Banished Weapons

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Introduced:  Infiltration Related Quests:  Banished Creature Kill Task Updated:  Master of Arms
Skill Weapon Creature
Magic Banished Orb Icon.png Banished Orb Banished Mu-miyah
Missile Weapons Banished Atlatl Icon.png Banished Atlatl Banished Grievver
Missile Weapons Banished Bow Icon.png Banished Bow Banished Shadow
Missile Weapons Banished Crossbow Icon.png Banished Crossbow Banished Phyntos Wasp
Two Handed Combat Icon.png [[]] Icon.png [[]]
Heavy Weapons Banished Point Icon.png Banished Point Banished Tusker
Heavy Weapons Banished Spear Icon.png Banished Spear Banished Tumerok
Heavy Weapons Banished Staff Icon.png Banished Staff Banished Drudge
Finesse Weapons Banished Axe Icon.png Banished Axe Banished Lugian
Finesse Weapons Banished Nekode Icon.png Banished Nekode Banished Monouga
Light Weapons Banished Blade Icon.png Banished Blade Banished Banderling
Light Weapons Banished Mace Icon.png Banished Mace Banished Olthoi


  • Banished weapons are found on the corpses of the rare Banished creatures. These creatures may be found in the northern and southern 40 - 60 / Mid spawn areas which are displayed as light green on the Dereth Spawn Distribution map. Banished weapons drop 100% of the time.
  • Unwanted banished weapons can be turned in to Belinda du Loc of Stonehold for 1% exp capping at 500,000.
  • XP trinkets raise the "Max" XP based on the % of the trinket.
Spawn Map Base.jpg
Banished Spawns
Data courtesy of Mob Tracker. Zoomable color
maps available with downloadable Viewer.
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