Delton Hardor

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Introduced:  That Which is Ours Related Quests:  Spear of the Given Heart Quest
Delton Hardor

Dashing Swordsman
Non-Player Killer

Strength 85
Endurance 75
Coordination 50
Quickness 100
Focus 160
Self 180
Health 38
Stamina 75
Mana 180

Location: 10.7N 59.4E in Rithwic
Delton Hardor Live.jpg



  • Route: Inside Bar on east side of bridge.

Lore & Dialog

Delton Hardor tells you, "Have I seen Tamian Wilmit? Strange fellow he is, not very able. Seems he can do nothing. I do not understand why Astara is still friends with him. Tis true, they knew each other on Ispar when younger but he is of no use here. Little in the way of useful skills, he has."
Delton Hardor tells you, "Yes, you may go tell Astara I said so. He tried to fight me in sword practise. I swatted him finely for he is no good with a blade and he came at me like a rabid Carenzi. I had to give him a good thrashing, lucky he is we were using wood, not steel. Astara made me stop, also screamed at him, he slunk away like a drudge."
Delton Hardor tells you, "I believe the last time I saw him was over by Ji Tenxien the Tailor. You could ask her."

Delton Hardor tells you, "Do not bother me about Tamian any more, go talk to someone else about him."

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