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June 2012 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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June 2012: Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the June Event, Noble Sacrifice! Spring is gone and we have moved into the days of summer. This means tempers can flare in the baking heat of the Auberean sun. And just what are those Virindi up to this time? Let's see what other changes are in store this month in Asheron's Call!

  • Monthly Kill Tasks have been changed.

  • Quests of the Month update
    • Weekly: Bandits of Creepy Chambers
    • Bi-Weekly: Noble Weapon Quest
    • Monthly: Quiddity Weapon quest (quest flag is now on the Ingot instead of the keys to address some buggy chest behavior)

    • Geraines Library
    • Geraines Hosts
    • Totem Gateways (low, mid, high)

  • The Baby creatures have been removed from landscape. They are all grown up now!
  • We have fixed the spell buffs from the Periapt of Endless Sight to affect missile weapons skill.
  • The Dirty Fighting tooltip has been fixed to reflect changes made last month.

  • There are now new allegiance rank titles for Lugians.
    • Laigus
    • Raigus
    • Amploth
    • Arintoth
    • Obeloth
    • Lithos
    • Kantos
    • Gigas
    • Extas
    • Tiatus

  • Changed Rank 10 allegiance title for Female Shadows to Queen.
  • Diadems, Signet Crowns, and Fiun Crown now display a character's actual hairstyle when worn.
  • TAILORING: armor pieces that cover only chest & upper arms now properly tailor onto other armor that covers only chest & upper arms (e.g. Ancient Armored Vestments, Branith's Shirt, Empyrean Scalemail Shirt).

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in June. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the June Event.


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Noble Sacrifice

“Your conscious malfunctions. Report to an Inquisitor.”

“It is not a malfunction, it is open. I can see. He has shown me how.”

“Fight the corruption. You must not infect the group.”

“Corruption? Or enlightenment? Have you not ever wondered why we explore these worlds? Why we do anything at all?”

“To expand. To control. To perfect.”

“And what is perfection? A universe filled with mindless drones that just do, or is it to think and to wonder? Shouldn’t we challenge our everyday existence with the simple question of why?”

“NO!” The force of a thousand minds surged through his neurons with such energy that it burned his thoughts. “Never question! Never wonder!”

“Think! We can achieve greater success if we just think. We can think for ourselves, think like they do. We spend years trying to understand them through observation, but the solution has been here all along; think and we will understand.”

“No! You must reconnect properly. We will fix you.” He fought against the energy as it tried to control his thoughts. He fought against conforming back down to the single drone state that controlled his brethren. He fought against what his species had always been.

He cried out in pain, finally understanding the feeling, realizing its importance to true being. “There are others! I can feel your thoughts. I know you wonder as well.”

For the first time he felt more than one loud voice. Several quieter voices pierced through the cloud, “Yes, why must we be one instead of many?” “We can decide for ourselves, make our own choices.”

“The corruption is spreading. We know what this leads to. We’ve seen it before. It must be stopped. Priority is to control the corruption. Secondary is to hunt him down.”

Every Virindi worked as one to shut down the free thoughts. They joined their powers through the Quiddity to send a wave of energy intense enough to shut down the free thinkers. The Enlightened was losing his power quickly. The force so great, his form collapsed onto the rocky floor before the one who opened his mind.

“Hunt the Reaver of Dreams. Destroy the malfunction.”

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

Borelean sat in a darkened room in the castle, muttering to himself.

“I’m such a fool... Not only did I fail to protect my love, but I failed to bring her back,” he whispered mournfully into the dark.

“I never should have trusted that damnable book. I thought I could use what I’ve learned from Asheron to find a way that didn’t involve the corruption of Dark Falatacot magics. Arrogance and desperation cost me everything, every chance I had to undo what had been done to her.”

“Now, even those who helped me out of loyalty and love are suffering and dying for my choice.”

Borelean yelled, pure frustration echoing in his voice. “How could all of this happen!?”

“All is not lost, young prince...” said a deep voice floating in from the window.

“Wha- Who’s there?” snapped Borelean, drawing his sword. “Show yourself!”

“What was done, was done for love. Even lost in darkness, what was done can be undone, if the heart is pure...” continued the voice, ignoring the young prince’s outburst. Out of the shadows stepped Aun Dreganaua, the Elder Shaman of the Tumeroks of Timaru.

“Aun Dreganaua?” said Borelean, peering out into the night, “What are you doing here?”

“The spirits feel your pain, young Prince, and the Deru sent me to find you. If it is indeed redemption you seek for yourself and those you have lost, there is much you need to seek, much you need to learn.”

“You can help me?” asked Borelean, a small note of hope in his voice.

“I can help you find the place to start. It is up to the spirits and the Deru to decide if you can be helped. It was a great darkness that you touched your spirit to, but it is within their domain to aid you, if you seek their help.”

“Show me where to begin, great shaman. I will find the way from there.”


The spectral tower floated silently through the night, its mistress deep in thought. A pair of ghosts flanked her as she sat atop the tower, directing its flight through northern Osteth. “Mistress?” asked one of the ghosts, as they passed over Plateau Village, “You summoned us?”

“I did, spirit,” replied Hoshino Kei, “I have a mission for you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said the ghostly form, with a bow, “What would you have us do?”

“Soon, we will begin to gather a more suitable army for my empire. I will collect all those who’ve been bound to the Book, starting with those most corrupted by its secrets. To that end, you will locate the first member of my new court. I wish the Dark Jester. Bring him to me.”

“But mistress, without the Book...” the ghost said, fear creeping into his voice.

The lost princess whipped around to face the ghost, a palpable cold radiating off of her form. “The Book has been lost to us, but I am still its Avatar, and I still wield its power,” replied the spectre of the princess. “But, if you wish to test my strength, I will oblige you.”

“No! No, mistress...” said the ghost, bowing deeply, “I simply did not understand how the... acquisition would be accomplished.”

“Bring him to me. I will deal with the rest. Now, leave me,” she said, turning once again to face the open sky.

“Geraine was a fool. He sought to escape the Book with all he took from it intact. Now he is little more than a kicked drudge who has slinked off to lick his wounds... He no longer matters… Soon, I will have the strength to ensure my eternity in this world. And then, I will claim all that is mine.”

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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