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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Group
Start Location: Graveyard
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: None
Level Suggestions: 150+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Ancient Mhoire Coin
MMDs:  ??
Luminance: None
Max XP:
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Full details here
Grave Stalker
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Introduced In: Dark Materials
Fighting DeathTail

Quest Overview

Kill DeathTail the giant rat in Graveyard to get Ancient Mhoire Coins, experience, and possibly a House Mhoire Cloak. This quest is one of the easiest ways to get Ancient Mhoire Coins, as DeathTail drops up to 5 each time he is killed. It is also the only repeatable quest with a chance for a House Mhoire Cloak.

Anyone can participate in fighting and looting DeathTail. Someone must have done the Grave Rat Kill Task in order to have the bait to summon him. DeathTail can be summoned and fought at any time, but is easier to kill during the daytime.

This quest can be completed fairly easily by a very small group of high level players. The Lord Mhoire Quest is another good quest for getting bulk amounts of Ancient Mhoire Coins. It does not require the longer setup of completing a kill task, but is more difficult to complete.

Walk Through

Part 1: Preparation

  1. Prior to doing this quest, at least one person of the group must complete the Grave Rat Kill Task to obtain Lo Shoen's Rat Bait.
    • Tips: Grave Rats only spawn outside in the Graveyard during the daytime. If it is night, you can find static spawns of rats in Massilor's Crypt, but you must be an adept in a society and flagged for the Graveyard Delivery quest to get in. It is common to do the kill task multiple times by one or more people prior to fighting DeathTail. The timer for DeathTail is on the fang turn in only, so he can be summmoned and killed repeatedly until you run out of bait.

Part 2: DeathTail

  1. Gather your group at the Graveyard, and have one person give Lo Shoen's Rat Bait to one of the randomly spawning Rat Burrows, which spawns DeathTail as well as a slew of Grave Rats and Blood Curse Rats.
    • Note: A good spot to gather is the fallen pillar which is to the west of the Graveyard Recall bunker. The pillar is near the hole in the ground used for Tracing The Stone. Low level characters can perch on the pillar and be relatively safe.
  2. DeathTail can sometimes rubberband and/or run back to his spawn location. You may need to lure him several times before he stays near your group. As a courtesy to others, try not to fight him near the entrance to the Graveyard Recall bunker, as that can easily create a traffic jam.
  3. Once DeathTail is defeated, loot one of Death Tail's Fangs from its corpse (9 per kill). The corpse will also contain between 0 and 5 Ancient Mhoire Coins, and possibly a House Mhoire Cloak. It is common practice that whoever dropped the bait gets the coins and cloak, or is in charge of designating who gets them. Ancient Mhoire Coins are attuned and bonded. So, they must be looted by whoever is keeping them.
  4. When your group has finished turning in baits and killing DeathTail, head to the floating platform with NPCs at 65.3S, 43.4W in the Graveyard. There is a portal on the ground beneath it to get up to the top.
  5. Hand Death Tail's Fang to Lo Shoen to receive an Ancient Mhoire Coin, XP and the title of Grave Stalker.
    • Lo Shoen can sometimes walk off the platform and be located on the ground.


Quest Items
  • Lo Shoen's Rat Bait Icon.png
Lo Shoen's Rat Bait
  • Rat Burrow Icon.png
Rat Burrow
  • Death Tail's Fang Icon.png
Death Tail's Fang

  • Ancient Mhoire Coin Icon.png
Ancient Mhoire Coin
  • House Mhoire Cloak Icon.png
House Mhoire Cloak

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Hand Death Tail's Fang to Lo Shoen 100,000,000xp

20% up to level 168

See Level Costs for per level information.

Title Rewards

Task Required Title Reward
Hand Death Tail's Fang to Lo Shoen Grave Stalker

See Titles for a list of all available titles.



  • There is no lower level limit on picking up Death Tail's Fang.
  • When the quest was first released, it was bugged and was returning 2000% experience capped at 100 million. The design was supposed to be 20%.
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