Crystalline Crag

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Introduced:  Unfinished Business Related Quests:  See Below



  • Located at 14.6S, 62.0W, the Crystalline Crag is a large plateau in the North Direlands. Previously just barren land, in Coldeve, 20 P.Y. the plateau changed drastically, covered in charred ground and large crystal formations.
  • Accessed via the Resonant Portal at 14.6S 62.2W. Although not displayed in the description, is level 50+.
  • During the Secrets of the Apostates patch a large crater appeared near the Crystalline Crag. The Crater cannot be accessed from outside. You must complete the quest in the 130+ Crystalline Portal dungeon in order to find the way into the crater.
  • As of the Secrets of the Apostates (May) patch, you no longer need to do the Portal Space Research Quest to gain access to Crystalline Crag. Previously the quest was needed to flag you to use the Resonant Portal.


  • Use the Portal to Izji Qo's Temple at your allegiance mansion and then run to 14.6S, 62.2W.
  • If you don't have access to a mansion device then you have a bit of a run:
    • Start by purchasing some Sake from a Sho Barkeep.
    • Then you need to go to the Drunken Madman:
      • You can either run from Baishi to the Drunken Madman at 53.0S, 61.0E, -- OR --
      • You can take a shortcut if you have access to Ayan Baqur -- give Ulgrim the Unpleasant the Sake and he'll open a portal for you to the Madman (Ulgrim doesn't keep the Sake).
    • Give the Madman the Sake and use the gateway to Walled Portals he summons.
    • From Walled Portals, take the Outside Accursed Halls Portal. Climb the wall to the North, jump outside, and proceed to the Resonant Portal at 14.6S 62.2W.

Related Quests


NPC Name Location Type Details
Bound Wisp 15.8S 61.9W Quest Crystalline Bound Wisp
Jyotsana 14.6S, 62.0W Quest Crystalline Markers
Oorjit 14.6S, 62.0W Quest Crystalline Killer
Tokashi Ando 14.6S, 62.0W Quest Crystalline Adventurer


Dropped Items
  • Crystalline Shard Icon.png
Crystalline Shard
  • Rare Crystalline Shard Icon.png
Rare Crystalline Shard

Landscape Items
  • Crystal (Object) Icon.png
Crystal (Object)
  • Crystal (Marker) Icon.png
Crystal (Marker)



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Crystalline Portal 70+ 17.0S 61.2W 00C7.gif 00C7.gif -- -- --
Crystalline Portal 90+ Via 70+ 8704.gif 8704.gif -- -- --
Crystalline Portal 110+ Via 90+ 8603.gif 8603.gif -- -- --
Crystalline Portal 130+ Via 110+ -- -- -- --
Facility Via 130+ -- -- -- --


Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Wisp Icon.png Wisp


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