Regal Weapons

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Introduced:  On Bended Knee Related Quests:  Noble Weapons Quest, Soul Stone Quest, King Browerk
Skill Noble Weapon Burun Slaying Weapon Regal Weapon
Missile Weapons Noble Brace Icon.png Noble Brace Burun Slaying Brace Icon.png Burun Slaying Brace Regal Brace Icon.png Regal Brace
Missile Weapons Noble Crossbow Icon.png Noble Crossbow Burun Slaying Crossbow Icon.png Burun Slaying Crossbow Regal Crossbow Icon.png Regal Crossbow
Missile Weapons Noble Longbow Icon.png Noble Longbow Burun Slaying Longbow Icon.png Burun Slaying Longbow Regal Longbow Icon.png Regal Longbow
Two Handed Combat N/A N/A N/A
Heavy Weapons Noble Katar Icon.png Noble Katar Burun Slaying Katar Icon.png Burun Slaying Katar Regal Katar Icon.png Regal Katar
Heavy Weapons Noble War Maul Icon.png Noble War Maul Burun Slaying War Maul Icon.png Burun Slaying War Maul Regal War Maul Icon.png Regal War Maul
Heavy Weapons Noble Rapier Icon.png Noble Rapier Burun Slaying Rapier Icon.png Burun Slaying Rapier Regal Rapier Icon.png Regal Rapier
Light Weapons Noble Morning Star Icon.png Noble Morning Star Burun Slaying Morning Star Icon.png Burun Slaying Morning Star Regal Morning Star Icon.png Regal Morning Star
Light Weapons Noble Quarterstaff Icon.png Noble Quarterstaff Burun Slaying Quarterstaff Icon.png Burun Slaying Quarterstaff Regal Quarterstaff Icon.png Regal Quarterstaff
Finesse Weapons Noble Swordstaff Icon.png Noble Swordstaff Burun Slaying Swordstaff Icon.png Burun Slaying Swordstaff Regal Swordstaff Icon.png Regal Swordstaff
Finesse Weapons Noble Stiletto Icon.png Noble Stiletto Burun Slaying Stilletto Icon.png Burun Slaying Stilletto Regal Stilletto Icon.png Regal Stilletto
Magic Casters Noble Sceptre Icon.png Noble Sceptre Burun Slaying Sceptre Icon.png Burun Slaying Sceptre Regal Sceptre Icon.png Regal Sceptre


  1. Use Soul Stone on Bloodied Burun Hide to create Burun Soaked Soul Stone
    • Soul Stone Icon.png + Bloodied Burun Hide Icon.png = Burun Soaked Soul Stone Icon.png
The Soul Stone absorbs the blood taking on a violet sheen.
  1. Use Burun Soaked Soul Stone on Noble Sceptre to create Burun Slaying Sceptre
    • Burun Soaked Soul Stone Icon.png + Noble Sceptre Icon.png = Burun Slaying Sceptre Icon.png
The Soul Stone slides into the center of the symbol of unity and charges the object with energy.
  1. Use Gem of Mana Management on Burun Slaying Sceptre to create Regal Sceptre
    • Gem of Mana Management Icon.png + Burun Slaying Sceptre Icon.png = Regal Sceptre Icon.png
You fit the gem into the scepter and the scepter is enhanced. Only you can wield this weapon now.
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