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The following page is currently being worked on by Sucamarto to replace the current page on ACHeaven.

The Decal Skin Replacements are available in the following colours;
Black, Blue, Light Blue, Metallic Blue, Violet, Purple, Red, Orange, Silver, Green and the Default Decal skin.

All the following Decal Skin Replacements are available for download from the ACHeaven Decal Skins Page.

BlackDecalSkin.jpg - The Black Skin.

BlueDecalSkin.jpg - The Blue Skin.

LightBlueDecalSkin.jpg - The Light Blue Skin.

MetallicBlueDecalSkin.jpg - The Metallic Blue Skin.

VioletDecalSkin.jpg - The Violet Skin.

PurpleDecalSkin.jpg - The Purple Skin.

RedDecalSkin.jpg - The Red Skin.

OrangeDecalSkin.jpg - The Orange Skin.

SilverDecalSkin.jpg - The Silver Skin.

GreenDecalSkin.jpg - The Green Skin.

DefaultDecalSkin.jpg - The Default Skin.

Installation Instructions

Replace the following list of bitmap {*.bmp} files in the Decal install directory with the BMP files contained in each of the corresponding ZIP files, that's it!

  • Switch-Active.bmp
  • Switchbar Disabled.bmp
  • Switchbar Template.bmp
  • Switch-Inactive.bmp
  • Tab-Active.bmp
  • Tab-Inactive.bmp
I created all the Decal Skin Replacements listed here apart for the original Default Skin, if you have a suggestion for a new Skin colour feel free to PM Sucamarto on the ACVault Leafcull Board or message Sucamarto here on the AC Wiki.

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