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November 2012 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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November 2012: Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the November event Release Notes for The Reaping. Please remember that new content is not included in the Release Notes.

  • Monthly Kill Tasks have been Updated.

  • Quests of the Month update:
    • Weekly: Moarsmen on the Shores
    • Bi-Weekly: Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed Quest
    • Monthly: Aspect of Grael

  • New Contracts:
    • Nanjou Stockade (AKA Hoshino Prison Break)
    • Crystalline Markers
    • Crystalline Bound Wisp
    • Crystalline Killer
    • Crystalline Adventurer

  • Asheron's Platinum Golem now checks for full inventory before giving the Imbued Ornate Seal & Citadel Portal Gem
  • Added level 7 Dispel spells to all relevant Stipend Spell School Certificates
  • Agents of the Arcanum now give Martyr's Hetatomb, Tenacity, and Blight spells for the Life Spell Certificate
  • Stipend NPC, Monroe, now gives monthly quest timer information (displays after 4 weekly’s are redeemed)
  • Asteliary/Simulacra quest items now ivoryable
  • Seed of Mornings orb now ivoryable
  • New items on Neftet Vendor

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in November. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the November Event.


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The Reaping

The book of Eibhil flows through her.

“We thought our enemies had been wiped from these lands. Asheron had hidden them from us for centuries only to expose them back to this world when Geraine over played his hand. Or was it The Book’s plan all this time? Are we all but pawns in the game?”

It is his fault. He thinks only of himself. He upset the balance of this world.

“In the end it matters not. As Asheron’s allies were too strong for us to pounce on the sand elementals. Why do they serve him when they are nothing but his puppets? Pain and trouble is all he has brought to these creatures. For nearly a thousand years he has had a hand in every terrible occurrence on this world. He is the reason all we have left is this miniscule island. This island where he rules and all others are cast aside. Yet when their little strings are pulled, they all dance for their white haired marionette.”

She has the power to solve your problems.

“Now someone has risen; someone who has the power to change this world. She could use her armies to wipe our ancient foes from this land for good in one fell swoop. Even Realadain may be powerless to stop Her, allowing the Falatacot to ascend to their rightful place of power in these lands.”

You must prove your worth. Impress her to join her ranks. Impress her to gain her support.

“It is time for us to pick our place in this battle. We must showcase our power to the frost mage. She will see our potential and bring us into the ranks of her powerful army. Then we will have our day. We will watch our foes crumble back down into the desert sand whence they came.”

There is no time to lose. Act now. Show them your power.

“We must get to work on this immediately. Prepare a forge with materials of the highest quality and workers whose skills are unmatched. Do not limit yourself to traditional means; now is not the time to be mindful of toes. I will acquire the necessary specimens for the transformation. The result will be unmatched weapons of war. We shall present these weapons to Her and with her power we can produce them by the thousands. The ultimate army, a force so great no one will dare stand in its way.”

Zrikux nodded to his matriarch. New life burned in the dead gray flesh of her face; life which he had not seen for eons. It brought back emotions he had forgotten exists. Not wanting to ruin this new hunger for power, he did not ask where it came from. Instead he simply replied, “It will be done.”

Success shall be rewarded greatly. There are no second chances.

“We will not get another chance at this brother. Do not fail me; for she will reward us with the ultimate power.”

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

“Mazes. Why does it always have to be mazes?” grumbled the young adventurer. “Why couldn’t these ancient cultures just fill a straight hallway with traps or guardians or something?”

“You heard the elemental at the entrance to this temple; this entire place is a massive trial. The whole point is to test people,” replied the old soldier.

“I think they did it just to annoy people,” muttered the young adventurer.

“If you think about it, each of these temples the sand-girl has been digging up has its own feel. I’d guess that each was matched to the nature of its mistress.”

“So this ‘Lady of Harvests’ was into being confusing and annoying?” came the snide reply.

Ignoring the commentary, the old soldier continued, “According to the info we found before, she was focused on justice and proving worth. The maze makes sense if you think about it.” The soldier paused for a moment, while he checked the hallways against the crude map he had drawn on the inside of his shield. After confirming his path, he added, “I’ll tell you what, when we run into the trial of whining about getting lost because you have no sense of direction, I’ll happily let ya lead.”

“Ha, ha. Very funny,” replied the young adventurer, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “You’re just a barrel of laughs today, aren’t you?”

“Pffft. You’re just bitter because we passed the same intersection six times when you were in the lead. I was beginning to think ya blanked out like some people do when they hunt in the same dungeon for days on end,” said the old soldier, conversationally, “I was beginning to think you were getting to like hunting these little ‘Moar’ creatures.”

“They’re all over Freebooter Isle, so I’ve faced them many times before. If you bothered to advance in one of the societies, you’d know that.”

“Eh, I’ve got better things to do... like exploring this old temple,” replied the old soldier. He didn’t have the heart to tell his young friend that he was a Master in a different society. “Seems your greatest ambition in life is to be a walking billboard for that society of yours.”

“I happen to *like* my society robe, thank you very much,” he said, brushing at some dust on one of the sleeves.

“I’m sure you do, the way you fuss over it, but you may want to focus on that Moarsman coming up behind you there,” the old soldier said, pointing out the rapidly approaching creature. “Seems the local guardians are indeed more than little lizard things.”

As the fight broke out, the young adventurer continued, “The Moarsmen are actually altered Moars, from what I’ve read. The Light Falatacot made them to combat the Dark Falatacot.”

“Well, right now, they only seem interested in fighting us.”

“True,” replied the young adventurer, as he dropped the creature with a well placed sword blow. “Guess there’s no Dark Falatacot here to distract them.”

“Small favors,” replied the old soldier, as he continued down the path he had chosen. “Ah, now this is different.” The pair rounded the corner and entered a massive chamber. The floor quickly dropped away to a large pit. The pit itself seemed to be filled with thorn covered vines. “Looks like we need to get to the far side,” he added, pointing to a ledge in the distance. “It’s too far to jump directly, but it looks like there’s a ledge along that wall there.”

The young adventurer peered into the gloom and finally located the ledge along the wall. “Looks like the maze is over,” he added with what sounded a bit like relief, “This looks to be a far more interesting trial. I’ll take the lead.”

“Be my guest,” came the gruff reply. “If ya fall in, I’m going to laugh.”

“I wouldn’t count on that. I’m well versed in these sorts of jumps.” The young adventurer backed up, got a running start and launched himself into the air. About halfway across the distance, a hiss came from the vines below, and a bolt of fire crashed into the young adventurer, knocking him off course. He scrambled for the ledge, but had lost too much momentum to cover the distance, instead falling into the tangle of vines below.

The old soldier ran over to the edge and peered down into the vines to see if the young adventurer had survived the fall. All he saw were the tattered strips of his friends robes stuck on several of the vines, and a large Gromnus bearing down on the spot where the young man had been swallowed by the thorn-covered growth.

As the old soldier lined up his jump to try to land on the rampaging Gromnus, he muttered, “Well, he did say this was getting more interesting. I guess he was right.”

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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