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March 2013 - Patch Page


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Release Notes

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March 2013: Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for Asheron's Call! These release notes were posted on Friday, March 8th 2013.

  • Monthly Kill Task updated
  • Quests of the Month
    • Weekly: Vestibule Quests
    • Bi-Weekly: Defense of Zaikhal
    • Monthly: Temple of Hizk Ri
    • Graverobber (Count Phainor's Amulet)
    • Escape (Janthef's Release]
    • Deconstruction (Save Karul)
  • Winter snow removed and dumped on New England
  • The skill temples have once again had their timers reset
  • Helms: Teardrop Crown, Coronet, & Circlet now appear on all races & display hairstyles
  • Statue of Death now rewards Aged Legendary keys
  • Legendary tokens awarded from:
    • Oubliette grub quest
    • Exhumed Bones Piles
    • Neftet ancient artifact mini-dungeon quests
  • Moarsmen rebalanced
  • Bonecrunch leaves a corpse once again
  • Hoshino Tower shortcut portal fixed
  • Ninja Academy portal fixed
  • Pristine Mana Shards removed from all Casino Chests
  • Adjustments to shields such that a negative value should not ever generate
  • Atlan Two Hander spell fixes (All Stinging versions now have acid protection buff & all Sparking should now bestow lightning protection buff)
  • Fixed Banderling Breeders & Ravers to drop tier 1 loot
  • Fixed Olthoi Rippers', Slashers', & Lacerators' such that they are immune to non-projectile magic attacks once again.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in March. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the March Event!


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March 2013 - Disturbance in the Desert

“All are not present.”

“A separate matter to attend to.”

“Abandoning council is not a slight matter.”

“They may not be so separate.”

“Our connection is weakened. We can not know.”

“The interference may be of deliberate nature.”

“The connections have linearly weakened since The Event that split our ranks.”

“Strong enough to feel the tremors in the network. Something is amiss.”

“Both must be investigated”

“As if they are one?”

“Coincidence must never be assumed.”

“Let us send an observer to track down the disturbance.”

“While we wait, plans must be made to correct the issues.”

“All outcomes must be accounted for.”

“Insubordination is a bigger threat. The main priority is purifying the system.”

“Without just cause no course of action can follow.”

“Without a connection, only a minor offense has occurred. For now we wait for reason from the Reaver of Dreams.”

“Strength, resolve, determination are qualities that slip from this council. Soft and wavering we have become. Shame should wash over you all from this passive nature. Balance must be restored!”

“Perhaps control slips from you. Emotions rise to your surface. Fight them lest you become one of the swarm cast out into the void.”

“Correct as always. Emotions are in check. Let us continue.”

The Reaver of Dreams looked on at the council meeting taking place inside the sphere of pure energy. A lesser one met the Enlightened, called forth without words for an important mission.

“Track down these disturbances. Meddle not, for we do not want to cause a defensive. Gather information only. Proof will clear my name as well as indict another. If it be the Curator of Torment, stay distant. His power is not to be underestimated, he has corrupted others before.”

Release Fiction

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March 2013 Release Fiction

The voices...they never stop. I don’t know why they are doing this to me... I miss my family. They utter things, many things, regardless of whether I want to know or not. It’s hard to focus with all the voices, but I’ve found if I write down some of what they say, I can quiet them down for a while, or at least stop the screaming...

In the beginning, there was nothing. It wasn’t darkness or chaos or anything like that. Those are all still something. Their first memories, now millions of years old, are of pure, crystalline order. They hold little interest in what came before, but some of the voices still whisper it. You can hear it under the screams. Dereth changes them, ruins them. Makes them remember.

In their beginnings, in what I will call the First Age of the Virindi, there was more than Order, more than the crystal purity of Portalspace. There was The Entity. This Entity was complete in and of itself. It was balanced in its own existence. It existed like this for some time, lost in the bliss of its own existence, but then something changed. Perhaps it became aware of itself in a new way, perhaps it was not alone amidst the endless void. The voices do not say, do not know. Whatever it was, the Entity itself changed. It split down the middle, maintaining its own sense of self, but massively changing in form.

What was left at this time was for the first time, separate, yet still a part of the whole. To one side stood reason, intellect, order. To the other, passions, emotion, feeling. These two sides were still the Entity, but they were also separate, self-aware, a single form fractured into thousands of fragmented selves.

There was a great deal of confusion in those times. Each was an important part of the whole, but the fragments could now perceive the differences between each other. This led to a time of great ‘internal’ chaos for the Entity, perhaps even the birth of Chaos itself, who knows? How does one define the indefinable? But, I digress. For the Virindi, this time of chaos led to the division of reason and emotion. There was no conflict then, no pain. Just an endless confusion.

Eventually the confusion turned to a reordering of the fragments of this Entity. Those fragments bound to Reason or Intellect started to collect back together, and sorted themselves into a collective they called the Singularity. The emotionally bound fragments gravitated towards those who shared what they felt, but drifted apart from those who felt something else. This led to the emotional fragments forming many small groups, or cells, who all focused on one emotion. The Cells and the Singularity were still unsure how to interact with one another, but they all knew, in the core of their being, that they were the same Entity, so there was peace.

Ahh, finally. The voices have relented for the moment. I can think for myself once more. I do not know what these Virindi are doing to me, but the pain, the screaming, is nearly ceaseless. These brief moments are all I have now, and I so desperately need rest...

Developer Comments

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