Arena Staff

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Introduced:  Secrets of the Apostates Related Quests:  PvP Arena Quest
Arena Staff
Value: 0
450 Burden Units
Arena Staff Icon.png

This item expires in 5 minutes. This Arena Staff only lasts 5 minutes, use it well.

Special Properties: Bael'Zharon's Hate, Unenchantable, Dropped on Death

Damage: 25.9 - 37, Bludgeoning
Speed: Fast (20)
Bonus to Attack Skill: +20%

Your base {{{Weapon Skill}}} must be at least 325 to wield this item.

Casts the following spells: Cunning of the Hunter, Mark of the Hunter, Murderous Thirst, Speed of the Hunter, Epic Staff Aptitude

Activation Requirements: Arcane Lore: 50

Spellcraft: 300
Mana: 800
Mana Cost: 1 point per 40 seconds.

This item cannot be sold.


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