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May 2012 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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May 2012: Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the May Event, Wayward Prince! This month the team is implementing several fixes into the game a result of feedback from our players. Some of the changes are things that still needed some adjusting after the big February update. So let's get right to the changes that are coming this month to Asheron's Call!

  • Monthly Kill Tasks have been changed.

Quests of the Month update

  • Weekly: Portal Space Rifts
  • Bi-weekly: Overlord's Sword Quest
  • Monthly: Simulacra Infiltrators


  • Bobo's Medicine
  • Kidnapped Handmaiden (AKA Rescue Hoshino Kei by player wiki)
  • Mhoire Castle
  • Mhoire Oubliette
  • Sepulcher of Nightmares

  • Lugian appearance fixes:
    • Tusker Emporium shirt
  • Lugian sound effects added to playable lugians
  • Casting box increased
  • Dirty Fighting's Heal debuff moved to High attack height
  • Removed seasonal body part drops from Soul Hunter Sclavi
  • Removed duplicate spells from Chapterhouse rings
  • PvP damage modifier change: 5% reduction of critical hit damage from Fire Opal (Critical Blow) Imbued weapons, as well as all non-imbued melee weapons (i.e. all Rends nor Critical Strike imbued weapons were affected.)
  • New bonus reward for Geraine's Hosts quest.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in May. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the May Event.


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Wayward Prince

"The Archons huddled in the small damp room, nervous of what consequences would come from the latest defeat. House Mhoire had managed to recruit the aid of many strong warriors who had no fear of stepping into His Eternal Splendor’s hidden refuges. In a series of defeats every one of Geraine’s hosts had been systematically destroyed. The others looked to Saelar to speak first.

“The hosts have been destroyed master. It appears Mhoire has many allies.”

A weakened voice flowed softly out of the darkness, “I know. The pain is sharp when a bond is destroyed.”

Silence filled the room once more, as the Archons feared ending up on the wrong side of Geraine’s wrath. He had seemed to be on edge with the latest conflict, his powers challenged for the first time in millennia.

“The failure was surprisingly… pleasant.” The Archons were unsure of what to make from such a statement. Their lord had little patience for incompetence and failure. This was the same being who had corrupted an entire kingdom for speaking out against him, the one who had manipulated time to ensure success thousands of years in the future.

“Emperor?” Saelar questioned meekly.

“The book held me for far too long. Eons of knowing everything that was coming, of being able to see the result of every plan. It became far more of a curse than a gift. Life turns to torture when there are no surprises, no unexpected results. Finally, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I cannot see.”

A soft sigh, almost as quiet as a whisper, left the darkness. “Worry not about those hosts, we will find more. New bonds can be bridged,” joy crept into his voice as he spoke, “instead, keep an eye on Borelean for soon he will know the curse that is The Book. It has chosen him as its new servant. I saw a glimpse of its plans before it broke from me… a transformation is about to occur, the power of which will be most magnificent.”

A small, pale, haggard hand appeared out of the darkness and dismissed the Archons. “Go now and find me some more willing hosts. For now I will rest, my first rest now that I am free.”

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

Asheron felt the wave of dark magic even before the spells he had put in place long ago could react. A moment later, several detection spells warned him that the Book of Eibhil was being used for a major working. It took him only moments to pinpoint the location and begin a scrying at the destination point, to make sure he wasn’t portaling into a trap. He was not prepared for what he saw.

“Borelean?” he said to himself in astonishment. “How? Why?” Asheron shook himself out of the momentary shock and opened a portal to get to Borelean’s location as quickly as possible.

As Asheron emerged from the portal into the dark ruins that were sometimes used as a storage warehouse, he saw Borelean staring off into empty space, looking bereft of all hope. Behind him, floating in midair and still crackling with power, was the Book of Eibhil itself. Scattered about the floor were hundreds of copies of the Book, taken by adventurers from Geraine’s apprentices, who were maintaining a ritual to alter the flow of time to the dark Emperor’s advantage.

Asheron immediately grabbed Borelean, shaking him and yelling, “What have you done! Borelean! Tell me what you’ve done here!” as much out of worry for Borelean’s state as for concern over his recent actions. Borelean kept staring into space, not registering Asheron’s presence in the slightest. As Asheron continued to shake Borelean, the Book behind him began to fade from view.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Asheron said, looking up at the Book of Eibhil, “I haven’t forgotten about you.” As Asheron spoke, he pulled a small purple vial from his pocket and threw it at the floating tome, striking the cover squarely. A sparkling purple fluid splattered over the book, which immediately fell to the floor. Asheron walked around Borelean and delicately picked up the Book, carefully avoiding touching any of the purple fluid. “It won’t last forever, but that purified chorizite should hold you a little while. I need to remember to thank Kresovous for that gift. It came in far handier than I thought it would.”

Once he had the Book of Eibhil securely wrapped in a cloth, to which he poured on some more chorizite, Asheron summoned in several golem Guardians and a pair of Emissaries.

“Guardians, secure this location, and make sure all of these tomes are collected and moved to a safer location. You,” he said, pointing to the first Emissary, “Notify Queen Elysa of what’s happened here.” Turning to the other Emissary, he then said, “You, take the prince to my castle, and secure him in my sanctuary. Nobody gets in or out, not until I can determine what kind of hold the Book has on him, and what he did with the Book before I arrived.”

As all of the golems spread out to secure the surrounding ruins, Asheron carefully wove a portal while still holding the wrapped tome. Once the portal was stable, he passed the Book into it and let the portal close. Now that the Book and Borelean were both secured, Asheron took a long look around the room, noting the blood, the ritual implements and the one large empty spot on the otherwise cluttered mess that was Borelean’s recent hiding place.

“Oh child, what have you done here? And, please, don’t let it be what I fear it is, because, if it is, all Auberean could be in terrible danger…”

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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