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July 2012 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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July 2012: Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the July Event, Soulless Sisters. As we approach the warmest part of the Dereth Summer, things continue to heat up in our little piece of the world, though not for everyone. Our flightless friends are seeing some new action this month that will surely be very interesting. Let's see what other changes are in store this month in Asheron's Call!

  • Monthly Kill Tasks have been Updated.
  • Quests of the Month update
    • Weekly: Eastham Sewer Quest
    • Bi-Weekly: Lady Jaera's Tomb Quest
    • Monthly: Crystal Minds & Shattered Souls

    • Clutch of Kings (7 total)

  • Changed the Bone key reward from Lady Sherath Trianna to a Granite key.
  • Fixed the Runed Weapon drop rates for Reinforced Mahogany & Reinforced Oaken Chests. (now it's truly random)
  • The Component Exhanger now accepts the new spell glyphs for the new skills (shield, dual wield, recklessness, dirty fighting, sneak attack)
  • Fixed portals to Claude's Mind for male Tumeroks. They can now enter all of the portals.
  • Updated the title bestowing mechanic for Lieutenant Rothe, Caelis Renning, Kreavon, Aun Teverea NPCs (no longer gives title token)

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in July. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the July Event.


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Soulless Sisters

“Shikken Moriyaki marched towards the large armored reptiles without an ounce of fear in his bones. Upon noticing the small skeleton, the Sclavi took to the offensive and rushed the creature. As the first Sclavus raised his spear in attack, Shikken swept the creature’s legs and plunged his sword into its heart. The cut was so precise the serpent writhed but a short moment before expiring.

“I do not come here for bloodshed, please lower your arms.” The Sclavi looked to one another. Instead of lowering their weapons, they took several steps back and held their aim steady, ready for any move.

“As you wish,” Shikken lowered his sword to his side, “I come on behalf of Hoshino Kei, the avatar of The Book of Eibhil and soon to be Queen of these lands.”

“Sssshe has The Book? It cannot be, ssshow usss.”

“You must know I would never bring The Book here. Instead I offer you to join us, and witness her power for yourself.”

“Why ssshould we trussst you?”

“I offer myself as proof. Not but days ago was I a lowly Sho blacksmith. Hoshino herself empowered me with the ways of the Falatacot and gave me the power I have now. I serve her and will be part of her court as she rules these lands. Would you like another example of this power?”

“We already ssserve T’thuun. The highessst power and god of thisss world.”

“To serve one does not prevent service to the other. The goals are the same. Would you rather sit idly by as we conquer these lands or be a tool for the Old One and his desires? Who do you think he will reward when he is released onto this land. Those who did nothing? Or those who fought and conquered in his name?”

Shikken Moriyaki turned his back on the serpents as he spoke his final argument, “there will be no other chance to join this fight. Hoshino has gathered many forces, and will gather many more. Even those who served the foolish and weak Mhoire have been turned to our side. This very moment Hoshino readies a ritual with other powerful Falatacot to take the next step in this fight. Join now my brothers, or be left behind forever.”

The Sclavi hissed to one another frantically. Just last week they would have seen a slight smug grin wash over Shikken’s face, but now the bare bones hid his emotions from the world.

“Councccil ssshall be called. Come with usss and you ssshall have your answer.”

“Excellent. You have made the right choice friends. I’m sure the council will as well, after which we shall celebrate your decision. Then you can meet the Living Book and see the power of Eibhil.”

"The sight was a strange one as the group of tall Sclavus, who surrounded a small glowing skeleton, wandered off into the hills.”

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

The four sisters were busily going over their rituals, seeing if they could improve the effects of their healings, when they heard the sound of sand blowing against their tent. Lady Kiara looked up from her work quizzically, “Why does it sound like the beginnings of a sandstorm outside, when we’re set up in Cragstone?”

At that thought, the other sisters rose from the table, and everyone peered out the front flap to see what was going on. Just outside the tent stood a single A’nekshay, clothed in the manner of her people. She stood out mostly because the A’nekshay had never been seen outside of the deserts of Dereth.

“May I come in?” asked the woman.

“Of course, of course!” said Lady Dan'eel, sweeping the tent flap aside. The other sisters formed a loose half-circle around the inside of their tent, which also allowed them to place themselves between the new arrival and their research notes, just in case there was a problem. Dan’eel continued, in a rather practiced tone, “Greetings, I am known as Lady Dan'eel Trianna. I am a researcher...”

“I know who you all are. It is why I have ventured here,” interrupted the A’nekshay, brushing her way into the tent in a swirl of sand. Though considerably shorter than the four Empyreans, she seemed entirely unmoved by the four looming sisters. “I have come here to assist you in your research.”

Lady Dan’eel brightened slightly, and then said, “Beautiful! If you know why we’re here, then you know we need more materials to continue our rituals. You’ll find the Alb’arean Ore in the area...” Dan’eel trailed off at a withering look from her older sister Mashal.

With a slight smile and a nod to Mashal, the visitor continued, “I am called Popkin of the Gate. I have heard of your actions to use the rituals of the Lost Sisters to aid those who have succumbed to the Book of Eibhil. I also take it that, with your continued researches, that you do not have much information on the sisters, nor their powers?”

Slightly abashed by the summary, Lady Sherath said, “You are correct. We were able to find fragments of the ritual, and then use tests devised by the Lyceum to discern the properties of the materials called for. From there, we have filled in as many of the blanks as possible in order to make a functioning ritual. Unfortunately, at this point the effects of the ritual are temporary.”

“I see,” said Popkin, “So, you have a hope in the Lost Sisters and their powers and rituals, but very little actual information. I see now why my Masters have sent me to you.”

“And why have you been sent to us?” asked Lady Kiara, “And by who?”

“To the first question, I am a researcher. I specialize in tracking down ancient lore. To my people, I have been organizing the research into our own past, before the Sand Kings enslaved us. In this case, I believe I can help you and my people at the same time. These Lost Sisters which you have gleaned your rituals from; they are also mentioned in the histories I have been researching. I understand that your need to keep these rituals running somewhat prohibits your ability to venture far and wide for more information.”

“That would be correct,” interjected Lady Sherath.

“Well then, while you focus on the rituals, I’ll focus on the history. Perhaps, with more information, we can ‘learn what there is to learn’ about these Lost Sisters and you’ll find what you need to perfect the efforts you are trying to achieve.”

“And to the second question?” asked Lady Kiara.

“My Masters sent me to aid you, because they wish you to succeed. They believe you have a chance to undo a great evil, not only for those whom are withering to the effects of their use of the Book, but perhaps even for she whom has been most victimized by the Book itself.”

“You still have not answered who your ‘Masters’ are, Lady Popkin,” said Lady Kiara, now getting slightly irritated by the evasiveness of Popkin’s answers.

With a smile, Popkin answered, “Why, I thought that had become obvious, young Empyreans. My Masters sent me to you because they have never forgotten your kind... or your potential. My Masters are the Deru.”

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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