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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Group
Start Location: Baishi
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 80+?
125+ wield on Armor
Level Suggestions: 150+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Armor of Darkness piece
Braced Mana Forge Key
MMDs: 5
Luminance: None
Max XP: None
Full details here
No Cage Can Hold Me
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Introduced In: Cogs in the Machine
Updated In: Gears of Change
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Gear Knight Parts

This quest is for the Armor of Darkness, for the quest for the Gear Shield see Gear Knight Parts. Note that the quests overlap in some areas.

Quest Overview

This quest is a combination of several time released quests related to Ries Woron and the Thugs. This quest combines many of the events and mechanics used in those quests which are now retired.

This quest has a completion timer associated to it. If the entire quest is not completed within the 90 minute timer, the quest will reset and must be completed again. The dungeon for the quest is a "no log" dungeon.

This quest requires someone with Lockpick.

The first portion of the Gear Knight Parts quest coincides with this quest.

Walk Through

Thug Hideout

  1. [Optional]: If you are also completing the Gear Knight Parts quest for the Gear Shield, speak to Nurino in Xarabydun (you will not be able to pick up the first Gear Shield item if you do not).
  2. Go to the top floor of the bar in Baishi where Ries Woron is standing.
  3. When your group is assembled, speak to Ries Woron to get portaled to the Thug Hideout.
    • Important: This quest has a 90 minute timer. You must kill all the thugs and complete the quest before the timer expires, otherwise the various checkpoints will shut, preventing you from completing the quest.
    • The first person who talks to Ries Woron should receive the Story of Ries Woron book, which tells you the amount of time you have remaining to complete the quest. If this item is not received, someone has already started the quest and the timer is already running. The book timer counts down from 90 minutes.
    • If another group has already started the quest, you will receive a message asking you if you want to enter anyway. This only appears after a few minutes, allowing for everyone in your group to get inside first.
    • If you die or fall into a pit, portal recall and talk to Ries again for a ride back to the dungeon.
    • The respawn in the dungeon is 60 minutes for Thugs. Any brown or white mice that spawn are on a regular respawn. This generally makes it safe to run back if you fall or die.
  4. When you first enter the dungeon, it will likely be empty except for possibly a mouse. The thugs will soon spawn.
  5. The first section of the dungeon contains Thugs and Thug Bosses. Make sure you kill them all.
  6. Beyond the first room there is a lever on the wall which opens the next 2 doors. These doors can only be opened via the lever.
  7. In the next rooms, one of the Thug Bosses holds the First Gate Key. Use the key to open the first gate. Note that the gate is a normal door and will shut and lock again after a minute or so.
  8. The second section contains more Thugs. Eventually you will reach another gate with 2 side rooms full of locked chests (500 difficulty).
    • The Second Gate Key is located in one of the locked chests. This key is 2 use and is used to open the next 2 gates.
    • If you wait for it, the second key will respawn again in the chest. You can then loot additional keys for future runs if desired. The key is giveable.
  9. Past the second gates is a room with 2 bridges. The bridges are triggered by a floor plate at the front of the room. Do not jump while the bridge is going up or you may fall into the pit. The bridges are on a normal timer and will go back down after a minute or so.
  10. Keep heading north until you get to a long room with a throne. This is the first checkpoint. The wall behind the throne will only open if all the Thugs prior to this point have been killed.
    • Note that the fireplace mantle is not the checkpoint. The checkpoint is the brick wall beyond and to the left.
  11. Beyond the throne room, there is a fork in the path. The right path leads back to the start of the dungeon and the backdoor (see below). Take the left path to continue northward.
  12. You will come to the first jump pit. Use a full power jump over the pit. If you fall, you must recall and talk to Ries again to re-enter the dungeon. You need a jump skill of approximately 200 to make the jump.
  13. You will come to a long room full of Thugs on three different levels. Do not enter this room from the bottom or you will be swarmed and die. Go up the left or right passages to the top level and start fighting from there. All of the Thugs respawn once, so be ready. This is where many people die or too much time is spent killing if you do not have a capable group.
  14. [OPTIONAL]: In this room you will see cages, some with a Trapped Townsperson. Kill all the Thugs and you can open a cage and free the Townsperson. Talk to her for the title "No Cage Can Hold Me" (this part can be buggy and may not work).
  15. Once all of the Thugs are dead, the doors to the north will open. This is the second checkpoint.
    • Note: There are several sets of doors in this room on each level. All of them lead to a pit you must jump over and then to the same location. Most people use the doors on the bottom level.
  16. Next you will come to the second jump pit. Again use a full power jump to get across.
  17. Eventually you get to a room where Fiona is trapped in a cage. There are several Thugs to kill here.

Back Door

If someone dies or misses a jump, the back door can be used to rejoin the group after recalling and talking to Ries again. The switch for the back door is on the inside, so someone who didn't fall/die must run and open it ahead of time. It is a good idea to appoint someone to go and open the back door in case it is needed. You cannot run back the normal way due to the various gates which require keys.

  1. After the throne room, take the right path at the fork and run down the very long hallway.
  2. Pull the switch on the wall to open the back door. The door looks like a brick wall.
    • Note that the back door is accessed by taking the southeast path in the first room of the dungeon (turn right from portal drop). A tap jump is needed to hop over into the long passageway.
    • The backdoor is on its own timer and stays open longer than a normal door. It does not shut automatically when the quest timer expires.

Rescuing Fiona

  1. On the right side of the room there are some tables containing Mixing Bowls and 4 bottles labeled A through D. There is also a Cooking Vat beside a table. On the left side of the room you will see a Recipe. Ignore the recipe! It will just get you killed. There is only one correct potion that will cure Fiona. Other combinations of potions will have various effects including: nothing happening, killing you, casting Poison Health on you, summoning a portal to the top of Palace at Sanamar, killing Fiona, or turning Fiona into a Wight Blade Sorcerer. Only one person in your group needs to mix a potion:
    1. Pick up Bottle A, Bottle C, and Bottle D.
    2. Hand Bottle A to the Mixing Basin followed by Bottle C. This should get you a Green Potion.
    3. Hand Bottle C to the Mixing Basin followed by Bottle D. This should get you a Purple Potion.
    4. Hand both bottles to one of the Cooking Vats. This should get you a Black Potion.
  2. Unlock the cage that holds Fiona (350 Difficulty) to let her out. Then hand her the Black Potion (only Black!). You only need one person from the group to hand her a potion.
  3. Have everyone talk to Fiona for a Braced Mana Forge Key. Only talk to her once the potion has been handed in!

Gear Shield Parts

  1. If you are not doing the Gear Knight Parts quest for the Gear Shield, skip this section and move on to the Unknown Warrior.
  2. In the room with Fiona, there are 2 doors that look like brick walls. Each is opened by a bookcase switch on the opposite side of the room.
  3. Use the NW bookcase to open the south brick wall. This leads to a short hallway and the Pile of random parts.
  4. The Pile of random parts is the first item needed for the Gear Shield. Note that you must have flagged with Nurino in Xarabydun to collect them.

Unknown Warrior

  1. Use the SW bookcase to open the north brick wall. When you get to the doorway wait for the bridge then all cross the bridge to the center platform where The Unknown Warrior waits. Do not talk to The Unknown Warrior until you are ready to fight. His sword and shield can be debuffed before you start the fight. When he is about to die he portals out and several Thug Bosses will spawn. Kill them.
  2. Once the Thug Bosses are killed, there is a 5 minute delay before the bridge reappears and the far gate opens. Do not try to jump onto the bridge or you will have to recall and run back.
    • Important: The bridge only stays up for approximately 5 minutes. This means anyone who might be running back must get there before the 5 minutes is up. Once the bridge goes down, the quest is over, regardless of how much of the 90 minutes has passed.
  3. Across the bridge to the north is a room with the five pieces of the Armor of Darkness. Pick up the item of your choice (timer is 20 hours). The pieces are givable.

Obtaining Multiple Pieces

Since the quest is not fellowship locked, it is possible to obtain multiple pieces of armor on a single account by having an alternate character enter the dungeon and run to the end. If you are planning on attempting this, it is a good idea to move your second character to Baishi ahead of time. There are several conditions that must be met for this to work.

  • The back door must be opened.
  • The character must have a jump of at least 200 to get over the 2 pits.
  • The quest must be completed (Unknown Warrior killed) with a sufficient amount of time left that another character can run to the end. It takes approximately 5 minutes to run from the start of the dungeon to the armor room.

The bridge to the final room only stays active for about 5 minutes. In practice, that means it really is only possible to run one additional character to the end per account. If you have amazing jump skills, you can also have someone bug the final door and then jump from the middle platform to the doorway.

Timer Expiration

The exact mechanics of the quest timer expiring are not fully known. Below is a list of known/unknown things which occur when the timer is up.

  1. The first and second checkpoints close. (wall behind throne, all double doors in multi-level room)
  2. The bridge to the Unknown Warrior goes down (unconfirmed).
  3. Fiona respawns within her cage (unconfirmed).
  4. Any existing spawn within the dungeon (excluding mice) vanishes.

Note that the final bridge is on a separate timer which starts when the Unknown Warrior vanishes (5 minutes until it raises, then 5 minutes until it lowers again).


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Thug Hideout 65.8S, 77.2E 20x20px 7E04.png -- -- --


Quest Items
  • First Gate Key Icon.png
First Gate Key
  • Second Gate Key Icon.png
Second Gate Key
  • Pile of random parts Icon.png
Pile of random parts
  • Lock Icon.png
  • Open Book (Gear Knight Parts) Icon.png
Open Book (Gear Knight Parts)
  • Bottle A Icon.png
Bottle A
  • Bottle B Icon.png
Bottle B
  • Bottle C Icon.png
Bottle C
  • Bottle D Icon.png
Bottle D
  • Cooking Vat Icon.png
Cooking Vat
  • Mixing Basin Icon.png
Mixing Basin Green Potion
Purple Potion Black Potion

  • Sollerets of Darkness Icon.png
Sollerets of Darkness
  • Leggings of Darkness Icon.png
Leggings of Darkness
  • Coat of Darkness Icon.png
Coat of Darkness
  • Gauntlets of Darkness Icon.png
Gauntlets of Darkness
  • Helm of Darkness Icon.png
Helm of Darkness
  • Braced Mana Forge Key Icon.png
Braced Mana Forge Key

Title Rewards

Task Required Title Reward
Free a Trapped Townsperson No Cage Can Hold Me

See Titles for a list of all available titles.


Lore & Dialog

Town Crier tells you, "Have you spoken to Nurino the Arcanum researcher above Xarabydun? He thinks there are clues about the nature of the clockwork soldiers, or Gear Knights as he calls them, in the cave where the desperados threatening Baishi and Lin were holed up."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Nurino? Nice guy, but I think the fumes from Xarabydun are getting to him. A suit of armor fell on him in the royal palace and now he thinks he sees 'Gear Knights' everywhere. Take it from me, he's crazy, and I know crazy."

Nurino tells you, "Greetings."
Nurino tells you, "My name is Nurino. I am a researcher for the Arcanum who specializes in ancient constructs. I've recently heard both rumors and reports of some strange parts being seen that could be a portion of some ancient form of Golem. I would be very interested in piecing together the truth of these rumors, and if they are true, piecing together this Golem itself."
Nurino tells you, "The majority of the reports have come from adventurers who were dealing with some problem with thugs. I sent a scout to look in the areas reported, but the pieces seem to have been moved. Perhaps the pieces can be found wherever these thugs have gone?"


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