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January 2014 - Patch Page


Teaser Images

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Release Notes

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January 2014: Release Notes

  • Monthly Kill tasks updated
  • Quest of the Month Updates:
    • Asheron's Raiment
    • The Dark Spiral
    • Death Tail
  • Baishi Arena changes:
    • Costs 4 MMDs to enter.
    • Top tier creatures reside inside.
    • Statues reward more luminance.
  • New PK related vendors located outside the Baishi Arena.
  • Aun Tahuirea's Golem Hunter quest for Magma Golem Exarchs (AKA Quest for Burning Coals) now has a 1 week quest timer.
  • Adjusted the value of the following items:
    • Massive Mana Shard
    • Pristine Mana Shard
    • Heritage magic school robes
    • Platinum & Mana Scarabs
    • Major Item Tinkering Armature
    • Moderate Item Tinkering Armature
    • Minor Item Tinkering Armature
    • Thorsten's Armor
    • Many portal gems
  • Aegis effect is now inactive while in peace mode.
  • Healing Skill received a boost to success rate.
  • Players can no longer use recall gems while in portal space.
  • Using recall gems now has an animation attached.
  • PK changes:
    • Missile/magic CB reduced 5%.
    • Melee CB increased 5%.
    • Melee AR reduced 5%.
    • Aegis effect is 72% as effect for missile and melee in PvP ( 25% full reduction becomes 18%. Partial aegis of 10% would now be 7.2%).
    • PvP mod for the Damage bonus of Elemental casters changed from 25% to 50%
  • Healing can now be performed in-combat with less effectiveness (penalty), but without the loss of defenses.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in January! Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the January Event.


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January 2014: Forces of Nature


Release Fiction

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January 2014: Release Fiction

" The eruption shook most of the forest, and obliterated the magics hiding the great tree. The entire area had cracked, leaving the ancient Deru stranded on a small island, surrounded on all sides by the chasm that had formed in the attack. Already, Darkness could be seen seeping into the recesses of the chasm, eating slowly away at the roots of the great guardian. Up above, the myriad servants of the ancient Deru surveyed the damage, and began looking for answers.

“Can you see anything down there?” asked one of the A’nekshen who had left the deserts long ago to serve the Deru tree, and had, over time, become something new.

“Not from this vantage, I’m afraid. We may have to risk sending scouts into the chasm, if we are to get an idea of what’s going on down there,” replied the Gromnus.

“If we don’t learn something soon, it may become too late to act. Already, the great tree is lashing out against whatever has caused this. It’s starting to have an effect on the other guardians. I have tried to commune with her, but I get no response other than pain.”

“Very well, I’ll risk the short flight down there. If it’s bad, I have the best chance of escape,” replied the Gromnus, who had already begun unfurling and stretching his small wings.

“Are you sure about this? At your age, ‘up’ isn’t your best direction in flight,” said the A’nekshen, looking concerned for his comrade.

“It’s still a better option than sending any of the guardians who would have to make the trek on foot,” replied the Gromnus, trying to mask the trepidation in his own voice by sounding practical.

“I don’t like this, but I don’t see where we have another choice. If you’re not back in thirty minutes, I’m bringing a squad of A’nekshen down there myself.”

“Let us hope it does not come to that,” replied the Gromnus. With a final nod to his friend, he lept off the side of the chasm, his wings spread. He circled slowly down, into the shadows and darkness of the chasm, soon vanishing from sight."

Developer Comments

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Developer Comments

No Developer Comments this Month.

Letter to the Players

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No Letter to the Players this Month.

Hotfix - Month Year

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No Hotfix this Month.
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