Asheron's Island

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Asheron's Island



Asheron's Island is the island east of Eastham. It is a small island with a bay, a natural hill to the south, and a steep mountain with a path winding up it to the north, likely shaped with magic. Asheron's Castle rests on top of the northern hill, with Asheron's Sanctum countained within his castle. The island is populated by rabbits and chickens.

For many years, it was inaccessible to players. Early explorers reached the island by crowding the waters of Eastham closest to the isle and getting sent there via Portal Storm. During the olthoi arc A Time of Chaos Asheron's island was opened to the players so adventurers could defend his home from the swarms of olthoi. It was opened again during the The War of Blood and Shadow arc when Grael's shadow forces laid siege to Asheron's castle. During the Favored Sons arc it opened again after Asheron was rescued from Bur, and it remains open to this day, with several quests available in Asheron's castle.


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NPC Name Location Type Details
Asheron 21.1N, 69.2E -- --
Asheron's Servant 21.2N, 69.1E Quest Asheron's Tower Guardian
Ayaname Kina 21.1N, 69.2E Quest Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed Quest
Chafulumisa 21.2N, 69.3E Quest Attribute and Skill Redistribution
Emissary of Asheron (Asheron's Castle) 21.2N, 69.1E Quest Quiddity Seed Quests
Fianhe 21.1N, 69.2E Quest Attribute and Skill Redistribution
Nalicana 21.1N, 69.3E Quest Luminance, Luminance Quest
Guardian Asheron's Sanctum -- --


  • Strange Device Icon.png
Strange Device
  • Mote and Crystals needed for the Golem Construction Icon.png
Mote and Crystals needed for the Golem Construction
  • Well Icon.png

Points of Interest


There are no Lifestones on Asheron's Island; however, there is one next to the portal in Eastham at:

  • 17.8N, 64.3E



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Asheron's Sanctum 21.2N, 69.1E -- 5E47 -- --


Chicken Icon.png Chicken

Golem Icon.png Golem

Rabbit Icon.png Rabbit


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