Derethian Combat Arena Master

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Introduced:  Secrets of the Apostates Related Quests:  Derethian Combat Arena Quest Updated:  Picking up the Pieces, Stirrings in the Dark
Derethian Combat Arena Master

Non-Player Killer

Strength 120
Endurance 100
Coordination 180
Quickness 180
Focus 120
Self 120
Health 55
Stamina 210
Mana 125

Location: Near the Derethian Combat Arena at 49.5S, 62.6E in Baishi
Derethian Combat Arena Master Live.jpg



  • Route: From the Town Network, take the east wing to Baishi.
  • Originally named PvP Arena Master, this NPC had its name changed to Isparian Combat Arena Master during the Picking up the Pieces event.
  • During the Stirrings in the Dark event, the name of this NPC was changed again from the Isparian Combat Arena Master to Derethian Combat Arena Master.

Lore & Dialog

Derethian Combat Arena tells you, "Behind me is the entrance to the PvP Arena. This is a dungeon filled with devices to aid in combat."
Derethian Combat Arena tells you, "Upon entering the dungeon you will receive a Mark. Collect 20 of these Marks to turn in at the statue located in the bottom of the arena to receive a Mana Forge Key."
Derethian Combat Arena tells you, "However if you die in the dungeon all of your marks will drop allowing another player to reap the reward for all your hard work."
Derethian Combat Arena tells you, "If you wish to enter this arena give me 2 MMDs and I will attune you to the portal's energy."
Derethian Combat Arena tells you, "If you have already been in the arena you may turn in any remaining Marks for 2 MMDs each."

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