helms & boots that appeared completely black
  • There is a new Derethian Combat Arena portal that dispels all rare spells on use.
  • We have made some changes to the character creation section and the character selection screen.
  • Robes are now in loot! With Kung-Fu grip!
  • Cloaks! You heard us right; cloaks have been added to the game! And they have some great additional spells for people to equip. Check out more info on [Cloaks!] Please also note that all existing characters will log in with Show Cloak option toggled off, and will need to toggle this on to see the cloaks on them.
  • A new Gurog creature costume has been added to the game, just in time for the fall season.
  • Undergarments are now tailorable (has to be of same coverage)
  • Allegiance titles for Tumeroks have been added. Empyrean and Shadow titles have been revised.
  • The Sir Bellas contract should be working properly again.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in October. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the October Event.

Developer Comments

No Developer Comments this Month.

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