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December 2012 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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December 2012: Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the Release Notes for the December event, A Growing Twilight. This month brings back the wonderful winter weather to Dereth. Let's see what wlse is new and exciting this month in Asheron's Call!Please remember that new content is not included in the Release Notes.
Please remember that new content is not included in the Release Notes

  • Monthly Kill Tasks have been Updated.
  • Quests of the Month update:
    • Weekly: Death's Allure
    • Bi-Weekly: Remoran Fist
    • Monthly: Olthoi Queen of Marae Lassel
  • New Contracts:
    • Apostate Finale (AKA Apostate Grand Director quest)
    • Mage Academy
    • Lunnum's Pyre
    • Lunnum's Disappearance (AKA Thief of Lunnum)
    • Lunnum's Return (AKA Search for Lunnum)
  • Winter is upon us! Dereth is once again a winter wonderland!
  • Seasonal body parts removed from creature loot drops
  • Because sharing is caring… Time to share the killings with Fellowship Kill Task Sharing! (range equivalent to Luminance sharing range, and only shares with those that have the same kill task quests)
  • We have slightly reduced CB, CS, AR melee damage in PvP
  • We have made a small reduction of the Aegis Effect in PvP
  • Modified Gaerlan weapons can now be upgraded via Weapon Upgrade Kits
  • Modified Gaerlan weapons now accept left-hand tether/remover
  • The following pieces of armor now accept tailoring interactions as well as Core Plating Integration & De-integration:
    • Forging Gloves
    • Modified Circlet of Power
    • Modified Dauloirae
    • Modified Saelgauloi
  • Changed Paradox-touched Olthoi Atlatl such that its damage type and rend are consistent
  • The Doppelganger robe had various display issues that have now been fixed
  • Fixed the second Sister's Sanctum Guardian Spirit, such that characters that have previously completed its quest can now be sent back to the Temple of Harvests instead of the Temple of Mornings.

KNOWN ISSUE: The Uber Gaerlan Weapons do not yet accept left-hand tether/remover

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in December. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the December Event.


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A Growing Twilight

The little Aluvian laid down in his bed
awaiting the stories that would soon fill his head.
Where are these children, ask that you may.
Well they are safe from all danger, tucked far away.

The mother began the story of a day long ago,
when a creature of merry traveled to and fro.
To all those who lived here he brought joy and great presents.
Those were glorious days for all the peasants.

One day it all ceased, no more presents or cheer.
Simply children's pink cheeks, wet with a tear.
For the Sclavus they called Santa had simply disappeared.
Perhaps he had not known he had been so revered.

The little Aluvian did see his mother's sadness.
It made him determined and filled him with madness.
He would find this creature called Santa.
No jungle would stop him or swamp or savanna.

Once he was older he started to travel.
It wasn't long before his plans began to unravel.
The snowman had pointed and said it was near.
There was no turning back on this frozen frontier.

It was not what he had expected, not jolly at all.
At first it seemed nice, that all changed with a fall.
The silly little gumdrops weren't tasty, just mean.
Massive white snowballs were a sight to be seen.

Take this as warning when it starts to snow.
Beware of the penguins and the snowmen who throw.
For Santa is clearly more naughty then nice,

and if you search for him you will surely pay the price.

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

“Mistress, we have located the Temple of Twilight.”

Koshino Kei smiled and leaned back in her chair. “Good, very good… Have the people of Dereth begun clambering all over it yet?”

“No Mistress. There is one of the sand creatures there, as well as some miners, but they have not yet located the temple’s Guardian.”

The spectral princess’s smile deepened considerably at the news. “Send for my most ambitious warlords. I have a task for them.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied the spectre, bowing and sinking into the floor.

Hoshino Kei gazed into her mirror, musing to herself, “Soon, soon it’ll be time to claim all that is due to me. My court is nearly complete.” She looked away from her reflection as it began to stir, a fitful struggling form beginning to take shape. “Stay put, little princess. Your time is long past.”

The spectral princess rose from her seat, and floated over to the more formal throne that she had had set in the room for audiences with her warlords. A short time later, one of her servants gestured through the wall, letting her know that the warlords had arrived.

“Send them in,” she announced in a formal tone.

Five spectral skeletons entered the room, forming into a kneeling line in front of her. “You summoned us, Mistress?” they intoned in formal unison.

“The time has come to test the resolve of those seeking the temples of the Lost Sisters. Go to the encampment that is digging up the temple and destroy it. Once you’ve wiped them out, find the temple itself and destroy it.”

“As you wish, so it shall be,” intoned the five in perfect unison. They then rose and turned toward the door.

“One more thing,” Hoshino Kei said, interrupting their departure, “Prepare the forces, it’s time we started putting into action the next phase of my plan.”

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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