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March 2012 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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March 2012 Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the release notes for the March event Road to Revenge. Spring is here and with it comes some cleaning as comes with this season. The team has been busy this month taking care of adjustments to last month’s update and of course adding new and exciting things to the game. Let’s see what is in store this month in Asheron’s Call!

  • Monthly kill tasks changed
  • Quests of the Month changed
    • Weekly: Menhir Research
    • Bi-weekly: Soul Hunter quest
    • Monthly: Renegade Mace quest

  • New contracts
    • Aetherium Ore Collection
    • Aetherium Power Cores
    • Aetherium Stockpile
    • Kill: Gear Knight Commander
    • Kill: Gear Knights
    • Mana Siphon Destruction
    • Wardley and the Wights
    • Gurog Creation
    • Luminance Flagging quest from Nalicana
    • Bloodstone Factory (AKA Bloodstone Investigation) contract from Sir Donovan

  • Spring is here! The snow has melted and baby creatures have started to appear.
  • Fixed the repeat timer for the Tentacles of T'thuun contract
  • Temple timers, attribute NPC, skill reset NPC, and Mastery NPCs have all had their timers reset.
  • Fixed an issue with the Diviner Pheraion's Chest. It now consistently yields a Ruined Weapon.
  • Rebalanced Ruined Amulet drops
  • Rare gem exchangers fixed such that they do not get stuck into a busy state when given a particular converted Light Weapons rare gem.
  • Nalicana now will accept blank augmentation gems & give 10k luminance when over 1 million luminance.
  • Some typo fixes to;
    • Gems of Forgetfulness & Enlightenment for Assess Creature & Assess Person
    • Strong Benevolence & Calm Strength potions from the Arm, Mind, Heart quest.
  • Wight Captains are now able to hit with 2-handed weapons.
  • Creatures in Rogue Delvings now can hit with 2-handed weapons.
  • Fixed the icon for the Sword of Frozen Fury
  • Tightened loot non-cleaving 2-Handed weapon (AKA spear-like weapons) variance from new loot to reflect loot cleaving Two-handed weapons.
  • The maximum damage of Light Axes that drop in loot has had a small increase.
  • Converted pierce damage maces with bludge rend (and only these) to bludge damage type.
  • DIRTY FIGHTING: Reduced the heal debuff from mid attacks
  • DUAL WIELD: Cast on Strike (CoS) should now be fixed such that each hand's weapon only applies its own CoS property.
  • DUAL WIELD: new Left-hand Tether (to auto-slot into the off-hand) & its removal counterpart can be found at weapon/blacksmiths in the following towns:
    • Cragstone
    • Hebian-to
    • Holtburg
    • Sanamar
    • Shoushi
    • Silyun
    • Yaraq
    • Zaikhal

  • Quest items
    • Mace of Winter Flame: The wield requirements have been fixed to reflect a skill wield instead of a level wield.
    • Noble Relic Gauntlets (and upgrade): Added light weapon mastery
    • Virindi Scalpel (and Sharpened version) changed skill buff to light weapons
    • Demon Swarm Sword's Cantrip buff changed to light weapons
    • Runed Bastone's (all versions) changed to Heavy Weapons.
    • Rebalanced Paradox-touched Olthoi weapons against each other (particularly Sword, Dagger, Staff, & Spear)
    • Increased Shield Hollow nature of Blighted, Weeping (all types), & Arena weapons
    • Slight increase in Blighted, Weeping, and Arena UA weapons.
    • Rebalanced damage of Osseous Mace & Enhanced Osseous Mace
    • Fixed the mastery of Training Knuckles & Hand-wraps to unarmed combat.
    • Typo fixes to most Academy weapons & training UA's.
    • The wield requirements have been fixed for Spear of Purity
    • The wield requirements have been fixed for Lilitha's Bow
    • Silifi of Crimson Night from the Quest Weapon Exchanger in Arwic is now ivoryable.
    • Fixed the buffs on Doppelganger Robe
    • Fixed the buffs on Mitts of the Hunter

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in March. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the March Event.


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A Treatise on the Fall of House Mhoire

A Treatise on the Fall of House Mhoire
By Garion the Chronicler.

In the Dericoi Eipoth, long lost to us, before the rise of the Latzimestal and the ruin they brought to our people, there was one House who stood against His Eternal Splendor and his designs. The great Lord of House Mhoire was the first to refuse the gift of immortality, and the first to openly oppose those who had accepted the gift of power brought with the blessed immortality of undeath.

Needless to say, the rebellion started by House Mhoire amongst the lesser nobility troubled His Eternal Splendor, but was little actual threat to the Filinuvekta or the Empire as a whole. Rebellions weed out the weak, as they say. In the end, the Mhoire’s were forced to flee, and they were found guilty of Treason to the Empire and to His Eternal Splendor. Now, normally, such a House would not even warrant a footnote in our glorious histories, but it is in the escape of House Mhoire, and their eventual rediscovery that they become interesting.

In the time of their escape, the House gathered all it could onto their floating castle, and set off with all speed to the West, passing out over the sea, never to be seen again. As there were no noted habitable lands in the direction they fled, nor did they have a means to preserve their forms for eternity, they were written off for dead. All that remained of their forces and their lands were razed, crushed, and in every other way utterly destroyed.

For many years after, their House was all but forgotten. With the rise of the Latzimestal and the ruin they brought to our people, the world was changing too quickly to fret over such small things as House Mhoire. It was not until the end of the Millennium War and the fall of the Kingdom of the Dericost that their fate would cross with His Eternal Splendor’s once again.

For it seems the flight of House Mhoire eventually brought them into the southwest regions of the isle of Killiakta, where they had settled and rebuilt. Their presence went unnoticed to the remnants of the Dericost, until, by chance, Lord Rytheran stumbled upon them while searching for resources for the rebuilding. Perhaps even then, the peoples of House Mhoire would’ve simply been killed or enslaved, had not the House’s Jester tried to trick Lord Rytheran into using the Book of Eibhil to grant him power enough to hide or protect his House. Lord Rytheran saw through this obvious deception, but granted the simple Jester’s wish, but in a way the Jester could not fathom or wield. The Jester was driven mad by the ancient powers he sought to contain, and the fate of House Mhoire was then irrevocably sealed. His Eternal Splendor, intrigued by the effect of the book upon this Jester, gave permission to Lord Rytheran to turn the powers of the Book against the old, rebellious House.

What arose next was beyond what all expected. The powers unleashed on House Mhoire twisted and damned all they touched. Their world burned, froze and twisted, all at once. For the first and largely only time in the history of our people, the gift of Undeath was twisted into a curse, one more terrible than ever before conceived. So great was the torment and twisted power of the now fallen House, that His Eternal Splendor had the entirety of the House sealed away into the very lands they had called home.

For many Epioth, the House was sealed away, forgotten by all save the Filinuvekta. So dangerous did the Book prove to be that a special library was created to house it, and it too was sealed away for the Epioths. It was not until the fateful day Lord Rytheran sought to once again use the Book, unwittingly reawakening and unsealing the cursed House, that this story could be uncovered and recorded.

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

Anger seethed through his teeth as Lord Mhoire struggled to fight back the corruption. He was preparing to address his small, but growing, number of troops. Guliant’s alchemical tonics, made with the help of warriors who were willing to brave the Oubliette, had proven successful enough to block the weaker corrupting forces. Although some had been lucky enough to have their bonds fully destroyed, others, like Lord Mhoire himself, had only temporary relief before the corruption would over take them once again.

Knowing that time was short, Mhoire used all of his strength to push the corruption down deep within his soul. His house needed him now. There was a chance they could reverse this curse… this disease… that had plagued them since the age of the Dericost, ever since the day he had made the fateful decision that doomed his entire kingdom with a few choice words.

Feeling the familiar pain and anguish begin to well up inside, Cynreft turned, stepped over his collapsed skeletal corpse and approached his men.

“Our strength grows once again. After eons of suffering for no reason beyond doing what we believed to be right, House Mhoire rises once again!”

The small force of undead raised their weapons into the air and uniformly uttered a guttural grunt.

“The one who banished our house, the same one who foolishly believes himself to be immortal, untouchable and even believes he deserves the title of emperor, has now reached too far and left himself open and vulnerable. This is a first and we must exploit this opening before he realizes his misstep.”

Lord Mhoire lowered his head, groaning in pain as the light of his spirit began to fade. He waved off an approaching soldier as he dragged out the last drop of resistance he could muster to fight the evil magic that owned him.

“It is time, time for us to hunt down this monster who hides behind his book, hides because he is scared! It is time that he pays for all the suffering he has caused. It is time for Geraine to be destroyed.”

The force erupts in cheer mixed with blood lust. Their weapons and shields clanged together forming a deafening mix of a battle cry.

“Leave now and hunt down Geraine. It will not be easy. He is cunning, deceitful and yes, even powerful. But together we can track him, and defeat him. Be not afraid of the ultimate sacrifice; for if we fail now, we fail forever.”

Lord Mhoire turned his back to the crowd signaling it was time to leave. As the last undead filtered out of the room a beastly roar filled the air. The soldier turned to see the body of Lord Mhoire clawing to its feet. Cynreft had been unable to hold back any longer, but the fire which covered his body seemed to burn brighter than ever before.

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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