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PATCH DATE: Tuesday October 27th.[1]


Turbine Announcements

Severlin's Guide to the Quest Journal

A Guide to Gearcrafting

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New 10th Anniversary Wallpaper

10th Anniversary Teaser Image

Asheron's Call 10th Anniversary Teaser

LOGIN 2009 Craig Alexander Interview

5/20/2009 - Link

Q: Marissa: What about Asheron's Call?

A: Craig: AC is coming up on its tenth year anniversary in November. We have a big update planned for that. We're doing a big overhaul to a lot of the systems to bring in more modern gameplay elements related to the UI, quest tracking, etc. The team continues to crank up content and keep its very loyal fans occupied in the world.

Turbine Icon.png Craig Alexander, VP for Product Development at Turbine
Turbine's Craig Alexander on MMOs for the Console, Etc.

New Content and Features

New Character Slot

All accounts will get a new character slot. This applies to both ToD and DM accounts. Full details here

New Augments

11 News augmentations will be added including augments that let you cast spells without Foci (still need scarabs). Other augments increase attack skills, increase damage, and decrease the amount of damage you take. Full details here

Gearcrafting Skill & Trinket Slot

A new item slot is going to be added, the trinket slot. This will essentially be an additional jewelry slot where you can equip new trinkets

A new skill is being added - Gearcrafting. This will have a variety of uses and provide love for Assess Creature, Deception, Leadership, and Loyalty. Full details here

Two Handed Combat Skill

As revealed in the May 5th teaser video, two handed weapons will be one of the new additions. In the discussion that followed, we learned more details about these weapons:

  • Two handed weapons will require a new skill, called Two Handed Combat. They will not require the traditional melee weapon skills. This will be a completely new melee combat skill.
  • Two Handed Combat will cost 8 credits to train and 8 credits to specialize.
  • Two Handed Combat will be based off of strength and coordination.
  • Two handed weapons will multi-strike (double strike).
  • The current damage per second (DPS) of Two Handed Combat is set for 110% of sword DPS, divided between the two swings.
  • You will not be able to wield a shield while wielding a two handed weapon, in combat or peace mode. In order to wield a shield you will have to unequip the two handed weapon.
  • Some two handed weapons will have a "Cleave" effect. Each strike also hits an additional creature in the 90 degree attack arc in front of you.

Quest Journal

A quest journal system is being added. Full details may be seen here.

Updated Content and Features

Skill Temples

The Attribute and Skill Redistribution timers are planned on being reset for the 10th anniversary [1]

Quest XP

Level proportionate XP (AKA pxp, %exp, etc.) will be changed so it will pass up to your patron as part of the 10th anniversary.

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