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July 2013 - Patch Page


Teaser Images

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Release Notes

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July 2013: Release Notes

  • Monthly Kill Task updated
  • Quest of the Month Updates:
    • Weekly: Empyrean Portalspace Stabilizer
    • Bi-Weekly: Tanada Temple of Black Water
    • Monthly: Geraine's Exposé (AKA Strathelar Royal Cloak Quest)

    • Snow Tusker Tusk
    • Journey to Madness

  • The following quests have been updated to Legendary key rewards
    • Deewain
    • Gurog Creation
    • Empyrean Rescue
    • Sclavus Ritual (AKA Serpent Burial Grounds Quest)
    • Geraine's Time Ritual (AKA Halt Dericost Ritual)
    • Bloodstone Factory (AKA Bloodstone Investigation)

  • More UI updates:
    • Option for side by side vitals
    • Moved value & burden back to the top of examination
    • Examination panel now updates more frequently while in combat mode
    • SaveAutoUI file is now loaded upon login if character name, server, and resolution correctly matches

  • Increased mana conversion bonus of Seasoned Explorer Staff & Baton
  • Kul Bronzegear is now an actual Gearknight & not labeled as a human

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in July. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the July Event!


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July 2013: Feelings of Dread

Feelings of Dread

“How could the council have been so foolish?!”

“It is not your place to judge the council.”

“Is it the council’s place to judge the innocent as guilty?”

“Logic is used to determine all decisions. The evidence told a story of guilt.”

“The evidence was transparently false. Corruption brought about that ruling and nothing else.”

“The past cannot be changed. It is time to move forward. We have a task that requires immediate attention.”

“A task? You want me to perform a task? Why should I do anything for this council?”

“You are still a part of the Singularity. You will perform as such.”

“Or be banished? That is the solution to every problem is it not?”

“Keep your emotions in check lest you end up corrupted like the Curator. These recent events should be proof enough of the dangers that lie within emotional thoughts “

The Vision of Horror turned his back to the council as the rage grew within him. Every time he attempted to push the emotions away they grew back stronger. Nothing had ever felt this way before. The loss of a true friend, a term that hadn’t even made sense years ago, brought about so much anger, pain, sorrow and hatred it simply overwhelmed his systems.

Realizing there was no possibility of controlling these emotions, the Vision of Horror decided there was only one other thing he could do… hide them.

“What needs to be done?”

“It is good that you regained your senses. Logic dictates that the Curator had other experiments in the works. These experiments must be discovered and shut down immediately before any further issues can arise.”

“The search will commence immediately.”

As the Vision of Horror left the council he knew what his true mission was: to find the Curator of Torment experiments. Only he will not destroy them. He will study them; learn from them. For there must be something within the Curator’s research that could smother those painful feelings and allow the Virindi to return to his normal life.

Release Fiction

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July 2013: Release Fiction

The experiments continue. The voices have become more a part of me than whom I think I am sometimes. It’s like I sometimes forget where they begin and I end.

It is difficult to determine if they consider their changes to me a success or a failure. All I know for sure is when they pushed their voices into my head; they also added me to theirs. I’m finding it easier to ‘give’ them thoughts and ideas…and sometimes even emotions. Some of the lesser ones here have begun to follow my thoughts without question, fracturing off from their brethren. Others scream in my head trying to obstruct my growing influence. Others fade into the distance pulling away from what I am becoming. And through it all, the voices call out for me to continue their story...

As the Age of Expansion continued on, some of the Virindi, now more confident in their safety and skill at exploration, began to outpace the growth of the Quiddity. Carefully at first, and then with growing boldness, some of the explorer groups began to reach out for interesting places in which the Quiddity had not yet reached.

At first, these explorers simply fell out of range of the Quiddity for a time, and returned without incident. The Lothus, interested in what the explorers were doing outside of the Quiddity, began to supervise some of these groups, joining them in their explorations outside the contact of their brethren.

After a while, however, some of the Lothus and Virindi groups that reached outside of the Quiddity didn’t return. Other groups sought for them, and some of them did not return either. Fearing the worst, the explorations slowed for a time, and the Virindi once again only expanded as far as the growth of the Quiddity would allow.

Eventually, the losses faded from their thoughts, and once again, some bold Virindi groups began to expand outside the range of the Quiddity. This cycle repeated itself for some time, with times of bold exploration and loss, and times of reservation and caution. This pattern lasted until one of the lost groups was finally found.

The group, having reached too far into Portalspace to easily return to the Quiddity, had found a safe point to work from, and had established a new Singularity. Over time, they had even laid the groundwork for their own Quiddity. This caused a great deal of commotion once the original Quiddity reached their location in Portalspace. Those tied to the original Quiddity could interact and communicate with their lost brethren, but their thoughts were no longer tied together by a common bond. Each group was tied to their own Quiddity, and those bonds held them separate. For the first time, the Virindi had separated into two distinct factions.

This, needless to say, caused several schisms within the Virindi, especially within the Lothus, who were already somewhat factionalized due to their increased individuality. Many of the Lothus, who had been content to stay in the background and let the Virindi govern themselves, were now gathering up those bound to them in order to set out on their own. Others, more concerned with how these separations could harm the Virindi, worked to stop any group from leaving the Quiddity.

As the conflict between these two groups escalated, the Quiddity factionalized even more. Fearing that the inner turmoil would tear apart the collective whole, two actions were eventually decided upon. First, those who wished to separate themselves into new Singularities were organized into groups, each under one of the Lothus that wished to go on their own. Second, those Lothus leaders were joined together into the Council, so that the factions would not be lost to the whole.

With the creation of the Council and the birth of the new Singularities, so came the Age of Separation. The Lothus and the Virindi spread even faster through Portalspace, and into the worlds beyond...

The voices are once again silent, and seem strangely content. Perhaps their story is complete. Only time will tell.

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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Hotfix - July 2013

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July 2013: Hotfix Notes

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