Astara Duskshield

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Introduced:  That Which is Ours Related Quests:  Spear of the Given Heart Quest
Astara Duskshield

Aluvian Female
Non-Player Killer

Strength 85
Endurance 75
Coordination 50
Quickness 100
Focus 160
Self 180
Health 38
Stamina 75
Mana 180

Location: 10.3N 58.3E in Rithwic
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Lore & Dialog

Astara Duskshield tells you, "Hello. Have you seen Tamian Wilmit around at all lately? I have not seen him in quite some time now. I am concerned about him, he had been acting a bit strange lately. He is a very dear friend. If you could find where he is I would very much appreciate it. He had a row with my friend Delton Hardor. Very out of character for Tamian."

Astara Duskshield tells you, "Have you found anything out about Tamian yet?"

Astara Duskshield tells you, "No word of Tamian? I suppose not, I spoke with most people here myself. I know Delton is still angry at him. Well, Tamian acted a bit wild that day when he and Delton fought, but perhaps he is just not used to swordplay and grew furious when Delton swatted him. Delton is quite good with a sword. Tamian knows nothing about them."
Astara sighs
Astara Duskshield tells you, "Of late, Tamian had been extremely interested in something a Scribe who was travelling through here had given him. It had to do with a tower. Tamian is always drawing towers and such. The Scribe was named Tian Li Quan and resides in Lin, I believe. Tamian is no great traveler and that is quite a way from here. Strange that he would go and say nothing, but perhaps..."

You give Astara Duskshield Journal of Tamian Wilmot.
Astara Duskshield tells you, "I... I did not know..."
Astara Duskshield tells you, "Thank you for giving me this."

You've earned 6,000 experience.

You give Astara Duskshield A Note from Tamian Wilmot.
Astara Duskshield tells you, "Oh, Tamian!"
You've earned 20,000 experience.

Astara Duskshield tells you, "Thank you for looking for Tamian. I don't know what to say."

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