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In life, 3000 years ago, a man of the village of Daralet named Ilservian Palacost, could endure no more the abuses of the village's elders. His firstborn son(Avoren) had nothing to eat and was on the brink of death.

Ilservian was run out of town, though not before he vowed to find the edge of the darkness that hung over the eaves of the earth.

He did not depart alone. His closest friends accompanied him. Elithra the mage, Ler Rhan the scribe, Omadin the farmer, Ferah the warrior and Isin Dule the friend of Ilservian since childhood. A small group of sympathizers also joined them.

They wandered far into the endless frigid mud of the wastelands, vainly seeking light. At last Ilservian called to the darkness in anger. But there was no answer. Ilservian pressed on, growing weaker, shouting his fury and anguish into the wind and rain. And then, something answered.

Many years later, ranks of living night swept across the continents of Dericost and Haebrous. A black beast led them, howling at the forefront of every charge. The few survivors called this apparition the Slayer of Hope. Armies were put before it, and swept aside.

When they finally imprisoned the Hopeslayer, they realized they had scorched the earth in a 3 miles radius.A place today called Obsidian Plains

This Hopeslayer prison burst into six fragments, but the Empire was only able to recover five. The last piece was never seen again by living eyes.

It was during a digging by the Gelidites that a young mage named Frisirth found a beautiful, sparkling crystal. The locals called it “Great Work”.

A human expedition slaughtered the Gelidites, and destroyed their “Great Work.” As the malignant crystal shattered, darkness swallowed the center of the room, and a faint, eager chuckle was heard.

The Shadows began to venture from their hidden places of power. Ilservian's surviving friends became corporeal once more and raised the Thorns, using them to alter the patterns of magic in the world. Ferah and Ler Rhan weighed the measure of the strange outlanders that had come to their world with probing attacks and individual trials. Only two proved useful to them: the “Dark Masters” Blackthorn and Vidorian(real player). They were given items of power, and told that they would be called upon in the great days to come.

The humans of Ispar gained access to the Nexus Facility, and a second piece of Ilservian's prison was destroyed.

Later, the Caulnalain, Fenmalain and Shendolain prison pieces were destroyed.

The fate of the world hinged now on the final piece of the councils trap. This was the most cunningly hidden one, titled the Shard of the Herald hidden under the catacombs beneath the Cathedral of Ithaenc.

On a quiet night, the two Shadow generals and Vidorian swept into the dungeon, driving the defenders back and shattering the Shard of the Herald. With a shriek that could be heard across worlds, Ilservian Palacost was freed as Bael Z'haron, the Hopeslayer.

on Asheron's own words.... "Think kindly on Ilservian, if you can. Who among you can claim that your grief should be less? For my part I will bow my head, and pray that father and son may find peace."

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