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Part 1

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Asheron's Call Developer's Chat

July 17, 2001

Orion_Turbine says: Hello and Welcome to the Asheron's Call Monthly Developer Chat. With us this evening are Dave "Crowley" Javier, Lead Designer on Asheron's Call, Cardell Kerr, Content Designer, Sean Huxter, Lead Artist on Asheron's Call, and Ken Troop, your newly appointed Producer on Asheron's Call. As well your moderators are Ken "Mr Quazarr" Karl from Microsoft and myself Allan "Orion" Maki from Turbine.

Tonight's chat will focus primarily on the current standing of Asheron's Call, the events surrounding and included within the latest Event Update, answers to frequently asked questions; Horses, Banking, Housing etc... please refer to as they will not be addressed here.

Also, we apologize but we cannot answer questions regarding Majesty, though we will be hosting another Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty Developer Chat during the month of August. Watch the ZONE for the announcement of that upcoming chat Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty Developer Chat during the month of August. Watch the ZONE for the announcement of that upcoming chat in the coming weeks.

Without any further ado let's begin this months discussion on "Lost in the New Horizon"!

Blackhorn606 in AsheronsCall asks: Major Props on the Quiddity Items. But many fear they wont be in game after this patch. Will they remain in game?

crowley_turbine says: yes, Quiddity items will remain in game past this patch

Astolphe_OG in AsheronsCall asks: Where did you get the ideas for the Lost Horizon patch??

cardell_turbine says: Well, to be honest, most of the ideas for it came to me in the shower.I certainly hope you weren't expecting anything deep.

crowley_turbine says: I'll furnish the deep bits...French poststructuralist philosophy is a major inspiration for me

Guest_YewWanSum in AsheronsCall asks: When will we be able to have 24/7 Admin support?

mrquazarr_MS says: Actually, 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Admin support has been in the game for a few months now.

Guest_FD in AsheronsCall asks: Can plat scarabs be added to the loot profile?

cardell_turbine says: High level content is an evolving thing, drudges, then magmas, then aerlinthe, then the Caul, then etc...Don't be surprised to see high level monsters loot profiles updated in the future. But don't expect plats to drop off easy creatures either...

Phat_Loot_Phredy in AsheronsCall asks: I would like to know if Arcane Lore love was coming down the pipe, as in items with either Level 7 spells on them, or jewlery with multiple level 6 protections on them.

crowley_turbine says: I doubt there'll be level 7 spell items any time soon, but it is certainly possible to have multiple-6 items with a high Lore req

JuliansTouch in AsheronsCall asks: You added the Advanced titles in bestower guilds, why do the lockpickers still can't have a title for their skill ? And are there plans to add any feminine titles?

crowley_turbine says: well, part of the difficulty with Lockpick titles is, what do you call someone who's good at lockpick? a sneak? a thief? We certainly plan on adding more titles in the future, so don't give up on a Lockpick title just yet. As for feminine titles... our NPCs cannot distinguish player gender so the titles have to be sort of unisex. It's tough to avoid any kind of gender specificity with that many titles involved.

Guest_henckelsfromFF in AsheronsCall asks: Was the Sickle a precursor for Axe weapon tech as the obs dagger was for dagger tech?

cardell_turbine says: You know I can't really answer that. But I will say, the idea has been passed around. The triple critical is pretty cool, however. More cool things in the future!

Guest_deter in AsheronsCall asks: The Virindi speech is heavily stylistic, from where the inspiration ? Jack Vance springs to mind somewhat.

crowley_turbine says: tough to really say, as I've read a lot of bizarre and eclectic things that would influence my writing patterns as I do up Virindi dialog

Guest_YewWanSum in AsheronsCall asks: What is/are the golden gromnie/s used or going to be used for or when are we finally going to know this?

crowley_turbine says: I'll say that Ministry lyrics have snuck into my Virindi text from time to time. There have been attempts to put in uses for the Golden Gromnie, but these ended up having to be axed for a variety of reasons. Rest assured, however, that the Golden Gromnies will not remain useless (but charming) prizes forever

GiolonTheMage in AsheronsCall asks: Can we get more unique looking mage staves like the Staff of Clarity?

cardell_turbine says: Yes. And hopefully soon.

Sean_Turbine says: Whenever I can I like to do new art for objects. I know staves have not looked too distinct in the past. They all kinda look like sticks. That's going to change. It already started to with the Quiddity weapons.

BarrettBlank in AsheronsCall asks: What is the purpose of the Statue of Bael'Zharon on the new island?

cardell_turbine says: BZ is kind of like a roach. No matter what you do, he always seems to hang around. A big, winged roach that sprang from the primordial darkness, that is. The virindi took the island from him, and smashed some of his statues. Then they took to defacing his things in a rare show of humor, or strategetic goodness. The few remaining will most likely be.... altered, as well.

YojinHG in AsheronsCall asks: Can we expect a fix for the Aerlinthe recall and Sanctuary recall bugs anytime soon?

kentroop_turbine says: So as a new Producer, I should keep expectations low...but oh well, Sword Of Lost Hope quest on Wintersebb by August, Aerlinthe/Sanctuary recall fixed by September, or you all can send me nasty email.

Guest_Mainard in AsheronsCall asks: Doesn't look like the @corpse command is working...any eta on a fix for this?

kentroop_turbine says: We plan on getting it in by August

MyschaSleddog in AsheronsCall asks: Why was the Acid vault changed into macroer-percher paradise?Can we expect the experience exploitation in the Vault to end one day?

crowley_turbine says: I can't really answer why those changes were made to the vault... let's just say it was not intentional, but we will have a fix to the Vault real soon now

Colin_the_Shots in AsheronsCall asks: There currently is nothing on the island except high level monsters. Are most of the high level quests in the future going to be on this new island?

cardell_turbine says: The new island is the strongpoint of the Virindi. High level content can feasibly be anywhere, but you I can pretty much guarantee any other content placed on the island will be high level as well... But anyway, not all high level stuff will be on the island.

Thyrd_0 in AsheronsCall asks: Have you found a solution to the GEAR users still menacing AC?

mrquazarr_MS says: We have continued to work on a solution to GEAR but we do not want to roll it out and encounter the same problems we had before...We are very optimistic about the current build we have and are testing on and hope to have it in soon. Do know, it could be turned on at any time and without warning. We will be banning people we discover are using Speed Altering programs in the game?Without warning.

Guest_Fraxcat in AsheronsCall asks: There have been rumors of Rampager Tuskers being "Shield Hollow"...any truth to this?

cardell_turbine says: There are two ways to find out...Buff only your shield, and fight them without magic D....Or I can answer your question.... hrmmm.....

crowley_turbine says: Dell means "melee defense"

cardell_turbine says: I say they are shield hollow, but can you believe everything I tell you? Does it really matter? On the island it's all rough love.

Guest_Emanation-HG in AsheronsCall asks: Will there ever be any quest items for mages with Life magic Specialized, like the Exarch armor?

crowley_turbine says: I think Life Mages already have lots going for them, without the inclusion of a quest tailored specifically to them

Guest_ScandalousMouse in AsheronsCall asks: Could you tell us when the projected end is for the Virindi Story Arc? I'd like to know when to take over BDC and hide undergrounds.

crowley_turbine says: I can't mention any exact dates or events regarding the Virindi storyline...but let's just say that the story arc is building up to a critical juncture soon and, especially where the Virindi are concerned, nothing truly ends...

Khorps in AsheronsCall asks: Did the fix for armour sorting with underwear get in the patch?

Sean_Turbine says: The only problem I'm aware of about armor mixing with the new underwear is with the Koujia leggings. What happened, is that that armor was using a palette from the underwear, and we didnt' really know that until I changed the color of underwear. Well, that is to say I didn't know it until people began complaining to me about it. It started to show some areas that were set to brown, as white, and it didn't look right. I checked it out, and sure enough, it was wrong. So I fixed it.

Guest_OglinaHG in AsheronsCall asks: Will there be more monsters that are introduced that are better than corals and tuskers xp wise?

cardell_turbine says: As long as high level content continues to go in, expect more monsters that give better exp.

JinHoCho in AsheronsCall asks: With your rather bold statements about GEAR. I feel I have to point out, and you must know, that hackers are using hex editors to circumvent your error detection, among other things like the "you have jumped too soon fix." What do you have to say?

mrquazarr_MS says: Yes Jin, it is a rather bold statement... but the reason it has taken us so long to adequately roll out a solution to speed altering programs is our commitment to making sure it is solid.

Unfortunately we had a hiccup along the way, with June, but we have always been aware that whatever you put in a client, will be "hacked" around.. so know that what we have in mind, will not rely on the client.

Guest_CaoZhou in AsheronsCall asks: Is there a use for the Shackles of Obedience other than a kinky toy for the more.... imagineative... players?

cardell_turbine says: Well, they are a bonded and attuned set of bracer armor, for all those people out there that can't find cool bracers. The virindi use them for other things, however...

aaronATP in AsheronsCall asks: Is Larry The Bunny Master Dead?

crowley_turbine says: Larry's not dead, he's just... stunned. We're working on reviving him. worry not.

BarrettBlank in AsheronsCall asks: Any new monster "Trophies" any time soon?

cardell_turbine says: There will be more monster trophies. After all, how can you have a war without booty?

Sukoooru in AsheronsCall asks: The Aerfalle Chest on MT has been broken (no scroll/robe), is that intentional?

crowley_turbine says: this is a bug that we believe is tied into a larger tech bug so we're investigating the larger fix?unfortunately, we have no ETA on the fix

Lohkay1 in AsheronsCall asks: Is there a reason why Wintersebb didn't have as much virindi raids than other servers?

crowley_turbine says: actually, Wintersebb should be victimized as often as the other servers. It's not as if the Virindi are showing mercy to the newest server. There may be some perception of a lower frequency of raiding there, but things even out over time...

joe7282 in AsheronsCall asks: what are the chances oof getting a PK trophy?

crowley_turbine says: there have been ideas bounced around from time to time of having PK trophies?some pretty cool ideas, and sometimes... scandalous ideas. So the PK trophies are something we'd love to get in at some point. I can't say how likely it is, but the idea has lots of weight around here

BarrettBlank in AsheronsCall asks: Is it remotely possible for lower levels to get quiddity ingots w/o trade, or are the weapons just too good to allow that?

cardell_turbine says: Quiddity ingots are a hot commodity right now. There have been reports of low level people getting them (~20) or higher. Seems like they are making the rounds, so just keep looking.

ElSlacko in AsheronsCall asks: Could we ever see a portal spell that "summoned" someoen to you? Or one that allowed you to "approach" them? via portal?

crowley_turbine says: erm, I think that would sort of hose PK action, so summoning people to you or portalling directly to others will likely not get in

RexColier in AsheronsCall asks: Is there a fix in the works for the "Triple Layer" bug that those who impen suffer?

crowley_turbine says: we recently got a pretty detailed report over what, exactly, is happening with this we're investigating it. no ETA on a fix, sorry.

GiolonTheMage in AsheronsCall asks: Will Grievver Acid ever be made giveable so those who need it could trade for it?

crowley_turbine says: we have no current plans to change that quest mechanic... there was a reason the quest was designed so that people would have to hunt the grievers


Part 2 of the July 17th Developer's Chat

Part 2

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Asheron's Call Developer's Chat

Part 2

JuliansTouch in AsheronsCall asks: Don't you think Virindis and their Quiddity are now more important than the Olthois, the primary foe ?

crowley_turbine says: erm, yes, since the Virindi currently have the spotlight, they're more important right now than the bugs are. That's not to say the Olthoi will never get any more attention

Guest_Marauder_Moe in AsheronsCall asks: Are we ever going to find out where Grievvers came from, or whether they are mutated Olthoi or not?

crowley_turbine says: I think it's been said that the Grievvers are from the same home world as the Olthoi. We may put out more Grievver-related lore in the future, revealing details of their origin

Guest_Cyphersnow|LC in AsheronsCall asks: Will there ever be real armor with mage friendly spells, like focus and willpower on them?

cardell_turbine says: Mages and armor aren't supposed to go together as well as warriors and armor. But, with that said, there may eventually be some armor that people will define as "better" for mages.

Spaezer in AsheronsCall asks: The other Day i saw some shadows killing one another, and ive heard of virindi doing the same things, why?

crowley_turbine says: there is some documentation of infighting in both of those groups. Isin Dule's faction turned against Bael'Zharon's loyalists in the last stages of the shadow war and the Virindi have their own rift in their ranks, splitting the Unity

Guest_disgruntled72 in AsheronsCall asks: will there ever be a melee equivelent of a focusing stone? Like guantlets that add 25 more coord over coord buffs?

crowley_turbine says: we always have to be careful about balancing stackable spells, but it's certainly not out of the question to have a melee-targetted item that follows the same dynamic as the focusing stone

BarrettBlank in AsheronsCall asks: Are the dolls due to a new faction of Virindi, and why the new Broken, Beaten etc. dolls?

cardell_turbine says: Dolls are servitors. Aerbax was responsible for their creation. I prefer not to think of them as their own faction, anymore than tuskers are. They are all servitors of their master. As for Beaten, Battered and Broken ones. They are dolls that have been damaged due to rough transport, or poor maintenance. It's rough being the Warden.

Novaoblivion1 in AsheronsCall asks: Well there ever be a portal spell to recall to corpes?

crowley_turbine says: we'd need to investigate the technical aspects of that, but from a design sense, I'm against the idea. Death has little enough meaning in our game... the least you can do for your corpse is to have to run to it

Dudearamic in AsheronsCall asks: When quests come out that put players into the spotlite (displaying their name server wide) everyone rushes to do the quest first. Can we expect some random spawning of "boss" mobs where no one know where it will spawn? Giving more people a shot at fame.

cardell_turbine says: Boss monsters have been tossed around the office for some time. Needless to say, if there are a lot of them, server wide broadcasts would get annoying fast. So, anyway, I'd say expect them eventually, in one for or another.

Guest_Akarat in AsheronsCall asks: If I drink enough beer in-game, will my character ever get drunk?

crowley_turbine says: probably not, but much like real-life beer consumption, you will eventually end up broke

Guest_ScandalousMouse in AsheronsCall asks: Is there only The Singularity? Can there be more than one Singularities in terms of the Virindi?

crowley_turbine says: the possibility of the existence of more than one Singularity is pretty much the central question in the Virindi storyline. There is a faction that wants a new Singularity, and the other faction is horrified by even the possibility. The question will probably be answered when the Virindi storyline reaches its climax

Guest_GheresTD in AsheronsCall asks: Simple Q, Where's the Mace Love?

cardell_turbine says: In my other pants, d00d.

crowley_turbine says: we're going roll out Mace and other melee love in the coming months. There's pretty exciting stuff planned for mace and other melee, Dell's pants aside

Sean_Turbine says: Yes, let's put Dell's pants aside.

cardell_turbine says: Mace love is going to be tough.

Guest_WiccaWillow in AsheronsCall asks: Now that Troop is in charge, what is the status on skill sellback?

crowley_turbine says: Unchanged?Troop can bleat all he likes, but I am still lead designer

kentroop_turbine says: for the rest of tonight anyway, tomorrow, Cardell Kerr, LD, might have a different answer

Colin_the_Shots in AsheronsCall asks: With the virindi inquistors, are they supposed to be the top ranking members of the "group"?

cardell_turbine says: The Inquisitors are the most powerful Virindi that have taken on corporeal form. They aren't the top of the food chain, by any means, but they are certainly more important than things like "Martine".

HailstoneX in AsheronsCall asks: The jeweler in lytle on FF sells all trade notes but doesnt buy the higher value ones back. Can we possible to get this fixed?

crowley_turbine says: we'll work on restoring consistency between vendor max purchase amounts and the trade note denominations they sell

Pilferboi in AsheronsCall asks: Why is the white rabbit stupid, i thought it didnt attack u if u didnt attack it or id it...i was part of a wall and it just smited me for no reason

cardell_turbine says: If you are standing there in between the white rabbit and its target, you just might get beat down.

Guest_boogaking in AsheronsCall asks: Will we be seeing the rain war magic that bael'zharon used in our magic bar anytime soon? or ever?

cardell_turbine says: Bael'Zharon was extremely powerful. Duplicating his rain spells will be difficult at best, but not altogether out of the question.

Guest_spudda in AsheronsCall asks: Will there ever be the chance to alter the storyline, ie allow quests to help the virindi and others to hinder them. at the end of the event the side has the most points wins?!?

cardell_turbine says: Yes, actually. Expect such an occurance to be foreshadowed in the lore.

Guest_Sylence in AsheronsCall asks: Any chance on titles like "Battlemage"(life/war spec) or "Og" (life/critter spec)?

crowley_turbine says: there's a lot of possibility for new titles. I doubt, however, that we'll have the "Og" title going in. Battlemage sounds a little more likely

Guest_nate in AsheronsCall asks: Will there ever be a whole lot more enemies, and harder ones, in the dire lands?

cardell_turbine says: On most worlds the Obsidian crater has already become more dangerous. Don't be surprised if the monsters shift in response to what the virindi are doing.

Thorin12345 in AsheronsCall asks: Do you like working for Turbine?

mrquazarr_MS says: Yes

crowley_turbine says: yes... because games are fun. and because I get to spend my working hours with ponks like Jesse, Dell, Troop, Orion, and Sean.

Orion_Turbine says: Yes!

cardell_turbine says: Heh. Working for Turbine is a lot of fun.

Sean_Turbine says: Nah. I'm just doin' it until something better comes along.

mrquazarr_MS says: We want to thank everyone for coming tonight and for the questions.

Sean_Turbine says: Now this past weekend... THAT was fun!

mrquazarr_MS says: We will see you in a month as we talk about our next, exciting update.Until then, keep Dereth safe.

crowley_turbine says: also, "hey baby, I'm a dungeon designer" is a great pickup line...

cardell_turbine says: Thanks for coming guys.

crowley_turbine says: thanks for coming all

mrquazarr_MS says: and Gals.

Orion_Turbine says: Thanks for coming, see you next month.

Sean_Turbine says: I find that "Hi. I'm Devilmouse" works rather well.
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