Aun Aemaua

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Introduced:  Recollections Related Quests:  Ithaenc Quiddity Seed Quest
Aun Aemaua

Aun Tumerok
Seeker of Dreams
Non-Player Killer

Strength 150
Endurance 200
Coordination 180
Quickness 160
Focus 240
Self 250
Health 200
Stamina 310
Mana 350

Location: Fort Tethana 1.5N, 71.7W
Aun Aemaua Live.jpg



Lore & Dialog

Aun Aemaua tells you, "I'm sorry, I do not trust you. Perhaps if you were to prove yourself to Lord Asheron somehow, in the matter of these Quiddity Seeds... And I suggest you bring a group with you when you are ready to try."

Aun Aemaua tells you, "Aha! Another worthy adventurer. You have spoken with Lord Asheron about the threats to the realm, have you? Excellent. I would have you seek out the Quiddity Seed that materialized in Ithaenc Cathedral down in the Vesayen Isles. It is a gateway to a strange realm, both of this world and not... A realm in which memories and dreams acquire tangible form... Aerbax wishes to destroy the realm's memories of the defeat of Bael'Zharon! Such a thing is not to be borne! You must take a group and journey into the Quiddity Seed, the device by which Aerbax manipulates our collective memories, and defeat his designs!"

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