Asmolum the Worm

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Introduced:  Should the Stars Fall Related Quests:  2000/11 - Shard of the Herald (Live Event), The Healer's Heart Quest
Asmolum the Worm

Undead Icon.png Undead

Strength 230
Endurance 270
Coordination 240
Quickness 220
Focus 275
Self 275
Health 285
Stamina 420
Mana 575

XP ??
Luminance 0
Loot Tier ??
Asmolum the Worm.jpg
Icon Horizontal Spacer.pngAsmolum's Throwing Daggers Icon.png Asmolum's Throwing Daggers  Icon Horizontal Spacer.pngAncient Key Icon.png Ancient Key  Icon Horizontal Spacer.pngDamp Scroll Icon.png Damp Scroll 
Common Attacks Weaknessess
 ??  ??
Melee A Missile A Magic A Melee D Missile D Magic D


Lore & Dialog

Character and Background

During the Second Shadow War, Asmolum uncovered the nature of the Yalaini crystal array that became Bael'zharon's prison. He discovered that one crystal, recovered by the Yalaini on Aerlinthe after Bael'zharon's imprisonment was taken to the Nexus Facility for safe keeping. He learned there were six crystals total of which five were recovered by the Yalaini. The sixth was The Great Work at Frore. Through later investigations, he located the three Vestibule Crystals though he was unable to enter the Vestibules themselves. After these three were destroyed by the Isparans, Asmolum discovered that the final crystal, the "Shard of the Herald" was within the Ithaenic catacombs down Kelderam's Path. This knowledge was influential in the Dericost defense plans. Asmolum was intrusted to keep one part of the key to Kelderam's Path. But he was slain by Isparans and the key piece was taken from him.[4]

Author of
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Translated Dispatch

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Other Lore and Trivia


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Other References to Asmolum the Worm

As the ancient creature collapses into viscera and rot, it groans the name of Asmolum.
As the skeletal archer clatters to pieces on the mossy battlements, it groans the name of Asmolum.

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