Armor Tinkering Gem of Forgetfulness

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Introduced:  The Iron Coast Related Quests:  Attribute and Skill Redistribution
Armor Tinkering Gem of Forgetfulness
Value: 0
10 Burden Units
Armor Tinkering Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png

Special Properties: Attuned, Bonded

Use this gem to lower a specialized skill to trained, or a trained skill to untrained. This gem will return four skill credits when used to untrain the Armor Tinkering skill.


  • Obtained by handing a Token of Modification to the "Armor Tinkering Warden of Forgetfulness".
  • Use to untrain your Armor Tinkering skill.
  • Cannot be used to unspecialize, or recover the xp from, specialized (augmented) Armor Tinkering skill.
You have succeeded in untraining your Armor Tinkering skill!
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