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June 2013 - Patch Page


Teaser Images

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Release Notes

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June 2013: Release Notes

  • Monthly Kill Task updated
  • Quest of the Month Updates:
    • Weekly: Niffis Fighting Pits
    • Bi-Weekly: Tanada House of Water
    • Monthly: Sanguinary Aegis

    • Behind the Mask
    • Olthoi Hive Warrior Pincer
    • Olthoi Hive Eviscerator Pincer

  • The Graphics User Interface has been completely revamped!
    • All panels are now moveable
    • When appropriate, many panels are resizable
    • Panels can be locked in place
    • Playable 3D space no longer changes when opening UI panel elements.
    • Examination panel has now been separated from other panels
    • Examination panel text has been revamped
    • Hotbar panel can be expanded to show nine additional slots

  • PVP Modifiers: Melee AR reduced 5% and Magic & Missile CB reduced by 5%
  • Added Luminance to Society quests involving Freebooter phyntos wasps
  • Added Luminance to Society Fort Commander quests
  • Fix to Tanada House of Earth quest so players can no longer get stuck if they Town Crier various quest items
  • Hive Queen Quest fix: changed the title bestowal mechanic
  • Fixed appearance of Shadow Sprites
  • Voracious Eaters now correctly advances their kill task quest
  • Fixed last few months' quest titles from overlapping each other

    • Some UI panel elements need additional polish.
    • Swapping hotslots of the hotbar is not working exactly as intended.
    • Lower left chat channel designation box does not maintain typed text in the selected channel.
    • When active chat opacity is reduced to zero (transparent), typed text is also transparent/invisible.
    • As a reminder, GUI settings only save when logging off to character select (does not save when exiting immediately).

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in June. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the June Event!


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June 2013: Dreams of Torment

Dreams of Torment

Moving quickly like a meteor on a trajectory toward its inevitable collision, the Vision of Horror hurtled toward the council chamber. The power of the information he carried would blow The Council apart with a force so great, the Curator’s sinister schemes would be illuminated too brightly to be ignored any longer.

The Council ceased their discussions and turned to the one who commanded attention by busting into the chamber unannounced and uninvited. The Curator was quick with scorn.

“Irritating peon, be gone from these chambers. You are unworthy of entering this place and violate the foundation of our laws in doing so.”

“Only council members and those directly invited by The Council may enter this chamber.”

The Vision of Horror stood strong as the council looked down upon him, “I have proof the Curator of Torment is behind everything. The Reaver is innocent of all charges.”

“We have heard the pitiful excuses the Reaver has tried to bring to the defense of his actions. Our time will not be wasted on more from one whose very character is questioned through the inability to follow law.” The Curator looked to the other council members.

“It is true, the arguments have been heard. We –“

“The Curator has been corrupting you all. One by one, he has plagued this council with his vile whispers. His disease clouds your very thoughts and has tricked you into doing his bidding. Only the Reaver of Dreams resisted those plans, so the Curator called upon you, all of you, to try and cast out the one who stood against this malfeasance. You didn’t fight back then so fight back now. Fight back against the corruption, let your logic and reason take over. You will see the one who is truly evil.” The Vision of Horror lifted up the message shard for the council.

“The contents are quite disturbing.”

“It is encoded by The Curator of Torment. Encodings cannot be forged.”

“The evidence does seem clear.”

The council faced the evil that had been exposed.

“This Council is weak. I took charge. I alone was going to raise The Council to the greatness it rightfully deserves. Instead you all want to be meek little observers who do nothing, who take nothing. You simply sit and watch the universe as it passes by. You need me. Without me you are nothing. Against me you will fall!”

“The punishment is banishment for all of time. Take The Curator of Torment away.”

The Curator was forced from the chambers as the Vision of Horror approached the council. “The Reaver of Dreams will be released and exonerated of all charges?”

“No. The decision came down on the Reaver not long before you arrived. The Reaver of Dreams has already been banished. There is no method to bring one back from that fate.”

Release Fiction

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June 2013: Release Fiction

I’ve managed to convince my captors that they want me to take a break from their experiments. I find it fascinating that, for creatures who’ve had to contain their emotional brethren for eons, they understand so little about emotions themselves. I also find it interesting, given their lack of understanding about emotions, that they’re so intimately acquainted with fear. It was, however, not always thus...

The war had past. The Singularity, the heart of the Virindi, had survived the myriad Rynthid assaults. The Lothus had withdrawn from the general activity of the Singularity, and had taken their own off into Portalspace. To what ends, the voices either do not know or do not say. This time begins what I will call the Fourth Virindi Age, the Age of Expansion.

Faced once again with a period of peace, combined with a greater knowledge of the hazards of the realm they found themselves in, the Virindi met as one to decide their next course of action. After a great internal debate, it was decided that the Virindi would act to strengthen themselves, as logic dictated that strength could impart safety. There was concern, however, that the same fate that befell the wandering Rynthid could befall any who delved too deeply into Portalspace.

The answer was soon chosen. The Singularity gathered all of the energies it could from the area of Portalspace that was deemed safe for travel, and then fed these into the Singularity itself in order to create a core that would bind the Virindi together over greater distances. This core, placed within the heart of the Singularity, was named the Quiddity. With the creation of the Quiddity also came the First Directive, Expand. As the Quiddity grew, so too did the range that the Virindi felt they could safely explore. Thus the cycle of growth and expansion began, and the Virindi spread through Portalspace.

As they spread, they started to encounter weak points in Portalspace. It was at this time that a new debate raged within the Quiddity. Would the Virindi continue to seek understanding in the study of the Entity, or would it focus now on understanding Portalspace and whatever lay beyond?

Again, the Directive’s words rang through the Quiddity: Expand.

The Virindi, once introspective thinkers, had become the explorers of Portalspace, ever expanding the Quiddity and ever strengthening the Singularity.

The voices have once again fallen silent. It’s strange ... The voices have been with me so long now; it now feels more ... wrong ... to sit here in silence than it does to suffer under the burden of their incessant noise. I wonder if that means I’ve finally gone insane. I’ll have to think on that.

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

No Developer Comments this Month.

Hotfix - June 2013

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June 2013: Hotfix Notes

  • Fixed tinkering issues that were affecting some missile weapons and magic casters.
  • UI Fixes:
    • Lower left chat channel designation box now properly maintains typed text in the selected channel.
    • Cleaned up Housing panel.
    • The layout of panels on newly created characters has been adjusted to be more intuitive.
    • The 3D playable area can now be resized just like other panels to allow players to relocate that space/set up panels in an area around the 3D view. Simply mouse over the edge of the window and drag any edge of the 3D panel.
    • The combat bar can be resized the entire width of the screen.
    • Examine hotkey will now open & close the panel
  • There are now saveui and loadui commands! Commands are as follows:
    • Basic Save/Load UI:
      • Typing @saveui will save the current layout to a file called UI-Default.txt in the folder with your preferences.
      • Type @loadui loads that layout from UI-Default.txt.
    • Saving/Loading multiple UI layouts:
      • If you specify a filename with @saveui it will save the layout to a specific txt file by the same name: [filename].txt
      • If you specify a filename with @loadui it will attempt to load your layout to [filename].txt
      • Example: @saveui awesomemelee and @saveui awesomemage would create files named awesomemelee.txt and awesomemage.txt which you could then load using @loadui awesomemelee or @loadui awesomemage
    • Advanced Feature: Auto UI
      • There is now an a @saveautoui command. This command will save your layout in a file specific to your character and resolution.
      • If you change resolution while logged on that character, the game will attempt to load the layout you saved with @saveautoui.
      • It is possible to perform a save for each resolution you would like to use while playing that character, and the game will automatically switch between those resolutions. There is a @loadautoui command to force a load if it does not load automatically.
  • Known Issues:
    • Top & bottom resize edges of the 3D Object Viewspace can get stuck semi-active when selected near the middle.
    • The 3D Object Viewspace always positions itself in the upper left corner after relog.
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