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August 2013 - Patch Page


Teaser Images

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Release Notes

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August 2013: Release Notes

  • Monthly Kill Task updated
  • Quest of the Month Updates:
    • Weekly: Wardley and the Wights
    • Bi-Weekly: Tanada House of Fire Quest
    • Monthly: Repaired Shadow Stone Quest

  • Weapon Tailoring has been added!
  • Black Markets have been updated.
  • Explorer boots were given summoning mastery.
  • 3D object viewspace should no longer shift to the upper left corner upon relogging.
  • Fixed the AI of some creatures that were not working as intended (e.g. some Society Palm forts, Tower Defense).
  • There is a new Tier 8 hunting area!

Known issue: Weapon tailoring onto equipped weapons display a visual error that is fixed upon re-equiping the weapon.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in August. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the August Event!!


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August 2013: Emotions Unbound

It was a challenge to understand. At first it had appeared the Curator of Torment had been conducting experiments allowing emotional freedom in fellow Virindi. However, a closer look into those experiments revealed much more. The Vision of Horror attempted to organize all of the information as he returned to the council with his current findings.

Entering the council chambers, the Vision of Horror attempted to relay his scattered research, “Council, I bring the current report on the Curator’s experiments. Although the information is still being collected it suggests that –“

“We have more pressing matters to attend to unenlightened.”

“Sightings of Rynthid have occurred on Dereth.”

The Vision of Horror knew there had to be some confusion, “Rynthid or did the Curator simply succeed in filling Virindi with emotions that could not be controlled?”

“Rynthid. There was no mistaking the chaos of these creatures.”

“The Rynthid are trapped on the opposite edge of space. The council even said there was no way to return the Reaver of Dreams from that prison.” The war between the Virindi and the Rynthid which forged the group of Lothus was lodged deep within the singularity in order to ensure the danger they posed would never be forgotten.

“Thus the urgency in dealing with this matter. All resources are being directed toward uncovering the method which allowed these defects to arrive.” “You are to join the research immediately.”

“Understood council. If we are finished, I wish to get started.”


The Vision of Horror already knew right where to begin. Findings from the Curator’s experiments had suggested quite a bizarre possibility that didn’t make sense or seem possible until now. The Curator was trying, or as it now appeared, succeeded, to open a gateway to the Rynthid void.

Why would he want to unleash such a terror? A terror which had taken a high price and eons to force it back within the deepest reaches of space. One could never hope to control such chaotic creatures which lacked any sense of logic or reason. At most, one could only plan to unleash such a wild beast onto an enemy while trying to escape before it was too late.

Or maybe the Curator was more astute than the Vision of Horror had suspected. Could it be that he had seen the possibility of his own banishment and attempted to create a gateway for his return. And if so, could this gateway allow for the release of the Reaver of Dreams, setting justice back on the correct course?

The secrets of this portal must be contained in the Curator’s research. The Vision of Horror would not bring this information to the council, not yet. No, the Vision of Horror knew he must uncover the method of this portal and open it, releasing his friend from the terror in which he was trapped.

Release Fiction

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August 2013: Release Fiction

“This whole place is crazy. What’s even holding it up?” complained the Young Adventurer.

“After all you’ve seen in this world, the fact that these strange Virindi made some rocks and crystals float is what worries you?” replied the Old Soldier, looking perplexed. “Someone or something rips a hole into some supposedly inaccessible part of portalspace, unleashing a horde of crazy, tentacled energy beasts onto the Obsidian Plains, and you’re worried about some floating bits o’ rock? You goin’ soft on me boy?”

The Young Adventurer looked a bit surprised at the question, “Soft? No. I just think the whole place is crazy. Floating rocks, platforms made out of some odd magical energy, and these ‘Rynthid’ we’ve been asked to investigate. I just got used to the regular Virindi. These ones are entirely unhinged.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” replied the Old Soldier, relaxing a little, “They see us, they come barreling over and try to kill us. Seems pretty normal to me.”

“Speaking of fighting, I think we’ve been noticed.”

“Seems so,” replied the Old Soldier, readying his weapons. Approaching them were several of the smaller Rynthid. Some were growling or screaming, but one was giggling like a small child as it raced into the fight. “At least that one seems happy to be here.”

“Oh great,” said the Young Adventurer as the giggling Rynthid swung several tentacles at his head, “I get the one who’s ‘happy’ to be here. I feel so much better now.”

Ducking a bolt of red lightning, the Old Soldier smiled and replied, “See, I knew you’d get over it.”

It took several minutes to drive off the wave of Rynthid, each sinking into the focus necessary to fight . Once the battle ended and the Young Adventurer starting looking over the collapsed forms, the Old Soldier said, “Well, they’re definitely more of a workout than most of the stuff we end up fighting.”

“At least we know the ‘Lothus’ Virindi that asked us to help deal with these things weren’t lying about that. They’re not pushovers,” said the Young Adventurer, poking at one of the forms with his blade. As he poked at the collapsed robes, the creatures mask rolled out onto the ground. The Young Adventurer reached down and picked it up.

“Hey, this looks pretty intact,” he said, turning the mask over in his hands. “I wonder if it fits.”

“One minute you’re worried about them being crazy, and the next you’re wondering if you’ll look pretty wearing one?” asked the Old Soldier, as he walked over to poke at one of the other Rynthid, “Maybe they bug you because you’re just as crazy as they are.”

“What do you mean, crazy? Wearing Virindi Masks is a time-honored tradition in Dereth,” the younger man replied as he held the mask up close to his face. “Why should this be any different?”

“Because all those masks were deliberately prepared from damaged masks so they could be worn. Have you ever seen anyone wear one clean off the Virindi?”

“Can’t say that I have,” he said as he placed the mask over his face.

The Old Soldier braced himself as he saw the mask slide into place, resigning himself to what may come. “I’ve only ever seen one person who wore a mask straight from the Virindi. It didn’t go well for him.”

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

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Hotfix - August 2013

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August 2013: Hotfix Notes

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