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October 2012 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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October 2012: Release Notes

Welcome to the Release Notes for the October Seeds of Hope. This month brings fall and Festivus to Dereth. The chill is in the air that lets everyone know that winter is coming. So let's get right to the changes that are coming this month to Asheron's Call!

  • Monthly Kill Tasks have been Updated.

  • Quests of the Month update:
    • Weekly: Northern Shroud Cabal
    • Bi-Weekly: Ithaenc Quiddity Seed Quest
    • Monthly: The Painbringer Quest

  • New Contracts:
    • Ninja Academy
    • Tanada Intercept
    • Tanada Slaughter
    • Jester Focuses (AKA Lalalas in My Head)
    • Unleash the Gearknights (AKA Gear Knight Arrival)
    • Virindi Rescue (AKA Virindi Research Facility Quest)

  • Autumn is here and the changes can been see throughout Dereth
  • Festivus!
  • Spectral archers that use lightning bows now have matching ammo appearance
  • Hand Grenade have had thier icons fix
  • STIPENDS: Level 7 Other Item Aura spells now given by Agents of the Arcanum for the appropriate Certificate
  • Male Tumeroks can now enter the Lost Distillery
  • Fixed rewards of Gaerlan's Citadel quests to once again give melee & missile weapons
  • There is now a new level 150+ version of Gaerlan's Citadel
  • Melee critical blow damage reduced for PvP situations only
  • Dirty Fighting bleed damage increased from 50/100 (for trained/spec'd respectively) per 20 seconds to 60/120 per 20 seconds

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in October. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the October Event.


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Seeds of Hope

“The tested mercenaries have preformed far better than expected,” Kumamoto Daisuke addressed Shikken Moriyaki, “the Tanada have received quite the blow to their training facility. Many of their new recruits were slain, several of their masters too.”

“That is good news young one, and what did we uncover there?”

“We found a few scrolls. The coding method has changed since we were a part of their clan. So far not much has been broken although they think they see your name and in another scroll Master Tochigi is mentioned as well. There is much work to be done, I will bring word to you as they decipher the—“

Shikken Moriyaki interrupted his disciple “Have all of the scrolls brought to me at once!”

“Do you know of a way to break their code Master?”

“You must break yourself of this habit of questioning my orders, or I will break you of it myself.”

Diasuke lowered his head in shame, “Of course Master, I will bring the scrolls to you myself.”

“We must also sever our ties with those who aided us against the Tanada before it all gets connected back to our clan.”

“They have served us well and proven to be skilled warriors. Might I suggest bringing them into the fold instead?”

“No you may not suggest!” Shikken Moriyaki grabbed Daisuke by the throat and swept his legs slamming him to the ground. By the time he hit the floor, Moriyaki had his sword pushed hard against the young windpipe. A line of crimson blood formed along the polished blade. “And your insolence has reached its end. You will learn your place, for the next time this blade will go clean through and your head will be a trophy on my mantel. Are we clear?”

The words came out raspy as Daisuke struggled against the pressure of the blade, “I understand Master. I have failed to be the student you deserve. I will serve you without question and follow all orders to the letter.”

“Leave my sight before I realize I have given you more chances than you deserve.”

The Shikken wiped his blade clean and placed it back in its sheath as Daisuke climbed to his feet and left the chamber in silence.


Daisuke interrupted the Nanjou as he peered over the scrolls spread out on the table. “The Shikken has requested all of the Tanada scrolls be delivered to him immediately.”

“Does he know I have yet to decipher the messages?”

“He does and he will not wait.”

The Nanjou rolled up all the scrolls and tied them shut. He reached under the table for a satchel to place them in.

“And which one of these scrolls mentioned Master Tochigi?”

Lifting one of the scrolls from the table the Nanjou replied, “This one, at least I believe that it is his name in the text.”

Daisuke pulled the scroll from his hand and placed in into a side pouch as the Nanjou shoved the rest of the scrolls into the satchel.

“Thank you friend, I will speak highly of your service to the Shikken. Might I also suggest keeping an eye behind you? I fear even the most loyal may not be safe these days.”

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

“Great Mistressss, our ssspies report that the ssservants of the Lightbringer are ssseeking sssome meansss to free your beloved and his compatriotsss from your hold.” The sclavus kept his head low as he spoke. The new Avatar of the Book was of a race a good bit shorter than he was accustomed to, and he did not want to risk her wrath by appearing to seek any superiority over her, even with something as trivial as relative height.

“Asheron, his name is Asheron. He’s just a man. He’s old, and very skilled, but never forget that he’s just a man. He’s not even a rarity to this world anymore, now that a good number of the Empyreans have been freed from Portalspace.”

“As you sssay, Mistressss,” replied the sclavus, bowing even lower.

“Still,” she added after a moment of contemplation, “he is not to be underestimated. His mother and her ally fuelled his long life with the powers of the Light Falatacot, and he has spent a good deal of time trying to master aspects of those long-lost arts. No, a man he may be, but he is still an adversary to be taken seriously.”

Hoshino Kei sat in front of her mirror for a long while, staring thoughtfully at her reflection. She had managed to suppress the aspect of herself that was childishly clinging to her old, weak life, but she still half-expected to be confronted with her old life whenever she sat in front of a mirror.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed by the time she left her musings and returned to the task at hand, but the snake-creature that had offered itself as her personal assistant remained exactly where she had last looked upon it, even remaining as bowed as it had been when it last ducked its head in speech.

“Summon the Nanjou spirits from the fortress town. Tell them to seek out these ‘researchers’ and the lost temples they are unearthing for Asheron. Send forces to intercept the people of Dereth that will invariably seek to aid Asheron in whatever he asks of them. More than that, though, I want details of everything they seek, everything they’ve found, and what it is that they hope to accomplish. Let them all think I only seek to mindlessly block them from whatever it is they are after. Their shortsightedness will be their undoing.”

“Yesss, Mistressss.”

She turned back to the mirror as the sclavus backed out of the room to carry her orders to the fortress above. “They will not steal my beloved from me. He will fade, and he Will. Be. Mine.”

For a single moment, she thought she heard a small voice echo from the mirror, “You… will… not… harm… him…” To that, she only smiled. “We shall see.”

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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